Skoda Rapid Comparison: Indian VS Russian Specification

Skoda Rapid India vs Russia Comparison

If you ask me, which is the most VFM sedan under 10 lakhs in India, I would say Skoda Rapid without thinking at all. The amount of features paired with a really good powertrain is what this car has to offer. But what we get is the 2020 Skoda Rapid while a few countries in the world have advanced. For instance, the Russians have a new 2021 Rapid to drive. So, let’s compare both of the Rapids and see if we Indians are missing on anything. And if so, by how much? Let’s find out.

Are we missing on design and looks?

Skoda Rapid: Indian VS Russian

Let’s get straight to the point. 2021 Skoda Rapid is more stunning and elegant. There’s nothing bad in design what we get here in India but still, Russians get a better looking Rapid. Its more staunchy, sharp and modern. From the front, you get to see a redesigned grille with angrier headlamps.

Side Profile Comparison Skoda Rapid

At the side, first sight would be the new alloys, the same 8 spoke with a revamped design. Again, I would say, the style is all raunchy and elegant. The Indian Rapid does look a bit lengthier, but we’ll compare the dimensions in a bit.

Rear Profile Skoda Rapid Comparison

Rear is where we Indians would feel that we are getting the outdated design. The new design analogy of Skoda is clearly visible in the 2021 Skoda Rapid sold in Russia. The sleek tailamps, Skoda engrossing and the redesigned bonnet looks stunning in the 2021 Rapid. So, in short, Skoda Rapid we get is surely outdated! But still, there’s more to a car than just looks.

Dimensions | Is there any difference?

Russian Skoda Rapid Dimensions

Indian VS Russian Skoda Rapid | Dimensions Comparison

Indian Skoda Rapid Russian Skoda Rapid
Length (mm) 4,413 4,485
Width (mm) 1,699 1,706
Height (mm) 1,466 1,475
Wheelbase (mm) 2,552 2,602

The Russian Rapid is lengthier, wider and higher. The extra length allows Russian Rapid to offer better wheelbase which means better legroom inside the cabin. Extra height offers better headroom while the wider stance offers a bit better shoulder room.

Next up, the powertrain comparison!

Engine Comparison | Skoda Rapid In India vs Russia

Skoda is known to provide one of the best powertrains. Be it the engine or the transmission, you get a good package here in India. But is it any better or worse than the 2021 Rapid?

Indian VS Russian Skoda Rapid | Powertrain Comparison

Indian Skoda Rapid Russian Skoda Rapid
Engine 1.0-litre TSI 1.4 TSI 1.6 MPI 1.6 MPI
Power@rpm 110ps@5,000-5,500 125ps@5,000-6,000 90ps@,4250-6,000 110ps@5,800
Torque@rpm 175Nm@1,750-4,000 200Nm@1,400-4,000 155Nm@3,800-4,000 155Nm@3,800-4,000
Transmission 6-speed MT / AT 7-speed DSG 5-speed Manual  5-speed MT / 6-speed AT

Well, yet again, Russia gets better options. Although the one engine option we get is good too but the 3 engine options at the Russian Rapid is better. You also get a DSG option in the TSI with the Russian Rapid while we at max get an AT. Overall, the 2021 Skoda Rapid again wins it for Russia.

What about the comfort and convenience? 

Features Comparison

Indian Skoda Rapid Russian Skoda Rapid
Touchscreen Infotainment
Power Windows
Heated Front Seats
Cruise Control
Keyless Entry
Android Connectivity
Driver Seat Height Adjustment
Cup Holder in Centre Console
Front Centre Armrest
Heated Outdoor Electric Mirrors
Umbrella under Front Passenger Seat

Indian Rapid does miss out on some features but in an overall comparison, its mostly similar. But what makes a major difference is the updated interiors in 2021 Skoda Rapid sold in Russia. The Indian Rapid still gets the outdated dashboard layout with the touchscreen embedded into it while the Russian Rapid gets a floating screen.

Now, it’s time for the safety comparison!

Safety Features Comparison | Indian VS Russian Rapid

Indian Skoda Rapid Russian Skoda Rapid
ABS with EBD
Tyre Pressure Indicator
Dual-Front Airbags
Child Seat Mounts
Disc Brakes at Rear
3 Back Headrests
Rear Parking Sensors
*Base Variant Safety Features

We do miss out on a good number of safety features for sure. For instance, the base variant does not offer child seat mounts. You also get drum brakes instead of disc brakes at the rear. Overall, Russian Skoda Rapid offers better safety too.

Verdict | Is The Indian Skoda Rapid Still Worthy

Skoda Rapid India

One who is worthy remains worthy! Rapid in India, even though does not overpower the 2021 Rapid, but still offers value for the money you spend. Being said that, we also want the 2021 Rapid to launch in India soon so that we do get the much needed upgrades. What do you think about the comparison? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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