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This Tuned Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is Hot Hatch Goals

Anyone who has an encounter with a revolution from Volkswagen has fallen in love with it straight away. The Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is a marvel of technology in itself. And yet some automotive enthusiasts like Mandeep Singh take it one step further. The car in the talk here is the 2018 VW Polo GT TSI which is powered by a 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine. Let us first compare the specs of the stock Polo GT TSI and Mandeep’s modified Volkswagen Polo GT.

The Face-off

Talking about the stock Polo GT, the engine produces a power of 104hp and a peak torque of 175Nm. It can reach a top speed anywhere between 185-190kmph. And for the 0 to 100kmph, it takes around 10 seconds. Well, the Mandeep’s hot hatch after stage 2 tuning is capable of producing 140hp of power and a peak torque of 230Nm. The top speed is now over 200kmph and the 100kmph from nothing taken less than 8.5 seconds. But what has gone into the making? Did he get 3 wishes from Genie? Absolutely not! There has been a major overhaul done to the car in order to get those power figures out of it. Let’s have a look.

Volkswagen Polo GT – The Heavy Modifications

Mandeep Singhs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
Mandeep Singhs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

It takes a lot of patience and money when you are doing such modification to your car. This modified Volkswagen Polo GT is no exception. For the starters, this Polo has been remapped with Code 6, Stage 2 Remap with pops and bangs making it sound good too. To make the engine breath better, the stock air filter has been replaced by a K&N air filter. In order to make sure that the turbo unit of the engine does not experience a sudden load when the throttle is suddenly closed, Forge Motorsport sourced Blow Off-Valve (BOV) has also been added.

Mandeep Singh's Volkswagen Polo GT TSI with Remus Turboback Exhaust
Mandeep Singh’s Volkswagen Polo GT TSI with Remus Turboback Exhaust

For exhaust purposes, Remus Turboback exhaust has been loaded on the car. To increase the track width of the Polo GT, Mandeep has also added 15mm rear spacers in the car.

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Greeting my bae with an Eibach Anti roll bar ❤️

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With a great car comes great rolling while cornering. In order to prevent the rolling, Mandeep has added Eibach Anti-roll bar at the front and Ultra Racing anti-roll bar at the rear. This makes sure that this modified Volkswagen Polo GT drives smoothly and confidently even while cornering. Eibach sourced Pro Street S Coilovers have also been added to this car for proper mitigation of the roll while turning and cornering especially at high speeds.

Exterior and Interior changes

Mandeep Singhs Modified Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
Mandeep Singhs Modified Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

To give it a premium feel, the roof of this Polo GT has been blackened. The stock tyres have been replaced with 205/45 Michelin PS4 rubber. These tyres are adorned by the 17-inch rims covered in dark gold flake colour. For the illumination purpose, this Polo gets 6000k HID headlights with Philips OEM Parking lights and OSRAM Fog Lights. Outdoor lights sourced from 6000k too have been added. And to make it more clear, BiXenon aftermarket projectors have also been added.

The Gold flake Rims
The Gold flake Rims

Talking about the interior, Jetta’s cabin lights now illuminate the cabin as well as the boot space of this modified Volkswagen Polo GT. It has now got a GTI armrest. The gear knob and handbrake have been given a silicon touch. VW Passat’s speakers now make the music sound great. The RCD 340 infotainment has also been added to the Polo.

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Just can’t resist !!

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All this thrill and tweaks have made a hole of over ₹5 lakhs on Mandeep’s pocket. But surely, this doesn’t seem to stop him from going further. He has tastefully modified a Skoda Octavia VRs which we will be covering soon. Stay tuned!

Ritvik Gupta
Ritvik Gupta
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