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10 Best Senior Citizen Friendly Cars in India

All of us look out for different things while buying a car. Some of you might search for the best infotainment systems, others might just go with the design of the car. But before selecting any car, remember, our parents or maybe grandparents need to travel with us too. This list might help you while you select your next car. Or maybe, if someone wants to gift a car to their parents, here’s what they should look for. Here are 10 senior citizen-friendly cars with various aspects they deliver. Check out the list and maybe one of these could be your next choice!

  1. Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    Maruti WagonR | The History of India's Most Loved Hatchback
    Maruti WagonR | The History of India’s Most Loved Hatchback

    WagonR is the first choice of many Indians who are searching for a hatchback in the Indian market. Considering this tallboy as the first contender in our list of senior citizen-friendly cars holds a number of reasons. The WagonR AMT is preferably the best option for all the senior citizens to buy. This provides a 2-way benefit of the car ownership experience to all the senior citizens where travelling in this hatch is equally comfortable as driving it.

    Here are the significant features that make this car senior citizen-friendly:

    • Availability of AMT
    • Ground Clearance of 165mm
    • Fuel Efficiency of 21.21 kmpl in AMT
    • Decent Infotainment System
    • Comfortable Ride Quality
  2. Hyundai Venue

    Hyundai Venue | BS6 Cars in India
    Hyundai Venue | BS6 Cars in India

    The Venue is a subcompact SUV from the Korean automaker that is doing really good in the Indian market. Talking about the ease of driving for senior citizens, this car provides them with easy entry and exit. This one, however, offers the automatic gearbox in the turbocharged variants only. The turbocharged engine can be difficult to handle for some senior citizens. Worry not! The clutch of this car is very light making the manual drive an absolute delight too!

    Here are Hyundai Venue’s salient features that make it senior citizen-friendly:

    • Affordability Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Vehicle Stability Management (VSM),
    • Hill Assist Control (HAC)
    • Brake Assist System (BAS)
    • Availability of 6 Airbags
    • Fuel Efficiency of 23.4 kmpl for diesel variants
  3. Ford Figo

    Ford Figo | Best Mileage Cars | Diesel
    Ford Figo | Senior Citizen Friendly Cars

    Talking about safety and performance? We can’t afford to miss Ford! Ford Figo is another widely sold hatch in India. This car is also super-friendly for senior citizens. There are various reasons for this. Ford Figo is powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine and a 1.5-litre diesel engine. The car delivers excellent efficiency ranging from 19-24 kpl depending upon which engine you choose. Also, there is a 6-speed torque convertor automatic which makes it a perfect fit for the senior citizens

    Here’s why Figo is the best fit for the elderly:

    • Safety kit comprising six airbags, ESP, ABS with EBD, traction control and rear parking camera.
    • Optional torque convertor automatic transmission available.
    • Ford’s reliability in terms of engine and body.
    • Excellent performance with ease of driving
  4. Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    Maruti Suzuki Baleno
    Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    Another one from India’s favourite automaker! Maruti Suzuki’s premium hatchback has been a segment leader ever since it was launched. Indians have shown immense love for Baleno because this car is a complete package. The features and performance that the Baleno delivers at the price it comes for are definitely worth all the applause. While Baleno impresses the younger generation with its looks and features, the older generation can avail the following benefits from the car. Baleno is a car that can impress everyone irrespective of their age.

    Here’s why Baleno is a perfect senior-citizen friendly car:

    • Maruti’s evergreen fuel-efficient engine delivering 27.3 kmpl.
    • Safety features like dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking assist with camera.
    • Optional CVT gearbox available
    • Comfortable ride quality
  5. Mahindra XUV300

    Mahindra XUV300 | Made In India Cars
    Mahindra XUV300

    The XUV300 has earned a spot in the top 10 selling cars in May 2020. This is enough to justify why this car should be your next car! With the rising awareness about ‘Made in India’ products, the demand for Indian brands is rising. Also, Mahindra has always delivered sturdy cars with great performance capabilities. Mahindra XUV300 has also got all the new-age features which make it a safe and convenient ride. This car has got a fairly high seating which allows the driver to see the surroundings very clearly which is quite unlikely in a sedan.

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    Here’s why Mahindra XUV300 forms a perfect senior-citizen friendly car:

    • Excellent ground clearance of 180mm
    • The fuel efficiency of 17-20 kmpl.
    • 5-star NCAP safety rating
    • Modern-Day features like a cruise control which makes the drive easier
  6. Ford Ecosport

    Ford Ecosport | BS6 Cars In India
    Ford EcoSport | Senior Citizen Friendly Cars

    Another one with decent ground clearance and high seating position. Ford EcoSport is a widely sold compact SUV in India. This car also offers a high seating not only for the driver but the occupants also making it a popular choice among those who like cars which provide high seating along with a trusted brand name. As we mentioned above with the Figo, Ford is a trusted brand which delivers excellent quality with guaranteed safety.

