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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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10 Upcoming Sedans in 2021 | Honda City Hybrid To Skoda Rapid

2021 is going to be one eventful year for the automotive industry. Most of the companies are coming with a restocked arsenal for the year 2021.

With a rather unexciting 2020, upcoming cars in 2021 might even bring a big smile on many faces. From hatchbacks to full-size SUVs and even pickup trucks. One of the major additions to this list is one particular segment- sedans.

Hate ’em, love ’em but you certainly can’t ignore ’em.

Sedans carry an aura of luxury, executive-ness and class that’s almost unbeatable. Upcoming sedans in 2021 are meant to take all of those properties further. With the likes of Honda, Volkswagen, Renault and much more placing their bets in the sedan segment, the game’s going to get serious.

So, without beating much around the bush let’s find out some of the much-anticipated upcoming sedans in 2021.

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  1. Honda City Hybrid

    Honda City Hybrid | Credits: Times Now
    Honda City Hybrid | Credits: Times Now

    The Honda City will be entering 2021 with a major upgrade. The Japanese automaker is bidding on its hybrid technology for the Indian market.

    On the outside, the Honda City will sport a more aggressive look with progressive looking design elements, which make it a perfect fit for India. Honda has decided to equip the new City with its twin-motor concept combined with a 1.5-litre petrol engine.

    With the C-RV and the Civic being discontinued, the Honda City will be the most expensive offering from the carmaker in India.

  2. Skoda Rapid

    Skoda Rapid | Upcoming Sedans 2021 | Credits: India Car News
    Skoda Rapid | Upcoming Sedans 2021 | Credits: India Car News

    The Skoda Rapid is coming, and this time with a bang.

    The Czech carmaker has decided to revive its popular C-segment sedan in the country. Skoda Rapid 2021 is going to be based on the MQB A0 IN platform which tends to be highly localised.

    As per a few sources, the new car might be named Skoda Salvia and will take on the likes of the popular sedans like Maruti Ciaz and the Honda City.

  3. Skoda Octavia

    2021 Skoda Octavia Confirmed for Q1 2021
    2021 Skoda Octavia Confirmed for Q1 2021

    Skoda fanboys can rejoice. The Skoda Octavia is going to be one of the most anticipated upcoming sedans in 2021. Skoda has officially announced to launch the Octavia in early 2021.

    On the outside, the design language gets an upgrade on the Skoda Octavia. Moreover, it is 19 mm longer and 15 mm wider.

    What makes it amazing is the machine powering it inside the hood. The 190 PS 2.0-litre petrol engine will do duty in the Octavia, giving you all the necessary boost of power if and when you need it.

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  4. Volkswagen Vento

    VW Vento
    VW Vento

    Volkswagen has decided to revamp it’s sedan as well.

    The Volkswagen Vento has largely remained unchanged since its launch almost a decade back. However, that’s going to change. It will be going to be based on the same MQB A0 IN platform like its cousin, the Skoda Rapid.

    The thing to look out for though will be the new design elements which are speculated to change and be in line with Volkswagen’s global lineup.

  5. Sub-4 Metre Sedan From Renault/Nissan

    Nissan Sub 4 metre sedan
    Nissan Sub 4 metre sedan

    A new entrant in the sedan segment is going to be the Renault-Nissan sub-4 metre sedan. With Nissan upping the ante with the Magnite, it expects the new sedan to add a few more trophies on its shelf.

    The upcoming sedan in 2021 is expected to be based on the CMF-A+ platform. While much details around the upcoming sub-4 metre sedan aren’t available, it will be pitched against the Dzire, Aura, Amaze, Aspire and Tigor.

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  6. Audi A4 Facelift

    Audi A4 Facelift | Credits: Autocar India
    Audi A4 Facelift | Credits: Autocar India

    The German carmaker is going to disrupt the luxury sedan segment early this year. Audi India has decided to launch the facelift version of the Audi A4 on January 5th. With the bookings for the Audi A4 already going on, the car has surely created some noise in its segment.

    Audi A4 facelift sports a much more sophisticated and sportier look than its previous generations. Adding to the changes are the updates on the inside, such as a 10.1-inch infotainment system on the front, an updated AC grille, ambient lighting, and a slew of other safety features.

    Competing with the upcoming A4 facelift, BMW has launched the 3-series Gran Limousine and Volvo has come in with its S60.

  7. BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

    BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine | Credits: Gaadiwaadi
    BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine | Credits: Gaadiwaadi

    The sportier and dynamic is getting a luxury edit in 2021. BMW is coming up with the BMW Gran Limousine in the year 2021, sporting some welcome changes.

    BMW has decided to increase the wheelbase of the vehicle by more than 110 mm, making the car more India oriented. The bigger legroom at the back might help BMW tap the chauffer-driven segment market.

  8. Volvo S60

    2021 Volvo S60
    2021 Volvo S60

    Volvo has decided to not stay on the backfoot anymore when it comes to the Indian car market.

    Volvo’s entry-level sedan, the S60 is coming equipped with all it needs to make a mark in the Indian markets. The Volvo S60 will be powered by a 1969 petrol unit generating 188 bhp and a decent 300 Nm torque.

    While the performance might be decent for the S60, it’s the safety and the ride quality that might just work out for Volvo. Taking the Volvo characteristic forward, the S60 comes with a list of semi-autonomous driving features and driving comfort features.

  9. Mercedes Benz E-Class Facelift

    Mercedes Benz E Class 2021
    Mercedes Benz E Class 2021

    Come mid-2021, the E-Class might get an upgrade. In our list of upcoming sedans in 2021, the E-Class facelift becomes a must entrant. On the front, the E-class gets a bit sharper looks than its preceding generations and a more dynamic stance.

    On the inside, Mercedes Benz’s MUBX infotainment system is expected to serve the passengers. More information is awaited on the engine specifications.

  10. Audi S5 Sportback

    Audi S5 Sportback | Credits: Drivespark
    Audi S5 Sportback | Credits: Drivespark

    Sit back.

    That’s what the new S5 Sportback is going to make you do once you dab on the accelerator.

    Audi S5 Sportback is the new facelifted sedan coming in with new looks and features. However, what matters the most 340PS 3.0-litre turbo-petrol engine that powers the S5 Sportback.

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Conclusion | Upcoming Sedans in 2021

The year 2021 will come with the entire shebang. The new sedans are going to enthral its consumer segment with the list of offerings that it’s bringing along.

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