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10 Bike Modification to Make Your Motorcycle Touring Ready

Now you know the top 10 motorcycles for touring, if not here are the motorcycles for touring.

Touring on a motorcycle is indeed fun and breathtaking, but going on really long rides one need to have some mods on their motorcycles to make it a bit comfortable. Although the motorcycle is not about comfort. So, 10 super necessary mods are to make a motorcycle touring friendly are,

  1. Bigger Windshield

    Bigger Wind-screen
    Bigger Wind-screen | Image Source (1)

    It’s all about cruising at highspeed out on the highway. At those speeds, wind gushes on your helmet making it difficult to sustain the momentum. So, this is where a bigger windshield comes into power. Some motorcycles like the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 comes with a large windshield but in other one has to have it as an add-on. A large windshield deflects the high-speed wind either over the helmet or over to the shoulder making triple digits speeds sustainable and a bit less tiring.

  2. Frame Sliders/Crash Guards

    Frame Sliders
    Frame Sliders

    Two-wheelers rely on gyroscopic effect to keep the motorcycle upright, well, that is when the bike is running. So, the motorcycle is bound to fall when this gyroscopic effect is hampered or is disturbed. Unfortunately, this happens when a motorcycle gets a hit or meets with an accident. So, to save the engine and handlebars, riders legs, and the frame of the motorcycle, crash guards or frame sliders are necessary. For you to know, frame sliders are usually for a fully-faired motorcycle and the crash guard is for a cruiser or a naked motorcycle.

  3. Hazard Lights/Blinkers

    One of the important parts of riding a motorcycle is to be seen, and with more lights on the motorcycle, it becomes easier. So, the best way to solve this problem without putting unnecessary load on the motorcycle’s battery is via the hazard lights. This is where all the 4 blinkers blink in sync and this is the thing that also grabs a lot of attention.

  4. Engine Guards/Bash Plates

    Motorycle Bash-Plate
    Motorcycle Bash-Plate | Image Source (1)

    One should not get confused between crash guards and bash plates as both are significantly different. Where the crash guard is for the sides the bash plate is mainly to save the oil sump and the front of the engine. The Bash plate is installed on the front section of the motorcycle frame onto the belly of the engine. As said earlier, this saves the engine’s sump from punchers and also protects it from the debris falling from the tyres.

  5. All-Weather Tyres

    All-weather Tyres
    All-weather Tyres | Image Source (1)

    When going on a long ride, the weather and terrain are two things that are very unpredictable. And tyres are what that put the power down on the road. So, to be ready for every possible road or no road altogether, all-weather tyres are a must. These tyres allow the motorcycle to roll over any surface, be it wet, rocky, or has gravels. All-weather tyres also make sure that there is no such road that the bike cannot ride on.

  6. Handlebar Risers

    Handlebar Risers
    Handlebar Risers | Image Source (1)

    Many touring motorcycles have a slightly committed riding posture; this might be tiring on long journeys. To make such motorcycle a bit more comfortable handle bar-risers come really handy. Handle-bar risers do what it says on the books, these raise the handlebars by a couple of inches making the riding posture upright and comfortable for long rides.

  7. Padded Seats/Gel Pads

    Motorcycle Gel seat
    Motorcycle Gel seat | Image Source (1)

    The second most important thing to save on a long ride is, am… yes!. You guessed it right your bottom. A well-padded seat is something that can have a world of a difference on long rides. But if you have a bit more money to spare we’d recommend to go for a gel pad for the seat. This will be more comfortable and your bum will experience less fatigue and will thank us later.

  8. Saddle Bags/Saddle Stays

    Motorcycle Panniers
    Motorcycle Panniers | Image Source (1)

    When going for a long ride, you’ll definitely not be going for one day. So, to take your stuff along you’ll be needing a saddle bag or side bag. In the market, there are mainly two types of side bags, one a saddlebag and the other one is the paniers. Saddlebags may or may not be waterproof but they usually come with a weather cover.

    On the contrary, a pannier is a hard case bag that laches on to the motorcycle sides. For you to know, for saddlebags, you might have to get a saddle stay to keep the saddle bags planted. For a pannier, it comes in a whole set but at a cost. Which is better then? Well, saddlebags and both are good in their own way.

  9. Phone Mount

    Motorycle Phone Mount
    Motorcycle Phone Mount | Image Source (1)

    The prime reason for a phone mount is to set your phone to display navigation, which is of course really useful. On the contrary, one can also get a Bluetooth headset for the helmet and hear the direction (which is a bit typical: But is very useful).

  10. Steel Braided Brake-lines

    Steel Braided Brake Lines
    Steel Braided Brake Lines | Image Source (1)

    It’s not always about going fast, sometimes it’s about how well you stop. So, braided brake lines make sure that there is no compromise on the brake bite. This also lends confidence to brake and let’s you brake harder and a bit later without losing control. How does braided brake lines make a difference you may ask? Well, conventional brake lines bilge under hard braking make the brakes feel spongy as these lines bulge under such conditions. Whereas in the braided brake lines, they don’t bulge and provide a better brake bite.

These were the top 10 mods to prepare your motorcycle for touring.
NOTE: Above all, do not forget to wear riding gear while riding a motorcycle. Happy Motoring.

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  1. Hi can you tell me if bike wrapping/ stickering is allowed or not? It would be helpful if you could write an article on that.. If you have already done pls direct me there

    • Hi James,
      Any change to the stock colour of the vehicle is allowed but you have to undergo a ton of formalities. This also includes getting it wrapped. At the end to getting a new paint registered takes a lot of time hence it is not recommended. But still, if you are want to change the paint and get it registered. Refer Here! Hope it helped, Stay Pinned! 🙂

  2. Great Article. But the things you mentioned about hazard lights are wrong. It is supposed to be used only as warning lights. Not for visibility of the bike.

    • Hi Fahad,
      There are various uses of these lights. Stating the obvious fact that these lights are used as warning lights. But another function of the hazard light is to increase motorcycle visibility. And by motorcycle visibility we mean is that it is easy for others to see your motorcycle. Stay Pinned! 🙂

    • Hi Ishwar,
      Yes indeed you can install another fuel tank, but doing that will be a lot risky. Gasoline/Petrol is highly flammable. Now, keeping this in mind doing this modification is very risky making it dangerous to drive with a fuel tank hanging.


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