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SIAM: SUV Sales Overtake Hatchbacks, Sedans For FY 2021-22

SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) reported that SUV sales surpassed hatchback and sedan sales for the fiscal year 2021-22. Read along to check out other details of what SIAM revealed, and what this means for the Automotive Industry!

SUV Sales Surpassed Both Sedan and Hatchback Sales!

After Sedans, SUVs Are Overtaking Hatchbacks!
After Sedans, SUVs Are Overtaking Hatchbacks!

There’s no denying the fact that SUVs are a big thing right now. And this is true not only for the Indian market, but also for international markets as well. Whether its just the craze for high ground clearance and Butch looks, or the bigger is better mentality, it just seems to point out that SUVs are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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SUV Sales Figures, Compared with Hatchbacks/Sedans: 

compact suv Trend
compact suv Trend

Coming back to the real topic, lets have a look at some actual numbers:

  1. In FY22, SUV sales and MPV sales were at 14.89 lakh units (Rounded off), while sedan and hatchback sales were at 14.67 lakh units. The difference between them is quite less, although this is set to increase in the following time period due to the ending craze of SUVs. Want to know why people are going SUV frenzy? Read this article: Why Is India So Obsessed With Compact SUVs?
  2. If we compare this data to FY 2018-19, we see a significant jump. SUV sales and MPV sales in FY19 stood at 9.41 lakh units, while the hatchback, sedan segment stood at 22.18 lakh units!!! This shows the vast difference in the sales of hatchbacks and sedans.
  3. Out of 10 Utility Vehicles sold in India, 8 are SUVs! They have a 48.5 % market share for the Fiscal Year 2021-22.

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Why Are People More Inclined To SUVs?

People love SUVs. (We can’t get enough of this sentence) There’s many reasons why people like SUVs. Here’s a short list telling you why SUV sales are more than sedan sales:

  1. More Space (Generally)
  2. More Power (Generally)
  3. Higher Seating position (Almost Always)
  4. Easily tackles bad roads
  5. Bigger is better, which is why its more safer (SUVs are heavier, giving them a slight edge over small cars)

Will This Trend Last Forever? Will Sedans Die?

Has India Stopped Buying Sedans? [OPINION]
Has India Stopped Buying Sedans? [OPINION]
Every trend, be it in the fashion sector or automotive sector, has its own life span. Although one may argue on the fact that some things remain as an evergreen staple for lifetime. Even we agree on that, however right now the automotive industry is seeing an upsurge in SUV sales because it is a trend. 

Although this trend won’t die completely, it will witness a slow down in the growth rate, at some point or the other. So good news for sedan lovers! Though one can expect more SUV launches than sedan/hatchback launches, due to the high demand for SUVs. In the meantime, check out the Skoda Slavia – A Fun To Drive, feature-packed Sedan! Still not convinced about the Slavia? Check out 5 Reasons Why Skoda Slavia might be a game changer!

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So this was all about SUV sales for now. Catch latest automotive updates, informative articles, news updates about car launches, and much more at the GoMechanicBlog!



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