If you are driving in India since long, you might have come across several instances when people around you are seen flashing their car lights on the road unnecessarily. Most of the people simply don’t know how to properly use car’s lights. Some are seen using caution lights in rainy or foggy weather while the others are seen using high beams in crowded areas. Different car lights have got different function and in this article, we will let you know about the correct use of your car’s lights.

  1. Daytime Running Lights

    Headlight | GoMechanic
    Honda City DRLs

    The Daytime Running Lights have become a really common fitment nowadays. I myself have seen people confusing these with the low beam headlights. What I want to mention here is that some people don’t switch on their headlights at night considering the DRLs are sufficient for the illumination. It is not so. The DRLs are made to make you visible on the roads. In most cars, the DRLs are connected with the engine or the handbrake. You shouldn’t confuse them with low beam headlights at all!

  2. Low Beam Headlights

    Car Lights
    Low Beam headlight | Source

    These are meant to be used where you need to focus on a shorter range. Low Beam Headlights don’t let you see too far but give you an adequate view of the road ahead without causing excessive glares in the eyes of the driver in front of you. Low beam headlights can be really helpful in case of adverse weather conditions too.

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  3. High Beam Headlights

    night driving tips
    High Beam Headlights

    Far-field headlights are used to give a far-field view of the road ahead. As an aware driver, you should know that using high beams in a crowded area is not good at all. This is because high beams create excessive glare which can possibly blind the view of other drivers. You should use high beams only when you are at an extremely dark place and are immediately switch to low beam if you see an oncoming vehicle to avoid blinding the driver.

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  4. Fog Lamps

    Hyundai Aura Fog Lamps
    Hyundai Aura Fog Lamps

    Fog lamps are usually not equipped with every variant of the car you buy. But did you know that these lights can actually prove to be helpful in foggy weather? Yes, fog lights, which are placed on the lower section of the bumper, emit a flat and wide beam which cuts through the fog really well and helps you have a view of the road ahead. You can switch on the fog lamps during normal road conditions because they don’t dazzle the oncoming drivers, but we recommend you to get them equipped if they are not available in your car. These car lights are extremely useful in foggy weather.

  5. Hazard Lights / Flashers

    Hazard Light Button
    Hazard Light Button

    All of you must be familiar with this button before we proceed. Your car’s hazard lights can be really helpful if used correctly. At the same time, these can be a huge distraction for other people on the road if you use them in the wrong way. You might have seen people flashing their hazard lights in rainy or foggy weather. It is not recommended to glow your flashers while moving in the rain or fog because they can distract the drivers behind you.

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    These should be used only in emergencies such as situations where you need to stop on a busy road due to an emergency. You can also use them if your car is parked in a dark place to indicate the same to other drivers.

Which car lights to use at what time of the day?

  1. During the day: As there is an ample amount of light available during the day, you may not use any lights unless you are passing through a tunnel or any other dark enclosed area. Also, modern vehicles are equipped with DRLs which remain on as you drive. These alert other drivers about your presence on the road.
  2. During Dusk: When the sun begins to set, you should go for low beam headlights. This will help you have a better view of the road ahead.
  3. During Night: Depending upon where you are driving, you may switch between high beam and low beam.

Which car lights to use during which weather?

  1. Foggy Weather: When the weather is foggy, you should switch on your foglamps to ensure safety for yourself and others on the road. Also, you should maintain more distance from the vehicle moving ahead. Last but not least, drive on the side of the road and give up sticking in the middle.
  2. Rainy Weather: You should use low beams. They will give the best possible view of the road ahead. If you are not able to see even 100 metres ahead, you should keep your low beams on continuously. DON’T USE FLASHERS OR HIGH BEAM HEADLIGHTS!

This was all about the car lights and how and when to use them. We hope we were able to give you enough information to help you improve your driving habits. Share this article with all those drivers around you who are still confused about the use of the correct headlights.

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