I still remember my friend coming on a two-wheeler with a distinctive sound. That was the Honda Kinetic! The ringing sound every time you start that scooter, the streamlined body and the futuristic speedometer, everything about the Kinetic was unique. At today’s revisit ride, we take a look at the Kinetic Honda. Let’s get wheeling!

1984:The Gearless Scooter introduced!

We all remember the scooter by the name of Kinetic. But, actually, Kinetic and Honda went into a JV back in 1984. This scooter was the Kinetic Honda DX which is popularly known as Kinetic. This is how the scooter came into existence. Let’s take a look at the powertrain of this ‘Way ahead of its time’ scooter.

Engine Specifications | Kinetic Honda DX

Engine 98cc, 2-stroke
Power 7.7hp@5,600rpm
Torque 9.8Nm@5,000rpm
Transmission Vario-Matic (CVT)
Start Method Electric Start / Kick

All this in 1984! When there were scooters like the Bajaj Chetak with the kick start function only. Kinetic came with a small 14cm kick-starter, which made the travel distance short. It was easy-peasy lemon squeezy to operate the Kinetic. It had a good ground clearance of 110mm but not enough for the Indian roads (personal experience).

Kinetic Honda 1986 ad
Kinetic Honda 1986 ad | Source

In a very quirky ad, Kinetic Honda took a dig on rivals saying that scooters should not be a white elephant! According to the ad, full maintenance of this scooter cost just ₹21 a month!

As for the suspension system, it had coaxial shock absorber at the front and a hydraulic spring (monoshock) at the rear. Both, the front and the rear tyres were 90mm rubbers.

Honda Kinetic
Honda Kinetic | Source

Kinetic Honda was a fun-to-drive scooter. With no gear changing, all thanks to the Vario-Matic transmission, one could easily cruise at a speed of over 70kmph. Engine vibrations were there, but comparatively less than the rivals in the market. The grid-pattern speedometer was an addition to the futuristic appeal of Kinetic. The long seat was good enough to provide comfort on long drives.

At the rear, you would have got a spare tyre under which were the large rear indicators with the brake light sandwiched between them. Kinetic also offered box storage at the front compartment.

Kinetic | Source

All in all, Kinetic Honda offered a lot at a time when Indians were still learning about the automotive industry. Do you have any experience to share? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I have one and used it for the longest time. Took forever to decide whether I should buy one as it was considered much heavier than the TVS-50 and hence not very suitable for my fragile frame at that point in time:)
    And now when I call the Honda dealership, they haven’t heard of Kinetic Honda!

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