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10 Reasons Why Sedans Are The True Underdogs

One thing that we as Indians truly cherish is our own sweet comfort. From our houses to our offices, we want everything to be comfortable and relaxing. And when it comes to our ride, we want nothing short of sheer convenience. This is where sedans come in.

Perhaps this is the reason why car manufactures are working hard to offer a package that not only offers fuel economy, storage and good looks but also offers a comfortable ride that is convenient and memorable.

And when it comes to comfort and convenience, there is nothing better than a sedan. Whether it’s a high end-loaded sedan or a budgeted C segment offering, sedans are probably the best option for someone looking for more. But if you are still confused about whether or not to buy a sedan, here are 10 reasons why Sedans are truly the underdogs.

  1. More comfort and convenience

    Rear seat touch control
    Comfort: Both Front and Rear // Image only for representation purposes //

    Imagine a family of 5 travelling by a hatchback, squeezy isn’t it? This is where a sedan steps in and rescues. Thanks to a spacious and more convenient layout, sedans are far more comfortable than hatchbacks. This makes every long ride in a sedan a memorable experience.

  2. A Priority for Comfort: both front and rear

    2020 Honda City Interior
    2020 Honda City Interior

    Another added advantage is a sedan’s priority for comfort. Almost all modern-day cars in the markets make it a point to offer features such as rear Ac vents, ample storage spaces, rear armrests, extra storage spaces, rear power sockets, top-notch under-thigh support and much more to ensure maximum comfort for those at the rear as well. And with tired kids on board, the back seat of a seven-seater is a perfect location to be.

  3. Better Manoeuvrability

    An edge of power // Image for representation purposes // Drive Responsibly

    When it comes to choosing a car that drives well both in cities as well as on the highways, sedans are the perfect pick. This is because they are aerodynamically built.

    And an aerodynamic stance directly translates to better manoeuvrability and steering response. So even when you decide to cruise at high speeds, a sedan will always respond faster and more safely than compared to any other segment.

  4. An edge of power and mileage

    The Maruti Ciaz offers one of the best mileage figures in its segments
    The Maruti Ciaz offers one of the best mileage figures in its segments

    Since a sedan features a dimension larger than a hatchback it is always equipped with a powerful and well-performing engine as compared to a hatchback. An average sedan in India comes with at least a 1.2-litre engine option that is refined to produce enough power to give a ride full of comfort with pleasing numbers on the mileage board as well.

    When compared to hatches and SUVs, sedans are also built to be sleeker and more aerodynamic that gives the vehicle better dynamics and fuel efficiency. Moreover, when compared to an SUV, a lighter and low laying body produces much better fuel economy than a bulky vehicle with raised suspension.

  5. Top-Notch Looks

    Fifth-generation Honda City
    Fifth-generation Honda City | luxury sedan

    Even though the sedan segment is offered by every manufacturer in the market, each one of them put their best foot forward in sculpting the looks of a sedan. The final product is almost always a better-looking product than the manufacturer’s entire range.

    And thanks to better aerodynamics, these are probably the best looking vehicle category. Topped with the manufacturer’s best-designed headlamps, tail lamps, boot and alloys, these long cars are classy looking vehicles that are guaranteed to turn heads. And if you think this is too much, try it out the next time you ride.

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  6. Bigger Boot Space

    Old Honda City boot space
    Old Honda City boot space

    Probably one of the best things about owning a sedan is the huge boot space it offers. Since sedans are made to have a sloping roofline integrated into an elongated boot, the cargo space onboard a sedan is superb. This means that each time you go out in your sedan, storing your luggage and other essentials will never be a problem.

  7. Better Corner Stability

    Bosch Electronic Stability Program
    Electronic Stability Program | Image for representation only

    Be it a hatchback or a compact SUV, there a high amount of body-roll associated with both these categories. But when it comes to sedans, thanks to a generally lighter weight and a lower centre of gravity, sedans are able to swerve and recover in ways that will embarrass most of the big boy SUVs.

  8. Feature-rich experience

    Renault Kiger Features
    Features Loaded sedans | Image for Representation only 

    To complement the bar set by comfort, convenience and space onboard, sedans are generally equipped with the best in class features as well. This is the reason why these cars tend to be more feature-packed than any other segment.

    This is why features like multifunctional steering, touchscreen infotainment systems, smart keyless entry, adjustable driver seat, rain-sensing wipers, rear power sockets, push-button start, rear parking sensors, rear armrests and much more are a common find in a sedan.

  9. Still a symbol of luxury

    Imagine arriving in luxury. What comes to your mind? A sedan isn’t it? Well, you are not alone. In fact, no matter how expensive a vehicle you buy, sedans are still considered the most luxurious class amongst all vehicles. Be it a friend’s wedding, or a social gathering you are scheduled to go to, with a sedan you don’t just reach there, you arrive!

  10. Great Value for Money

    A culmination of all pointers above, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a sedan surely offers great value for money. As compared to a hatch or even a full-sized SUV, these tend to offer more for less, rather than more for more. Therefore, with better value for money, you’re not just a proud owner but a smart owner too.

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