So, if you were having trouble booking an appointment to get your HSRP or Colour-Coded stickers online. The Delhi Transport Department has now made the process a lot easier.

According to a senior official from the Delhi Transport Department, The process of booking a high-security registration number plates (HSRP) and colour-coded stickers for vehicles registered before April 2019 have been simplified by doing away with uploading the registration certificate and a one-time password.

HSRP India for Private Cars
HSRP India for Private Cars

In a recent public notice issued by the Delhi Transport Department, has notified that failure to get HSRP and colour coded stickers or third registration mark could lead to hefty penalties under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

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How has the process simplified?

  • According to Rosmerta Safety System, the vendor who runs said, that there is no need to upload a scanned copy of the RC anymore.
  • Moreover, the previous seven-step online booking process has been narrowed down to just 5.
  • The process of the OTP (One Time Password) has also been removed.
  • The process to upload copies of vehicle registration certificates have also been removed.

How to book an appointment for an HSRP?

Steps to book an HSRP
Steps to book an HSRP
  • You can book your slot through
  • The first step includes picking up your vehicle type, followed by the designated vehicle brand.
  • You can select the nearest dealer according to your convenience.
  • You also need to enter your vehicle registration number, date of registration, chassis number, engine number, email ID and mobile number before making the payment.

How to book Colour-Coded Stickers?

  • The colour-coded stickers can also be booked through the same portal (Link is here)
  • The first step involves clicking on the “HSRP 3rd Sticker“.
Colour-Coded stickers
Colour-Coded stickers
  • Fill in the required details-registration number, engine number, chassis number etc.
  • Select the ‘Fuel Type‘ and fill in all the required details before you are redirected to the payment gateway.
HSRP 3rd Sticker For a Petrol Car
HSRP 3rd Sticker For a Petrol Car

What are front and Rear Lasers?

Front and Rear Lasers on an HSRP
Front and Rear Lasers on an HSRP
  • This is a laser alphanumeric code of minimum 9 digits, etched in the bottom left hand below the Ashok Chakra.

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How much do I have to pay to obtain the document?

  • You can pay anything between ₹600 to ₹1,100 depending upon the vehicle class.
  • The charges for two-wheelers will range between ₹300 to ₹400.
  • Although, vehicle owners who already have an HSRP can get the colour coded stickers installed at just ₹100.

What do these colour codes specify?

Colour Coded Stickers
Colour Coded Stickers | Source

The colour-codes are meant to identify vehicles based upon their fuel types.

  • light-Blue for petrol and CNG vehicles
  • Orange for diesel vehicles

What do these stickers bear?

  • The designated stickers bear the details including- registration number, registering authority, laser-branded PIN, and engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle.

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What are the consequences of not having these documents?

  • The fine for not having these documents will range anywhere between ₹5,000-₹10,000.
  • The rule is set to come into existence after the round of awareness drives have been conducted, giving ample time to people to get their documents.

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    • Hey Sanjay,
      The front and the rear laser is a 9 digit alphanumeric code etched in the bottom left hand of the high-security number plate.

  1. The author seems to have given incomplete information because the portal does not give the option of applying for fuel stickers alone.
    I already have HSRP but when I enter the portal and enter details of Chasis , engine etc, the portal asks to pay for HSRP only.There is no provision to pay just foe Fuel sticker.
    Request author to try for himself.

  2. I have hsrp plate in my car but when I am.applying for sticker that shows for hsrp fitment where I can update that I have hsrp plate In my car

    • Hey Sunny,
      There are two options when you click on “HSRP Colour Sticker” options. If you already have a a HSRP plate on your car. Click on the right-side options “Proceed for HSRP Booking” and fill out your details.

      Alternatively, you can also walk-in to your nearest Showroom/Dealership (for your car brand) and get a colour-coded sticker for your car.

    • Hey Shinoj, HSRP is mandatory all over India. We would suggest you get the HSRP 3rd sticker too, to avoid future troubles. Walk in to your nearest dealership (of your car) and they will help you out. Its a 5 mins process.

