Long drives can be really tiring if you are not ready for them before-hand. Also, if you drive your car daily, you need to take care of a lot of factors that might cause ill-effects in the long term. In today’s featured, we re-introduce you to a product that has been there in the market in large numbers and people use it very actively too. We are talking about memory foam! This wonder car accessory can help you make your drive comfortable by being there at different places inside your car. Let’s have a look at GoMechanic car accessories with memory foam with all the advantages they deliver!

  1. Make your headrest comfortable

    Memory Foam Headrest
    Memory Foam Headrest

    The first reason why you should have memory foam in your car is to get over that uncomfortable headrest that your car manufacturer has given you. We are not saying that every car has an uncomfortable headrest but most of them in the affordable range do have an uncomfortable headrest. With GoMechanic’s big memory foam headrest, you can be sure about the comfort that you will get while driving your car.

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  2. Increase support for your back

    Memory Foam car accessories
    Memory Foam car accessories

    Did you know that you unknowingly disturb your posture while on long drives? This memory foam lumbar support from GoMechanic can help you maintain a correct posture while driving without compromising your comfort. This lumbar support also helps improve the blood circulation in your back which eventually helps you have a comfortable ling drive without making your back suffer in any way.

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  3. Enhance the neck support

    Neck cushion
    Neck Rest

    Another reason why you need memory foam inside your car is to give your neck a better support. If you drive your car regularly, you might have noticed that no matter how comfortable your headrest might be, there is always a gap between your neck and the seat surface. While you are enhancing support and comfort, you should look out for neck support as well. With GoMechanic’s neck rest, you can be sure about the quality of the memory foam used and maintain a proper posture with proper neck and head support.

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  4. Enhance the backseat comfort

    Car Cushion
    Car Cushion

    Are you the one who likes to take the backseat? Well, the world of memory foam has got something for you too! This car cushion by GoMechanic is made with superior quality foam that provides you extreme comfort on the backseat. The cushion provides a soft support and makes you feel like you are sitting at your home on your living room’s sofa! The good quality foam used in its production makes sure that it returns to its original position once the pressure is relieved.

  5. Better Coccyx Support

    Coccyx Support
    Coccyx Support

    Another major reason why you should invest in a memory foam product is the increased coccyx support. This can be really helpful in maintaining a proper posture. It also helps relieve symptoms of sciatic nerve pain or sciatica, arthritis, lower back pain, lumbar, tailbone pain, coccyx, prostate pain, hip pain, piriformis and spine pain. This can prove to be really useful in case you have got any trouble related to the concerned area.

  6. Get better neck comfort in long journeys

    Memory Foam
    Multipurpose neck pillow

    Finally, a product that will not be limited to your car. If you travel regularly, this memory foam product can be your companion for sure. Doesn’t matter if you are travelling via road, rail or air. This neck pillow can help you have a good sleep while on your way! This neck pillow is excellent for sleeping in airplane, cars, buses, trains, sunbathing, backpacking, camping, travel, airport terminals, watching tv, reading, studying, and napping.

These were the 6 reasons why you should invest in memory foam right now. From helping you maintain a correct posture to getting rid of body aches, this foam can do wonders while you have a comfortable journey in your car. What do you think about GoMechanic’s soon-to-be-launched range of memory foam products? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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