His car is his first love and all of us know that first love lasts forever! We are talking about none other than north India’s favourite automotive YouTube creator – Rahul Singh. Rahul has been with GoMechanic as a customer when he used to own a Maruti Suzuki Alto. Now that he has a Type-3 Maruti Swift, we are proud to be the regular service and wheel care partner for his yellow turtle. In today’s featured, we decided to take you through some major modifications that Rahul has done to his car making it one of its kind. Let’s start our journey into the world of modifications with this modified Maruti Suzuki Swift.

Rahul Singh's Modified Swift Was A Base Model Swift LXI
Rahul Singh’s Modified Swift Started As A Base Model Swift LXI

First things first. This is the base variant of Maruti Suzuki Swift as you can see in the picture it is the BS6 LXi variant. For those who don’t know, this variant lacks basic features such as power windows! Well, this one is not just your ordinary LXi variant because it was about the undergo the transformation of its life! There are uncountable mods on this hatch which have been done till now. In this article, we will take you through some major highlights one by one.

  • Full-Body Wrap

    Rahul Singh's Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift
    Rahul Singh’s Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift

    The most important upgrade that made this hatch the most eye-catchy Maruti in town is the full-body yellow wrap. This wrap was done at Wrapholix Dwarka and we explain about the wrap won’t do much justice to this beautiful quality of work done on the car. Have a look at Rahul explaining and showing the whole wrap process by himself.

  • Lowered Suspension

    When you thought MSIL had developed Swift’s suspension according to Indian roads, Rahul chose to live the #LoweredLife! The low stance makes this hatch even more desirable but you need to be extremely careful on the roads with the speed breakers and rough roads. I still remember how carefully Rahul drove his car when he came to get new tyres for his car. Just to let you know he chose GoMechanic tyre replacement. You can also get new tyres for your Jaan (as he addresses his car). Download the App Now!


  • The Swift Sport Bodykit

    Just have a look at this sporty hatch! The Japanese Swift Sport looks exactly like this and Rahul wanted to make his car one of its kind. Therefore, he decided to have what all other Indian Swift owners are devoid of. This is what made his car look exactly like the Japanese Swift Sport. Front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts and what not! He has got everything that you can think of.

  • Performance Braking System

    Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift Disk Brakes
    Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift Disk Brakes

    It’s not just about the looks. What’s inside is what matters the most. When YouTube audience was already going crazy over the visual mods he did to his car, he decided to move a step ahead. Rahul got Brembo’s brake pads and brake discs for his car which made the braking performance next level! Any Swift owner reading this can leave their thoughts on its braking performance in the comments section below.

  • 16″ Alloy Wheels from Plati

    Rahul Singh's Modified Swift Custom Wheels
    Rahul Singh’s Modified Swift Custom Wheels

    Reminding you again that this is NOT your everyday Indian car. The modified Maruti Swift has got beautiful 16″ alloy wheels. Upsizing is a common practice but people often tend to forget that you need to tweak your suspension and pay extra attention to the suspension regularly because if you don’t do that, you will end up harming it badly!

  • Stage-II Remap

    If you think this machine is a normal Maruti at heart, you are wrong! Rahul got a stage-II remap done by Wolf Performance. Now if we see him driving at high speeds, we are not surprised at all because this machine is an absolute beast! Well, remember, you should always drive within speed limits and be very careful about how you handle your car. As we mentioned above, this one is lowered so he has to be extra careful at high speeds with the road conditions because its India you see?

  • OEM Power Windows and Auto-Folding Mirrors

    Modified Swift Custom Interiors
    Modified Swift Custom Interiors

    We told you in the beginning that the base variant does not even get power windows as standard, going for aftermarket power windows is just not Rahul Singh! He got OEM door panels with power windows just to make sure his car looks just like the upper variant. Notice, he has got the white wrap here too. His car’s interior is all white, just to let you know. Also, he has got auto-folding mirrors and auto-up/down windows as well!

  • Ventilated Seats

    Modified Swift Custom Seat Covers
    Modified Swift Custom Seat Covers

    Yes, you read that right! This car has got ventilated seats. Ever heard of a Swift having such a feature? We don’t think so. Rahul’s modified Maruti Swift has got ventilated seats which is a feature you would get only in luxury cars. Getting this installed in a hatch really needs you to be an extreme car lover.

  • OEM Headlights & Customised Taillights

    Damn those taillights make me go crazy every time I see them on the roads. Rahul has got these customised taillights from Vlands and talking about the headlights, he has got those beautiful OEM projector headlamps with DRLs.

  • Monster Spoiler

    Last but not least. This Swift has also got a monster spoiler which enhances the rear look of the car. This spoiler is aerodynamically correct and is fitted really well so that it does not hinder the performance of the car in any way. Do you want to get such a spoiler for your Swift? Do let us know in the comments section below!

These were the major highlights of what Rahul has done to his car till now. Mods never end for true car lovers. While he plans to get some new exciting mods for his Yellow Turtle, we are proud to be his go-to place for car maintenance. Do let us know in the comments section below about how you feel seeing such a car on the roads and if you ever want to get one for yourself!

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