Mahindra launched E-Verito in June 2016, for the first time in India. Currently, the car is available in two variants namely, d2 & d6. Both the variants are identical in terms of technical specifications. Moreover, Mahindra e-Verito comes with some added features like Electric ORVMs, Keyless entry, chrome grille, etc. To find out whether e-Verito is a viable city commuter or not, let’s have a look at specifications of the car.

Mahindra e-Verito

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Mahindra e-Verito | Dimensions

Length 4247 mm
Width 1740 mm
Height 1540 mm
Wheel Base 2630 mm
Ground Clearance 172 mm

Dimensions of e-verito are equal to Mahindra verito car, which is a conventional car. So, Mahindra e-verito will be as spacious as normal Verito. Also, ground clearance is quite impressive if we see. Although, Mahindra e-Verito is spacious as normal cars but to decide whether its a viable city commuter or not, we must also check its technical specifications.

Mahindra e-Verito | Motor

Motor Type 3- Phase AC Induction Motor
Max. Power 42 ps
Max. Torque 91 nm
0-60 Acceleration 11.2 seconds
Max. Speed 86 km/h
Transmission Automatic

With such a low power & torque output, we can see the car’s performance isn’t up to the mark. Top speed is about 86 km/h, which is quite low in itself. We can see that this car can’t even reach the speed of 100 km/hr and for accelerating 0-60 it takes a long time of 11.2 seconds. So, performance-wise this car is still very backward if compared to electric vehicles of the present market. So, let’s talk about the battery of e-Verito which is the ultimate power source for this car.

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Mahindra e-Verito | Battery

Mahindra e-Verito
Mahindra e-Verito
Battery Type Lithium-Ion battery
Battery Capacity 18.55 kWh
Charging AC (0-100%) 11 hours 30 min
Charging DC (0-80%) 1 hour 30 min
Range 140 Km

Here, we can see that battery of this car is of very small capacity when compared to electric car standards. Also, the riding range it provides is very low at 140 km. So, if we want to move further after 140 km, we are left with no other option than recharging it, which is a lengthy task in itself. Furthermore, let us move towards features we are getting with this electric car.

Mahindra e-Verito | Features

  • Fast charging
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Revive
  • Eco/ Boost drive modes
  • ABS

These are some important features which we will be getting on both d2 and d6 variant of Mahindra e-Verito. Additionally, we also get few extra safety and security features on the d6 variant of the car.

Mahindra e-Verito | Price

Mahindra e-Verito price ranges between ₹9.5 lacs – ₹10 lacs. However, price is lower than other electric cars in the segment, but if someone decides to buy this car, then he would have to face many compromises in terms of performance and reliability of the car, which is completely undesirable.

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