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History Of The Car Defroster (Defogger)

While modern-day vehicles are coming up with smarter and better features each day, there are a few inclusions that are now an integral part of our vehicles. One such feature is the defogger or defroster. If you too are impressed by the way defogger gives clarity to our everyday rides, here is the history of the defogger you must know.

What is a Defogger and why do you need it?

Front and Rear Demister

Simply put, the defogger is a feature onboard a vehicle that removes ice, condensed water droplets, fog/mist from the vehicle’s windscreen, thereby improving visibility. Often used during the rainy and winter season, the defogger/demister provides a safer and clearer driving experience. Through a defogger/demister both front and rear, the chances of a potential accident are substantially reduced. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a defogger/demister is indeed one of the most crucial inventions of its time.

The Genesis of the Defogger

Rear Defogger | Must-have Comfort features on cars
Rear Defogger

Long before the Defogger was invented, while driving during the monsoon, the drivers often experienced the problem of water condensing on the windscreen. While on the other hand in some of the coldest regions, even the ice accumulated on the windscreen. In both scenarios, it became extremely difficult for the driver to have clear visibility and keep an eye on the road.

While manufacturers found a way to tackle the “windscreen” situation by redirecting the air from the AC and heater unit to the windscreen via vents at the top of the dashboard, the rear windscreen still posed a major issue casing rear visibility hindrances.

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This was something that was noticed by German Engineer and Inventor, Heinz Kunert, who after in-depth research into the problem found an innovative solution that could do away with fog/mist/ice and condensed water droplets on the windscreen. The result was the rear defogger that was invented by Kunert. The tech was simple yet effective. The rear defrosters worked by pushing an electrical current through the fibres that were embedded on the rear windscreen. As a result, vehicles from as early as the 1950s started coming with rear defoggers onboard to make driving safer and more comfortable.

So this was the history of the defogger/demister. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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