If you watch YouTube videos frequently, you would have seen many videos where they showcase car accessories and convert base variants of any car to the top-most variant. Are all these accessories really useful? Well, if you just get carried away by all those videos and want all of them for your car, you must read this article till the end. In this article, we take you through the top 10 useless car accessories that you should avoid. Instead of wasting your money on these useless mods, you can rather go for performance mods or something else. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

  1. Huge Spoilers

    Spoilers of no use
    Spoilers of no use

    Unless you are hitting the track on regular basis, there is no point of having a huge spoiler. We may sound harsh but huge spoilers are a dumb thing to invest on. Just think about it. Does your WagonR (or maybe any common hatch or sedan) really need a spoiler? The dealership guys might try to sell you stuff like this in the name of an accessory package but you should steer clear. Just to let you know, spoilers increase the drag and decrease your car’s fuel efficiency.

  2. Oversized/Undersized Wheels & Tyres

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    Plain weird!

    This might look more like a modification rather than an accessory but it is an insensible decision anyway. Upsizing is a common practice nowadays but some people take it to the next level by upsizing the tyres to a very large extent. Just to let you know, this harms your suspension in many ways which might lead you into trouble in the later years of your car ownership experience. Therefore, we have included this in our list of useless car accessories that you should avoid.

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  3. Bullbars

    Bullbars banned in India
    Bull bars banned in India

    Actually, they are more than useless. Bullbars are ILLEGAL in India. If you install a bullbar at the front, you think you are protecting your car. That’s right. But at the same time, you are risking the life of the pedestrians who are there on the road. You can still go for a rear bullbar but that is also not a sensible decision in my opinion. You can invest in a car with a good build quality rather than loading it with a bullbar and increasing the weight.

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  4. Pressure Horns

    Useless car accessories
    Pressure Horn

    Well, this is illegal too. Pressure horns make no sense even if they would have been legal too. If you blow a horn which is above the maximum permissible limit, you might end up paying a fine. Keep that aside, such horns can cause serious problems to the people who are hearing it. Therefore, it is not advised to go for pressure horns making them one of the most useless car accessories.

  5. Custom Grilles

    Useless Car Accessories
    Brezza grill

    Do you know that car’s grilles are not only designed to enhance the look but to maintain a proper airflow? Well, if you go for an aftermarket grille, it might enhance your car’s looks but at the same time, there is a high probability that the grille doesn’t allow the free flow of air. If this happens, your engine will not be able to function efficiently. Therefore, if you own a Maruti, feel proud about it and don’t go for such useless car accessories such as the one shown above.

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  6. Tinted Head Light/Tail Light

    Tinted Light
    Tinted Light

    Your car’ manufacturer provides you with crystal clear headlights because they want you to have a clear vision of what’s ahead. Similarly, your car’s taillight is clear so that the people behind you can spot you easily. When you tint either of the lights, you are doing nothing but reducing the visibility. Hence, headlight and taillight tints are also among the useless car accessories.

  7. Fake Carbon Fiber

    Useless car accessories
    Fake Carbon Fiber

    It looks cool. It looks damn cool! But is it really worth the amount of money it costs? We guess no. Carbon Fiber is usually used to lower down bodyweight and therefore increase performance. If you go for fake carbon fibre, it will get you nothing but some good looks. Therefore, we have included it in our list of useless car accessories as it is not really worth spending a ton of money on fake carbon fibre. Again looks are subjective!

  8. Body Kits

    Hyundai i20 Body Kit
    Hyundai i20 Body Kit

    There are some good body kits in the market. But the ones commonly available in the market are not engineered perfectly to be compatible with the car. We are not talking about fit here. We are talking about performance. The dealer might tell you that it’s an imported kit. This might make you buy it but make sure you confirm each and everything about what you are buying. Bodykits, especially the lowered ones are useless according to us considering the Indian road conditions at present. What do you think? Do let us know.

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  9. Fart Can Mufflers

    Useless car accessories
    Exhaust Muffler

    We understand that you want to have a loud noise from your car’s exhaust. Does this mean you can simply cut your existing stock muffler and replace it with a new big one? Well, it’s not like that at all. It may sound like your car has gained power but talking about the actual stuff, your car has lost power and will be less efficient than what it used to be. If you actually want to experience what a good exhaust is, you should invest in a complete exhaust assembly.

  10. Flashing brake lights

    useless car accessories
    Blinking Brake Lights

    Don’t confuse this with the emergency stop signal (ESS). Some people just get blinking lights installed in their cars. These light blink whenever the brake is applied. On the other hand, you might have seen some flashing lights on cars. These lights do nothing but distract others on the road while you drive at night. These flashers do nothing good to you but distract other people who are driving on the road. Therefore these are also among the useless car accessories.

These were the 10 most useless car accessories that we think you should never invest in. Do let us know in the comments section below if you think there is some accessory other than what we have mentioned here.

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