    Here is why Ford EcoSport forms a perfect senior-citizen friendly car:

    • 4-Star overall crash-test rating from the NHTSA.
    • ABS with EBD
    • Dual front airbags, Traction Control, Stability Control System
    • Hill Launch Assist and Emergency Brake Assist
    • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
  7. Maruti Suzuki Dzire

    Maruti Suzuki Dzire | 3rd Generation
    Maruti Suzuki Dzire | 3rd Generation

    The 2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire is also a perfect fit for any senior citizen who wants to drive a car or even like it chauffer-driven! For those who want to drive it themselves, it has got an optional automatic transmission which makes the drive seamless. For those who like to enjoy the ride at the rear seats, the ride quality of the Dzire makes it a desirable option too. Needless to say, it’s a Maruti Suzuki therefore, it delivers excellent fuel efficiency. Also, it comes with an option of factory-fitted CNG. You can have the Dzire Tour if you want to save more on fuel.

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    Here’s why Maruti Suzuki Dzire is a senior-citizen friendly car

    • The fuel efficiency of up to 23 kmpl
    • Optional automatic transmission
    • 163mm ground clearance
    • Comfy rear seats
    • Feature-Packed higher variants
  8. Tata Tiago

    Tata Tigo Facelift | Tata Motors | BS6 Cars
    Tata Tiago

    The hatchback with the best-in-class mileage! Tata Tiago delivers 27 kmpl along with many other features that make it a popular pick. Not only the elderly, but the younger generation also prefers this car because of its young looks and the latest features it has got!

    Here’s why Tata Tiago forms a perfect choice for senior citizens:

    • Premium-looking cabin
    • Height adjustable driver’s seat
    • Rake adjustable steering
    • ABS, EBD, Dual front airbags
    • 4-Star NCAP Safety Rating
    • Optional Automatic Transmission
  9. Tata Harrier

    Tata Harrier 2020
    Tata Harrier 2020

    The Harrier comes with the Land Rover DNA which is enough to explain why this car is a perfect pick for those looking for extreme safety with exceptional performance. The build quality of this SUV from our home automaker is commendable which makes it an absolute safe car to ride in. If you have a slightly higher budget than all the cars discussed above, Harrier must be your pick for sure. Believe us your parents will like this car if they drive it or even if they are in the rear seat as well.

    Here’s why Tata Harrier forms one of the best senior-citizen friendly cars:

    • Land Rover’s D8 Platform
    • The fuel efficiency of 16.79 kmpl
    • The 205mm ground clearance making it easily accessible
    • Tata’s safety and reliability
    • Feature-packed along with safety considerations
  10. Skoda Karoq

    Skoda Karoq Front
    Skoda Karoq

    If you are a German car lover, you should definitely make your parents experience the Karoq. This SUV was recently launched by Skoda in India and comes packed with loads of features which make it safe and easy to drive! Although it retains the typical Skoda look, it has got all the features one can expect in an SUV of this price segment. You get projector headlamps, alloy wheels, sunroof and many more features that can make it a perfect choice for you and your parents at the same time! The 9-Airbag arrangement and the cruise control availability make it a safe and fun-to-drive car!

    Here’s why the Skoda Karoq is senior-citizen friendly:

    • 9 Airbags making it safer than anyone else!
    • Germans make exceptionally reliable cars with great performance.
    • The 7-Speed DSG Gearbox
    • High ground clearance of 200mm

These were the 10 cars which we think are a perfect fit for anyone looking to buy a new car for their parents. Don’t forget to share this article with those looking for senior-citizen friendly cars and let us know if we have missed any car which you think should be included in this list!

Vishal Khanna
Vishal Khanna
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  1. What an amateurish article, written just to complete a quota of number of words. How is 7 speed DSG gearbox important for senior citizens? Does the author even realize what sort of problems senior citizens face? First is ingress and egress, there is no data or research done to show how it is different for different cars. Clickbait.

    • Hi There,
      Well, senior citizens usually don’t have any preference for the type of automatic transmission. So, be it any type of automatic, they can easily drive them with ease, be it a DCT, CVT or torque converter. Coming to the ingress and egress, most of the cars mentioned have an accessible and roomy cabin to seat senior citizens with ease without discomforting them. 🙂

  2. High ground clearance of 200 mm ??? Seriously???
    How does that make it senior citizen friendly??? It’s comfortable for them? Yes but how are they supposed to get inside have you given it a thought?


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