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7 Features That We Find Missing In The Tata Tiago

As a value for money offering in the budgeted hatchback segment, the Tata Tiago is one promising vehicle and we mean it. But with competition becoming fierce each passing month, the Tiago when pitched against some newer offerings seems to miss out on a few good offerings. Lets’ see what these are. So here are 7 missing features on the Tata Tiago

  1. Revotorq Diesel Engine

    Revotorq Engine
    Revotorq Engine Representation

    When the Tata Tiago was initially launched, it was offered with Tata’s 1.05 litre Turbocharged Revotorq engine that returns a mileage of as high as 27.28 kmpl. This bad boy, despite being a 3 cylinder unit, had enough punch to provide a dynamic all-around performance. But sadly owing to the BS6 norms, the diesel was ditched, leaving the Tiago with a sole 1.2-litre petrol burner. The Revotorq Diesel burner is thus, one of the missing features of the Tata Tiago.

  2. Cruise Control

    Tata Altroz XT comes with Cruise Control
    Cruise Control As Offered On The Altroz

    For a vehicle as “value for money” as the Tata Tiago is, its drivability and overall dynamics are highly impressive. The 1.2-litre petrol burner mated to either a 5-speed manual or AMT, cruises extremely well throughout the journey, even returning a superb mileage of 23.84 Kmpl. Considering all these pros, an addition of a cruise control feature onboard would have been a great touch, which the Tata sadly misses on currently.

  3. Projector Headlamps

    Tata Tigor With Projector Headlamps
    Tata Tigor

    Ever since the Tata Tiago received its facelift, it has become one of the best looking budgeted hatches in India. But one look at Tiago’s amazing looking front fascia one would instantly feel the need for swanky projector headlamps. But sadly, the Tiago does not offer them, even onboard the top trims. What you get, however, are conventional H4 bulbs that do their job well, but are nothing close to what the projectors could have been.

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    Schedule your car service with GoMechanic today!
  4. Rear AC Vents and 12V Power Sockets

    2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift
    Rear AC Vents

    Two of the most important features that are simply missed, both rear AC vents and power sockets are features which offer supreme practicality and comfort. While a rear AC vent can make the ride comfortable for passengers on the rear seat, a rear power socket is something that’s essential these days. Sadly, however, the Tata Tiago misses on both the crucial features that could have been easily added onboard.

  5. Rear Armrest

    Rear sear centre arm rest Volume controls
    A rear-seat armrest // credits: team-bhp

    Those who travel with family, know how important rear armrests are. Whether it is a hatchback or an SUV, the rear armrest is something that adds a substantial amount of comfort for rear passengers. The Tiago despite being a people’s favourite, completely misses out on a rear armrest, leaving rear passengers quite disappointed.

  6. Push Button Star

    Comfort and Features
    Push-button start

    While there is no doubt that the Tiago is quite modern as an offering, but it still misses out on something that is synonymous with a modern and premium inclusion. Yes, we are talking about the push-button start, which makes car driving a lot more simple, convenient and comfortable, taking away the need to inserting the key and turning on the ignition.

    It is to note that Tata Motors has actually provided Push Button Start/Stop in the new Tata Tiago NRG.

  7. Boot Release Button

    Renault Kiger Boot Space
    A Released Boot

    As mind-bending as it might seem, the Tata Tiago misses out on a boot release button that is considered to be a major convenience feature, especially in cases when the boot needs to be opened while you are seated inside the vehicle.

    So these were 7 missing features of the Tata Tiago. If you too have a suggestion to make, comment down below. Till then stay pinned.

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  1. All the 7 features are essentially needed during this period of marketting competition and hope that the TATA will start its production after including all the same.

    • NRG is an altogether different version of the vehicle, more like a special edition. In this article we aim to bring out things that are mission on the Tiago itself.


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