The time of EVs is coming. Or should we say, is it already here? Well, it all depends upon your next purchase. So, if you are out there looking for a two-wheeler, you will be welcomed by two options, an IC engine powered Scooter or an electric one. So, which one should you choose? Should you join the EV revolution or stay on the track of old-school ICs? Let’s find out.

Feasibility Comparison | Is the infrastructure ready for EV? 

Soon, electric vehicle charging stations at 5000 BSNL locations!
Soon, electric vehicle charging stations at 5000 BSNL locations! | Electric Scooter vs IC Scooter

If you are living in a metropolitan city, you must have come across a lot of charging stations and related infrastructure. But when it comes to other cities, they are still under development. So, feasibility is a major concern here. You need to check in your area if it is ready with the EV infrastructure. If not, you will have to go for the IC one. Let’s head to the next point now.

Range Anxiety | And believe me, this one’s real!

Revolt RV400 Charging Slot
Revolt RV400 Charging Slot | Electric Scooter vs IC

While we head on to the next point, half of the battery of your EV will run out. And this is what range anxiety is. Most of the EVs nowadays come with a range of around 80-100kms on a single charge. This is good if you are going to use it for local usage. On the other hand, an IC scooter can cover more than double distance in a full tank. Moreover, the average charging time for an EV scooter is around 4hours. And to get a full fuel tank, it takes less than 2 minutes. One fine day, you forget to charge the scooter, or you connected the charger but forgot to switch it on (I want to report a Deja-vu moment), and you are stranded with the EV. Take it to the nearest station, and then wait for it to get charged, at least 30 mins of charge in order to cover the 10kms to your home.

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Cost Comparison | It’s time to analyze the spend!

Honda Activa 6G
Honda Activa 6G

We’ll start with the initial costs. On average, a 125cc IC scooter will cost around ₹80,000 (On-road). On the other hand, if you go for the electric scooters that have a top speed of 25kmph, you will have to spend around ₹50,000. And if you plan to add some thrill to the EV, the budget can stretch up to ₹1,20,000. The next part is the running cost. EVs turn the tide with a lot lower running costs per km. Moreover, the maintenance costs are pretty low for electric scooters. This point might be a game-changer for the electric scooters.

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So, what do you think? Electric or the IC ones? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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