It is next to impossible to stop innovation. And in thurst of innovating new things engineers at time research and develop quirky instruments. There are numerous features in a modern car that are weird but still useful, the device we are talking about here is the Headlight washer and wiper.

Headlight Washer
Headlight Washer | Image Source (1)

It would be a no brainer talking about the windshield wiper and washer. But how about a headlight wiper and washer? Before getting started let me tell you, this is no joke and many cars in the market come with this useful machine.

Not sure who brought the headlight washer in the market, but it was Volvo who got this feature famous. Volvo cars from the early 2000s came standard with headlight washer and wipers until now. Though they have ditched the wiper, a headlight washer is still a part of the car’s package (like Volvo XC90).

Now it’s time to go a little deeper!

Headlight Wiper and Washer

Headlight Wiper and Washer
Headlight Wiper and Washer | Image Source (1)

The headlamp wiper and washer do what says on paper, wiper wipes and washer sprays a jet of water. Where cars equipped with headlight wiper is a thing of history, many modern cars still get pampered with the headlight washer.

Cars that used to come with a headlamp wiper definitely had a wiper just to make those headlights clean of any debris. But here are cars on road like Skoda Superb, Toyota Fortuner that only come with headlight washer.

The Purpose of Headlight Wipers and Washer

Before telling you anything, allow me to say that this feature is not at all a gimmick and comes in handy especially when you are on a long tour travelling.

  • Driving at night, the driver needs to see a lit road ahead to avoid any sort of mishappenings.
  • And dried out mud or dirt would be the last thing one would desire. In such situations, the headlight washers come in handy a big time.
  • These headlamp washers and wipers mostly come in handy in SUVs that go into the woods and adventure trails. Nevertheless, these can be retrofitted in any kind of vehicle.

PS. One should give it a thought that do they really require this feature!

How do they Work?

Washer and Wiper
Washer and Wiper

There is no rocket science or in-depth engineering gone in the making and working of headlight washers and wipers.

  • In the old cars, the headlight wipers had a separate motor that controls the wiper’s movement.
  • Moving to the washers, headlight and window washers both share the same water reservoir but have a separate pump to deliver the liquid.
  • There exist a toggle switch on the stocks mounted on the side of the steering wheel. Hence if you own a vehicle with such a feature, it’s great your headlights will stay clean without any fuss.

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Are they really useful?

Uses of wiper and washer
Uses of wiper and washer | Image Source (1)

The best answer to suit the question is that it depends on the type of vehicle. If it is a rugged SUV that is meant for off-roading and another kind of adventures, sure at least headlight washers make a lot of sense. But, if the vehicle is for daily city commutes a car without the feature will do just fine.

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Think about it, is this feature for you? let us know in the comment section below.

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