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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Reasons Why The Grand Vitara Is Better Than The Creta!

The launch of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is just around the corner and it already has garnered over 40,000 bookings. This surely means that the Hyundai Creta and the Kia Seltos are in for some very tough competition from Maruti. The Grand Vitara is Maruti’s most feature-loaded car, and it also has much more than that in its pocket. Today, let’s see why the Grand Vitara is better than the Hyundai Creta. Here, we are not going to talk about looks and design, as that may be a very subjective decision. However, we will be talking about some of the basic facts that make the Grand Vitara better than the Creta.

  • Hybrid options on the Grand Vitara

The Grand Vitara gets two engine options, a 1.5L neo-petrol with mild hybrid support and a 1.5L Toyota sourced petrol with a proper hybrid system. This means that buyers looking for a petrol option will have a strong eye on the Vitara just because a hybrid engine is much more fuel efficient. In daily usage, the 1.4L turbo-petrol on the Creta will deliver around 8 – 11 KMs/L, while the 1.5L petrol on the Creta will deliver around 9 – 13 KMs/L. The Virata is capable of returning a mileage of more than 25 KMs/L, which is way ahead of the Creta. Moreover, hybrid engines are much quieter and go through less wear and tear. The hybrid system on the Vitara enables it to be driven solely on electric power for around 4 KMs. This means that your daily runs for groceries can be done without using any fuel at all! Another plus point here, the Maruti Grand Vitara also gets the option of an AWD system, which no other car in this segment gets.

  • Safety

The Grand Vitara gets every safety feature that the Hyundai Creta gets. However, the Creta recently scored a mere 3-star rating in the crash tests performed by GNCAP. Now, we know that the Vitara hasn’t been tested yet, but let’s read between the lines here. The Grand Vitara sits on the same platform that houses the Brezza and the S-Cross. Both these cars have scored 4-stars on the same crash tests. Moreover, Maruti has worked on improving the quality of materials used on this SUV, which means that we could be looking at a potential 5-star safety rating here.

  • Features on the Grand Vitara

The features on both these cars are very similar, however, the Grand Vitara does get a few extra goodies. Yes, for the first time, a Maruti car has beaten a Korean car in terms of features! The Vitara gets a 360-degree camera and a heads-up display over the Hyundai Creta. The interior of the Grand Vitara also feels a bit more premium than that of the Creta. Both these SUVs get a panoramic sunroof, but the Grand Vitara gets a much better opening area.

  • Service and reliability

We agree that there are no reliability or service-related issues with the Creta. But, no Indian manufacturer can match the service support and network that Maruti offers. There is a Maruti service center in the furthest corners of the country and no customer goes unnoticed. A good sales and service experience is one of the main reasons why a lot of Maruti customers never switch to another brand.

Here were a few reasons why the Grand Vitara can be a much better product than the Hyundai Creta! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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