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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Top 8 Summer Car Hacks You Really Need To Know

Unless you are the lucky ones living in the cooler regions you would know how the scorching heat can make this enjoyable season unpleasant. Especially for car owners, a long-parked car can become an oven to sit in. To your rescue, we are here with top 8 summer car hacks to keep your car cool so that you don’t feel like a cookie in the oven when you return to your parked car.

  1. Park your car in a shade:
    Everyone brags about their style of driving but has anyone ever thought that parking the vehicle also counts especially when summer is here and you need to beat the heat. Summer can be really enjoyable and memorable if you escape its odds smartly. During summer days the driver should preferably look for a covered parking space which is not exposed to the summer sun rays. Otherwise, if you have to park in an open space due to unavoidable reasons just make sure you find a shade to park your car in so that you feel happy to return to a not-so-hot car.
  2. Use sun visors/shades:
    Sun shades are extremely reliable during summer. They don’t cost much but can be used in extremely beneficial ways. The sun shades partially block the sun rays from entering the car. This summer car hack is a tested and easy go method. You just need to put it up whenever you leave the car in open spaces.
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    Door visors help in natural air circulation without letting dirt enter your car. During summer if air doesn’t circulate then the car would be a closed cabin and will deliver a furnace-like experience when stepped in after a long park.
  3. Roll down the windows:
    This one is the most simple among all the summer hacks to keep your car cool. Lowering down the windows a little bit in order to allow the air to pass is cracking of the window. But be careful not to lower the window to an extent that could result in a theft. Summer heat is trapped inside the cabin if there is no air circulation. So the next time when you park your car, lower down the windows a little bit so that the air circulates and the cabin does not get hotter than the blazing summer outside.
  4. Cover the steering and dashboard:
    A fabric or custom upholstered dash can save you from feeling the burn if you touch it by mistake on a hot day. Also, summer can result in possible fading or cracking of the dash. Covering the dash can help prevent this as it would not let the heat approach directly to the dash. Steering your way to your destination on a hot summer day would be a trouble if the points of contact are hot. So to avoid any hassle, cover at least the points of contact on the steering to avoid discomfort due to heating up.
  5. Protect the leather seats:
    Summer can be a devil to you if you have leather seats or vinyl covers unless you are blessed with ventilated seats. These, on hot summer days, take minutes to cool. Summer won’t hit you hard on the leather seats after you know this hack!! When leaving your car parked, just toss a cotton bed sheet over the leather seat covers and enjoy cooled seats even on hot summer days because they won’t be exposed to the sun, therefore, keeping a check on their temperature.
  6. Store delicate items in the glovebox:
    Summers not only affect the car cabin but also the things kept inside. Objects like CDs, tapes or delicate objects can be affected by the effect of the summer sun. I a closed cabin if the heat builds up, the objects or devices can malfunction or even meltdown gradually. To avoid the harms that summer may cause to your objects you should always place delicate or reactive objects inside the glove box or beneath the seats which will prevent them from direct exposure hence keeping them cool
  7. Use solar powered exhausts/ventilators:
    What if we trick the summer sun by not letting it trouble us? Yes, we could use the over-availability of the sun during the summer season for our own profit. Equip the car cabin with a solar powered fan (preferably exhaust) which can pull out the hot air inside the cabin and ventilate the cabin enough to maintain a tolerable temperature and atmosphere.
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  8. Quick wash the car before leaving:
    Water can do wonders if put to use in the correct way. Water can easily beat the summer heat, but just don’t waste it. Quick wash your car before you leave, especially the radiator. The actual heat exchange of the air conditioner takes place through the radiator only so if the radiator is kept cool, it will maintain the cool. Just quick wash your car before you enter it and you will notice the summer being less cruel to you. Under any circumstances, if the water is not available then you can simply open the doors of the car for a short interval of time in order to let the hot air out and cool the cabin down to the maximum possible limit.
Vishal Khanna
Vishal Khannahttps://yt.vu/c/UCowI-iJCENrPhicwCoSkxZw
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  1. Thanks, Vishal…
    I appreciate the efforts you have made to publish such an informative blog post.
    A car needs special attention during the summer seasons and everyone should be aware of certain car care tricks required to safeguard the vehicle against the extremely hot temperature of the summer.
    The fact is that the cooling system plays a crucial role during such a period of time.
    Malfunctions in the cooling system might affect the performance of the vehicle in a very adverse way.
    Such malfunctions should be repaired in time.

  2. Thank you so much, Paul, for the appreciation. I look forward to providing more such informative blogs. Yes you are right that the cooling system plays a crucial role during summers. We should keep our cooling system healthy to let our car function smoothly during summers.


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