    • Hey Nishant,

      For this, we would suggest you visit your nearest dealership/showroom (of your car brand). It is literally a 5-mins procedure to procure an HSRP 3rd sticker. Hope this helps.

    • I too faced the same problem. Turned out that I need to give the entire Engine and Chassis number and not the last 6-7 digits. For me the engire number is something like FXXX. Chassis number is 16 digits and letters.

  3. I have Chevrolet vehicle and on hsrp site there is no option for this brand vehicle how can I apply for hsrp number plate and color coded sticker because the brand left the country and there is no authorised dealer of the brand

    • Hey Inder,
      Unfortunately, bookmyhsrp has’nt updated their portal to include Chevrolet and Isuzu cars. We request you to wait until further update.

  4. when i fill up the form for 3rd sticker, nothing comes in Dealer Affixation Centre, what to do and get the affixation center and from where. I have booked my HSRP from Rana Motors Tis Hazari, Delhi. Can I get the 3rd sticker straightway from M/s Rana Motors where I have an appointment for HSRP on 08/010/2020. Further despite filling the front laser in front rear window, it is not accepting and every time portal says fill up front laser? Please clarify

    • Hello Mr Singh.

      As of now, the state transport deptt. has temporarily suspended the enforcement drive against vehicles without HSRP. A proper process and protocol are being put into place. The transport authority is currently working on fixing the glitches that are causing unnecessary delays. We advise you to wait until the implementation is improved.

    • Hi Arun,
      Almost everyone is facing the same problem. The transportation department has not yet updated its database for Chevrolet cars. However, we highly recommend you to check your nearest RTO for more information. Thank you for reading, Stay Pinned 🙂

    • Hey Anurag,

      Unfortunately, this is a problem almost all Chevrolet and Isuzu owners are facing. I would request you to wait till they update their database or contact your nearest RTO for more info.

    • Hi Vijay,
      Almost everyone is facing this problem. As the transportation department has not yet updated its database for Chevrolet cars. However, we recommend you to check your nearest RTO for more information. Thank you for reading, Stay Pinned 🙂

  5. There is no any option for TVS BIKES. Is there any different process for TVS bike as this is not in list of bookmyhsrp. What to do? Please

    • Hi Vikram,
      The government has currently put a stop on the HSRP process due to the technical glitches on the website. Please wait while all the errors and glitches are rectified.

  6. When i am booking for sticker only the dealer box does not open. i purchased my car Ace Honda Noida and live in Delhi and have a Delhi registration number.Kindly advise if i can get the sticker from Ace Honda Noida.Thanks

  7. Can anyone suggest where do I go for Booking HSRP for my Chevrolet Aveo Uva car ? Because there is no option for Chevrolet vehicles on

  8. I reached out to RTO Noida to inquire above HSRP for Chevrolet car however they also does not have any information regarding it and does not support HSRP request. All Chevrolet car owners are clue less as to where they can get HSRP despite valid RC for another 5-10 years. Also contacted Chevrolet Service center and they are in touch with General Motors regarding this however still does not have any update. No option but to wait and watch.

    • Indeed Badal,

      We can understand your helplessness. However, state transport deptt. has temporarily suspended the enforcement drive against vehicles without HSRP. A proper process and protocol are being put into place. The state should have worked on the implementation better.

  9. My bike belongs to the Tvs company and there is no sign of Twas on the Bookmysharp portal, so how can I book my Hasrap plate now?

  10. I have Bajaj Discover 125 cc bike Rajsthan registration number but i am living in Delhi. I want HSRP in delhi. I opened hsrp site but when i m selecting state.Rajsthan not available in the present list. Please guide me.

  11. I did online booking for fuel sticker for my Xcent car DL 7CT3627 on 4-10-2020 vide booking id no. STBMHSRP202010041104556891. I was asssigned date of 10-10-2020 at Frontier Hyundai Sector 5 Dwarka. However, the sticker has not been received till today (16-10-2020). Please help me.

    V N Mathur
    Mob 8800105550

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