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Friday, April 19, 2024
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8 Ways You Can Pamper Your Car This Christmas & New Year

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Christmas is around the corner and 2020 is finally coming to an end. Loads of reasons to celebrate if you ask us. So how can you bring some of that season’s joy to your car? Cherish your car this Christmas. Here are 10 ways you can pamper your ride.

  1. Reduce The Clutter

    2006 Mitsubishi Pajero | Interior
    Don’t forget the clutter in your car’s glove compartment

    If you are like most people your car must carry around everything from bits of leftover food, maybe a bottle rolled under the seat to scrunched up tissues here and there. Besides, only the universe knows what all doohickies are lying around in your car’s trunk.

    So, start by decluttering your car. Glove compartments, your car’s trunk, door pockets are sure to get cluttered. Throw away everything in your car truck except things like a bottle of coolant, jumper cables, duck tape and tyre pressure gauge. Chuck things you kept there and forgot all about it.

    Say what, why not book a Car Detailing Service with GoMechanic and let us take care of the clutter for you?

  2. Gift Your Car A Detailed Wash

    Do you feel tempted to doodle on the layer of dust settled on your car’s surface? This means a carwash is long overdue. Dust, pollen, bird droppings, dirt on the exterior of your car can mess with its paint job. A good car wash is going to leave both you and your car happier. Your ride will look miles better without that coat of dust. Besides this is one low-budget way to improve your car’s appearance. And don’t forget to clean the interiors and get it sparkling with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

    As always, we are Here To Help 🙂

    The GoMechanic's Guide to Car Detailing
    Car Detailing

    Take your car out to a service centre or clean it yourself. You can even go for professional detailing to get everything from the window glass and the interior to the tires cleaned. Show some appreciation towards your car by cleaning it.

  3. Get Your Car Inspected

    Kazwa Under the hood
    Under the hood

    You can get your car engine checked out. This can help make sure that your car is at the top of its game. Changing the engine oil and other fluids like coolant can also improve the car’s overall performance.

  4. Tyre Replacement Maybe?
    Car Tyre Markings

    Old and worn-out tyres are no good. They can get you into some serious trouble down the road. So how about you get some new tyres this Christmas? Check out the tyre wear bar on your car tyres and if you spot even 5/32 inch wear, we say you should consider changing your tyres. Plus, investing in car tyres is not splurging. This is because good tyres can improve the vehicle’s response to steering and can make strides in ride quality.

    Here is why we think you should replace your tyres 7 Reasons Why Driving With Worn-Out Tyres Is A Bad Idea

  5. Winter Is New Battery Time

    Car Battery | Car Problems in Lockdown
    Car Battery

    No matter what kind of car you drive, it probably has a battery. Christmas break is a good time to check out your battery. Also, if your vehicle has a failing battery it is a good idea to get it replaced. As a rule of thumb, you should get your car a new battery every three years.

    If you are not sure whether your car needs a new battery this Christmas read What is the Right Time to Get Your Car Battery Replaced?

  6. Small Fixes, Here & There

    Here's How You Can Detect An Odometer Fraud

    Pamper your car properly by taking out the old parts and bringing in new ones. When the car collects miles so will it gather rust, dents, scratches, pockmarked seats and maybe even one unreliable headlamp that has a mind of its own. Additionally, hoses and other the engine parts can get grimy or damaged. Fix what you can and replace what you cannot.

    WagonR Service Cost
    Honda City Denting Painting
  7. Keep The Fireworks Going

    NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
    NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

    If your car runs on petrol you should make sure the spark plug is doing good. This is because the spark plug of a car is where everything starts. The spark plug produces the spark that lights the fuel. This, in turn, causes the car engine to generate power. As a result, the car engine would start running. However, if your spark plug is dirty all this won’t happen. In that case, replace your spark plug and give your car the love it deserves.

  8. Toasty Interiors

    Best winter car hacks

    During the winter months and of course, in summer a window tint can come a long way to make you comfortable. In colder times likes this the window tint keeps heat trapped in your car, making sure you and yours are warm and toasty. The window tint will also keep the ultraviolet rays from the sun at by. So it is a good idea to get some window tint installed.

Indulging your car should not be something that happens once in a blue moon. Remember the greeting cards that say you should carry around the Christmas spirit all through the year? Same goes with your car. You should treat your car well throughout its life. If you pamper your car and show some respect it will remain your loyal companion for a very long time.

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