General Motors are bringing back Hummer but instead of it being an Internal Combustion engine it will be an Electricity powered beast of a truck with a 1000HP.

The USA company released three teasers named ‘Horsepower’, ‘Torque’ and ‘Speed’ focusing on how much those three things it can provide along with making absolutely no sound.

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The pickup truck is named the GMC Hummer EV and will be under the GMC branding and it will help them achieve their goal of 20 Electric vehicles global launches before 2023.

The new GMC Hummer EV will have 1000 Horsepower which is a lot. Its acceleration will be 0-95 km in 3 seconds which is again really fast making it a ‘super truck’.

Hummer was famous in the 2000s for two things, being really powerful and polluting environment. After GM filed for bankruptcy in 2009 because of ever-increasing fuel rates, stalling sales and its bad reputation GM stopped vehicle production in 2010.

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Phil Brook, GMC vice president of marketing while talking with a leading publisher said “It’s a combination of an incredibly capable truck and a supercar. Those sorts of times are in that ballpark, it is very different from anything we’ve ever done before,”

Brook also said that they have no plans to launch an IC powered Hummer. He also said “I think there’s an opportunity for us not just to extend where GMC is today from a customer base but also bring new customers in who hadn’t considered us before as well,”

GM seems to be going in the electric vehicle market and the first foot they will put in the door will be a 1000HP super truck with the official reveal on 20th May 2020. GM is also focusing on the ‘quiet revolution is coming’ is a play on the idea of electric cars making no noise and electric-powered cars will be the new revolution in the IC dominated market.

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