Christmas is here and so are some amazing car accessories.

Your car goes through a lot. From some never-ending road trips to the daily trips around the city, ut actually does its duty as it should. So, why not give it a small present with respect to the holiday spirit.

While your car is going to love it, you are going to love them even better. We have curated a list of some of the most amazing accessories keeping in mind the aesthetics, practicality and utility of all of them.

Some of them are going to make your car look better, the others are simply going to make your drives easier. So let’s make you the Santa for your car and show you some amazing accessories you can gift yourself and your amazing car.

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  1. Car Charger

    Car Charger
    Car Charger

    Getting late and can’t wait for your phone to charge?

    2021 is here. While te work-from-home culture still might be on but if you are always on the run then so is your mobile phone.

    Make sure your mobile phone is never out of the much-needed power it needs to go through the day. Get a car charger for your car today and always stay ready and on the move.

    Check car chargers here

  2. Anti Fog Membrane

    Anti-Fog Membrane
    Anti Fog Membrane

    Rains and fogs can sometimes be a big pain. While driving through rain its quite possible that rain and/or fog can hamper your visibility in the blind corners. Anti-fog membrane feels like such a simple yet so important innovation for such cases.

    An anti-fog membrane is a sheet for your wing mirrors. It helps keep your mirrors free from water, dust or fog. It is a high-quality, transparent and clear screen protector with Nano protective coating.

    Get anti-fog membrane for your car here

  3. Ambient Lighting

    Adjustable Ambient Lighting System
    Adjustable Ambient Lighting System

    End the year on a colourful and happy note. You and your car probably went through a lot this year. Give it a little gift and jazz it up.

    Ambient lighting systems these days are easy to install and come in various settings. From dim to bright and even the ones which synchronise with your music’s beats. Buy a set of ambient lights for your car and brighten up your mood (literally and figuratively).

    Check ambient lightings for your car here

  4. Air Freshener

    Air Freshener | Car Accessories
    Air Freshener | Car Accessories

    Let’s get over with this debate. If you think your car doesn’t or won’t ever smell, you are probably wrong.

    Cars can turn out to be a breeding ground for bad odour. While getting your car dry cleaned and cleaned from inside daily doesn’t sound feasible, suppressing the odour is a viable solution.

    Get a good quality air freshener that doesn’t have a sharp smell but a subtle fragrance can improve your car’s ambience by many times.

    Choose from a wide range of air fresheners here

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  5. GoMechanic Gusto Tyre Inflator

    Best car accessories
    Tyre Inflator

    New year, new you. Make sure that you make a resolution to be prepared for no matter what happens.

    While we’re confident enough that you will handle the rest of the aspects, we’ll help you when it comes to your car. A car tyre inflator ensures that you are never low on air pressure. Driving on low air pressure not only reduces your vehicle’s performance, but it can also hamper your car’s suspension in the long run.

    Check GoMechanic Gusto Tyre Inflator here

  6. Mobile Holder

    Mobile Holders For Your Car
    Mobile Holders For Your Car

    Gift yourself a little bit of organised behaviour. Using your mobile phone while seeing the maps, seeing a text or anything else for that matter can turn out to be fatal.

    Make sure you are not all fidgety, in case you need to check your mobile phone while driving. Get a mobile holder for your car, place it on the windscreen or the dashboard and get your notifications on the go.

    Note: Avoid using mobile phones while driving.

    Check amazing mobile holders for your car here

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  7. Memory Foam

    Memory Foam | Car Accessories
    Memory Foam | Car Accessories

    Gift yourself some much-needed comfort and rest. Driving for those long hours during traffic jams, through rough roads and potholes can take a toll on your health. Memory foam ensures correct posture and driving position for you.

    Get a memory foam over here

  8. Car Air Purifier

    Air Purifier
    Air Purifier

    We live in some dire times. The air around us in the cities isn’t exactly the kind of air you’d want to be in for long at some days.

    While inside the car, air purifiers give you a sense of purity and some precious, purified air. Select an air purifier for your car which has necessary accreditation and a thorough filtration process.

    Purify your car’s air here

  9. Vacuum Cleaner

    GoMechanic Vacuum Cleaner
    GoMechanic Vacuum Cleaner

    This new year upgrade your car hygiene habits. Yes, you can get it done from your nearest GoMechanic service centre, however, adding a vacuum cleaner in your car care arsenal can actually help you.

    Get a powerful vacuum cleaner in case of those accidental spills and drops over here

  10. Touch-Screen Infotainment System

    Sony Go Play+ Infotainment
    Sony Go Play+ Infotainment

    Take that “new year, new me” thing a tad too seriously for your car.

    Get a brand new infotainment system for your car and give it the technology and features it lacked. The Sony GoPlay+ is one of its kind infotainment setup with features like 55W max power for that powerful performance.

    Check the complete features and installation process here

Conclusion | Best Car Accessories For You

This Christmas, be the secret Santa that your car always wanted. Get a list of exclusive car accessories for yourself this Christmas.

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