Are you one of those car guys who is fascinated by the features in the latest cars but can’t afford to buy one right now? As they say, old is gold. If you have a well-maintained old car, it can still stand strong in front of a new car from a similar segment in terms of performance. Talking about features, you can always head to the aftermarket to get some modern-day car accessories for your old car and make it feel like new! In this article, we have a look at 10 car accessories which can help you spice up your old car! Let’s begin.

  1. Ambient Lighting

    Adjustable Ambient Lighting System
    Adjustable Ambient Lighting System

    Although this is a factory-fitted ambient lighting system that you see above. You can easily get one for your old car in the aftermarket. The only thing that I feel old cars lack is the amount of lighting. You sit inside the cabin at night and its dark! In modern-day cars, the MID is highly lit, even the central console has much lighting but we can’t change that for our old car. Instead, we can go for ambient lights to brighten up our mood. Alternatively, you can also opt for welcome lights or puddle lamps which are common in modern-day cars.

  2. Touchscreen Infotainment System

    car accessories for old car
    Touchscreen Infotainment

    If your car has a 2-DIN (Deutch Industri Normen) stereo setup, you can easily go for a touchscreen infotainment system. Just specify the size you want to the aftermarket dealer and they can take you through a large variety of infotainment systems available. Choose the infotainment system that suits you according to your needs. You can go for different RAM capacities, different brands and various other similar parameters. This is one of the most commonly sold among the car accessories for old cars.

  3. Power Windows

    Car Accessories for old car
    Power Windows

    If you have an old car when the OEM didn’t provide power windows with the variant or the car you bought, you are not bound to roll those windows down manually for a lifetime! With even base variants getting at least 2 power windows (leave aside Maruti Suzuki), these switches are making our lives easy by reducing the effort needed to roll the windows. You can get power windows fitted in any car you own! This one is a must-have among all the car accessories for an old car.

  4. Arm Rest

    car accessories for old car
    Aftermarket Armrest | Source

    Are you one of those drivers who tend to rest their arm on the gear lever? You are unknowingly damaging your gear lever and the transmission by doing this. Most of the modern-day cars come equipped with armrests. If your old car doesn’t have an armrest, you should get it installed from the aftermarket. Now some of you might say that it troubles the driver sometimes while applying the handbrake. Well, it can be adjusted accordingly but remember, this armrest can save your transmission because we need to rest our arm anyhow!

  5. Starry Roof Lighting

    car accessories for old car
    Roof Star lighting

    Well, this is debatable. Some of you might find this attractive while the others might say it is just too much! According to me, a good quality roof star lighting can actually glam up your car no matter how old it is. You can get many lightings in the aftermarket with different colour combinations and illumination densities. Choose what suits you the best.

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  6. Seat covers / Bucket Seats

    car accessories for old car
    Bucket Seat Cover

    One of the most common thing in your car that gets uncomfortable with time – the seats. You can get the cushioning reworked or even get a new set of seats. If your car seats are still comfortable enough and you just need them to look like new, you can get bucket fir seat covers. Did you know, you can also get ventilated seats in your car from the aftermarket? I am sure most of you have never heard of this before but yes it is possible! Do let us know in the comments section below if you want one for your car and we will tell you how!

  7. Push Start / Stop button

    Hyundai Aura Start_Stop Button
    Hyundai Aura Start Stop Button

    Another accessory that is a must-have in today’s world. You might be bored by turning your car key in the ignition by now. Push-Button Start is the new trend! What if we told you that it is really simple to install this button in your car and you can get this modern-tech at a really affordable price! Not naming anyone in particular but you would find many YT videos on how to install this button in a car. This can really make your car look modern and high-tech once installed!

  8. Alloy Wheels

    maruti Suzuki Swift
    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Alloy wheels can really spice up the look of your car if chosen wisely. Don’t go for too loud designs. Find the right design and make sure you don’t go for cheap alloys with the bad build quality. Buy alloy wheels from a reputed store where you can be sure about the quality. Bad quality alloys can damage your suspension badly. Alloy wheels form one of the most demanded among the accessories for old car. Be wise while you choose one for yourself.

  9. LED Headlamps

    Toyota Glanza | Hatchbacks with LED Headlamps
    Toyota Glanza | Hatchbacks with LED Headlamps

    Are you fed up of those old-school halogen headlamps? Well, its time to spice up your ride! You can go for projectors or projector LEDs. These headlamps not only provide a modern look to your car but also provide better visibility of the road ahead. Alternatively, you can also go for a headlight detailing service with GoMechanic where we clean the exterior plastic of your car’s headlight and get rid of all the yellowish shade that has developed over time.

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  10. Air Purifier

    Car Air Purifier
    Car Air Purifier

    The day you bought your car belonged to an era when we could easily breathe clean air. You might have noticed that the new cars now come equipped with an air purifier. It is because this small machine has become the need of the hour and we guess it will continue to be useful in the future too. Air Purifier is the most useful one according to us among the car accessories for old car.

  11. High-Security Registration Plate

    HSRP India for Private Cars
    HSRP India for Private Cars

    While the government has already made HSRP compulsory for all the new cars, old car owners can also get it for themselves. This is the best way to avoid unnecessary questioning by the traffic police. Buying an HSRP is no harm. Moreover, having one makes you a responsible citizen. Fancy number plates will attract nothing but fines. Trust us! Invest in an HSRP right now.

  12. [BONUS] Detailed GoMechanic Service

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    Nothing can spice up a car more than a service. No matter what accessories you might put inside your car’s cabin, it can’t make you feel good unless it’s young under the hood! GoMechanic makes sure that your old car doesn’t lose its charm at all. You just need to book a service for your car and we will handle the rest! What’s more? Use code GOBLOG and get flat 10% off on your next order.

These were the car accessories for an old car that can make their owners experience the modern-day car tech. Share this article with all your friends who own an old car and help them spice up their ride! Have other accessories in mind that we missed out? The comments section is all yours!

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