Its time for you to up your game! You ask why? Well, you might be aware that a few months back the government pushed a notification which mandated the use of HSRP (High-Security Registration Plates) to curb the ever-increasing cases of vehicle theft.

The process for booking an HSRP used to be a pretty hefty task, as it involved uploading a ton of documents before getting to book the HSRP or a Colour-coded sticker. This long process was recently bought to only 5 easy steps by the Delhi Government.

How has the process of booking an HSRP or a Colour Coded Sticker simplified?
  • According to Rosmerta Safety System, the vendor who runs said, that there is no need to upload a scanned copy of the RC anymore.
  • Moreover, the previous seven-step online booking process has been narrowed down to just 5.
  • The process of the OTP (One Time Password) has also been removed.
  • The process to upload copies of vehicle registration certificates have also been removed.

What is an HSRP?

HSRP India for Private Cars
HSRP India for Private Cars
  • So, an HSRP is your third registration plate which has a chromium hologram sticker which is placed on the bottom-left corner of the windshield, this plate holds the information regarding the designated RTO, your vehicle registration number and two, 10-digit laser branded permanent identification numbers (PINs) corresponding to each of the plates.
  • It also features the vehicle chassis number for easier identification of the vehicles in case of vehicle theft.

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How to book an HSRP?

Steps to book an HSRP
Steps to book an HSRP
  • You can book your slot through
  • The first step includes picking up your vehicle type, followed by the designated vehicle’s brand.
  • You can select the nearest dealer according to your convenience.

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Requires Information
Requires Information
  • You also need to enter your vehicle registration number, date of registration, chassis number, engine number, email ID and mobile number before making the payment.

What is Colour-Coded Sticker (3rd HSRP Sticker)?

HSRP 3rd Sticker For a Petrol Car
HSRP 3rd Sticker For a Petrol Car
  • The colour-coded sticker is the 3rd HSRP stickers which are placed on the left side of the windshield of your car and feature the vehicles- engine number, chassis number, plate number etc.
  • However, according to the new update, these stickers will be colour coded according to the vehicles fuel type as well.
  • The colour-codes are meant to identify vehicles based upon their fuel types- light-Blue for petrol and CNG vehicles and Orange for diesel vehicles.

Where can I book a Colour-Coded Sticker?

Colour Coded Stickers
Colour Coded Stickers
  • The colour-coded stickers can also be booked through the same portal (Link is here)
  • Click on “HSRP 3rd Sticker”.
  • Fill in the required details-registration number, engine number, chassis number etc.
Information required for Colour-Coded stickers
Information required for Colour-Coded stickers
  • Select the ‘Fuel Type‘ and fill in all the required details before you are redirected to the payment gateway.

Why has the use of HSRP and Colour Coded Stickers being mandated?

  • The use of HSRP has been made mandatory to curb the increasing number of vehicle theft, traffic violations and corruption.
  • On the other, the use of Colour-coded sticker will help law enforcement officers to run usual traffic stops smoothly.

When is the new rule coming into effect and what are the Penalties for not abiding by the new rule??

  • So, if you still have this question in your mind than its time for you to up your game as the use of HSRPs has already been mandated Pan-India.
  • However, the new rule for colour coded stickers will come into effect after the round of awareness drives have been conducted, giving ample time to people to get their documents.
  • We can expect the implementation of the new rule to begin from October 2020.
  • The fine for not having these documents will range anywhere between ₹5,000-₹10,000.

What are Front and Rear laser and where can I find them?

Front and Rear Lasers on an HSRP
Front and Rear Lasers on an HSRP
  • This is a laser alphanumeric code of minimum 9 digits, etched in the bottom left hand below the Ashok Chakra.

What is the difference between an HSRP and a Non-HSRP?

Difference Between HSRP and Non HSRP in India
Difference Between HSRP and Non-HSRP in India
  • So, an HSRP has a special reflective coating on the surface which is even visible in the lowest of light (e.g. at night).
  • Whereas, a generic custom made Non-HSRP number plate isn’t reflective, which makes it difficult for the traffic cameras to detect.

Which states of India are offering the HSRP online?

Choose your state
Choose your state

Currently, the HSRP is being offered through the online channel in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh only while we can expect it to launch pan-India soon.

To know more information about HSRP and Colour-Coded stickers. You can visit the FAQ section on

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  1. Every time I fill the contents for stickers it shows that i do not have HSRP whereas my number plate is HSRP. what should I do?

    • Hey Ashish,

      The state transport deptt. has temporarily suspended the enforcement drive against vehicles without HSRP. A proper process and protocol are being put into place. The transport authority is currently working on fixing the glitches.

  2. In book my hsrp. After filling the detail under hsrp sticker system showing message that “service allowed for UP VEHICLES ONLY”. WHAT IS THE ISSUE

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