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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tata Altroz Over Maruti Baleno!

The hatchbacks have been one of the favourite segments in India. At present, one of the best selling cars, Maruti Suzuki Alto, is from the same segment. Well, there are budget as well as premium hatchbacks in the market. Two of the most popular ones are the Tata Altroz and Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Making hard choices require the strongest will. You can save that will for later, we can help you ease the burden. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Tata Altroz over Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

  1. ABS with EBD and Cornering Stability Control (CSC)

    ABS with EBD and CSC | Tata Altroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno
    ABS with EBD and CSC | Tata Altroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    From the base variant itself, Tata Altroz comes equipped with ABS with EBD and CSC. ABS with EBD has been made mandatory by the government under BNVSAP norms. But Tata has gone a step ahead and provided Cornering Stability Control (CSC) as an addition in all its cars, ensuring safer cars for India. Maruti Suzuki Baleno has ABS with EBD as standard.

  2. 5-Star Rating at the Global NCAP | Gold Standard Of Safety

    Tata Altroz Global NCAP
    Tata Altroz Global NCAP

    It’s not just the CSC! Tata Altroz is one of the safest cars in India. It has scored a 5-star rating at the Global NCAP crash test, one of the only few cars to score this rating. On the other hand, Maruti Suzuki Baleno has scored 3-star at the Euro NCAP. It is clear from the rating that Tata Altroz is the gold standard of safety. And if you think that safety is costly, wait for the end.
    Have a look:10 Safest Cars in India rated by Global NACP You Can Buy RIGHT NOW!

  3. Tata’s ALFA Arc Architecture

    Tata ALFA Arc Architecture | Tata Altroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno
    Tata ALFA Arc Architecture | Tata Altroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    Agile Light Flexible Advanced (ALFA) architecture, on which Tata Altroz is built, is known to one of the most stable architectures in India. It provides ultimate safety for the passengers as it has got carefully designed energy-absorbing structure. No wonder, why the Tata Altroz was able to score such a high rating at the Global NCAP.

  4. Gold Standard Of Driving Dynamics

    Tata Altroz Gold Standard Of Driving Dynamics
    Tata Altroz Gold Standard Of Driving Dynamics

    Tata offers a 1.2-litre Revotron Petrol engine and Revotorq diesel engine with the Altroz. Maruti Suzuki Baleno has just one engine option: 1.2-litre petrol engine. The ALFA Architecture makes it one of the adequately powered cars in the segment. The wide wheelbase ensures stability on the roads. And the suspension of the Altroz adds to the comfort of the car.

  5. Feature Loaded

    Floating Island Dashboard Layout
    Floating Island Dashboard Layout

    Tata Altroz comes equipped with a plethora of features such as dual-chamber projector headlamps, R16 dual-tone laser cut alloy wheels, floating island dashboard layout, flat-bottom steering wheel, follow me home headlamps, rear armrest, infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and much more, the list is a long one.

  6. Digital Instrument Cluster Display

    Tata Altroz Digital Instrument Cluster
    Tata Altroz Digital Instrument Cluster

    Only a few cars in the segment have a digital instrument cluster display. Tata Altroz is one of them. With a TFT display, the instrument cluster displays all the vital information related to the car in front of the driver, making it convenient for the driver. Moreover, the cluster functions can be controlled using the steering mounted controls, making it of great use.

  7. Gold Standard Of Comfort

    15L Cooled Glove Box
    15L Cooled Glove Box

    Rear AC vents, 90-degree opening doors, ambient mood lighting, rear flat floor, rear 12V power outlet, 15L cooled glove box, push-button start-stop, front sliding armrest with storage, rear armrest, spacious cabin, leather-wrapped steering with cluster control and the list on not ending anytime soon. And I would say it again, wait till last, you won’t be disappointed.
    Do read: 10 Must-Have Comfort and Convenience Features on Indian Cars in 2020

  8. Gold Standard Of Design

    Gold Standard Of Design
    Gold Standard Of Design

    Tata Altroz has a segment-leading design statement. Sporty design with optimum dynamics makes Altroz one of the best choices in the premium hatchback segment. Tata’s impact 2.0 language is the inspiration behind its design. The interiors are designed to resemble a cockpit, making you wish your drives lasted longer. The seamlessly integrated spoiler at the rear just make a statement no other car can in the segment can offer.

  9. Wearable Key (First-in-segment)

    Tata Altroz Wearable Key | Tata Altroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno
    Tata Altroz Wearable Key | Tata Altroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    It is first in the segment and one of the coolest features on the Tata Altroz. Tata has converted the FOB key making a wearable watch-like device. Tata says that it is unlikely that you will forget to wear this style statement. You can lock and unlock the car using this wearable key. Personally, I would feel like Tony Stark wearing the key and opening my car. I know that’s a bit of exaggeration, but then, dreams are dreams.

  10. Price. Tata Altroz is Cheaper!

    And last but not the least, the PRICE! Maruti Suzuki is known to have the cheapest cars among the segments. But this time, Tata beats India’s largest carmaker.

    Price Comparison | TataAltroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    Models Base Model Price (Ex-Showroom)
    Tata Altroz (Petrol) ₹5,29,000
    Tata Altroz (Diesel) ₹6,99,000
    Maruti Suzuki Baleno (Petrol) ₹5,63,000

So this is our way of telling you to choose safety. And this time, you don’t have to spend more. What are your thoughts about the two hatchbacks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Cheaper? Can you compare same features in both the cars and can tell which got higher price? Till xt varient altroz don’t even gives 15 or 16 inch wheels. (Yes, 14 inch wheels in lower 3 models)
    Engine : in 1.2 liters engine Suzuki’s k12 engine is the benchmark in driving experience. Safety ratings are being tested at speed of 48 and 64 km per hour. In cities most cars can’t even cross 50 km speed and in highways most of accident takes place due to over speeding. So can you tell us that how feasible the safety ratings are at the speed of 80 or 100 km per hours?

    • Hi Chris,
      A detailed comparison of Tata Altroz and its rivals is on its way. Stay tuned!
      As for the safety rating, the global standard for safety rating has been set to 64kmph by the Global NCAP. The rating is based on this speed. Feasibility of higher speeds cannot be determined by this rating. We can hope that the speed limit for these tests is increased across the globe so that we can have more accurate ratings that resemble the real-world scenario.

    • As far as safety is considered, the benchmark is 64km/hr, and if we are considering higher speed lets say 80km/hr at the collision moment, i dont think baleno will score better than Altroz 😄…..

      coming to Cheaper, it doesnt make sense to me. If we want better build quality, good features, we will have to shell out some money, So Altroz gains here too.

      Also to bring it to ur knowledge 64km/hr speed benchmark has not been set blindly, During most of the accident it was found that at the moment of collision most of the vehicle decelerated to a speed of 64km/hr. Hope this makes things clear.

      • Hi Aman,
        Yes, it is true that the benchmark for the speed during the crash test has been set to 64kmph after careful consideration of data related to the accidents. Altroz is a much better choice than its rivals and has competitive pricing too. Stay tuned!

    • something is better than nothing, atleast the severity of injuries will definitely will be lower in 5star crash rating cars compared to 0 or 2 star…

  2. It’s very good design in hatchback series as well as value for money and also meets our requirements, well done

    • Hi Sarath,
      Tata Altroz is indeed a Gold Standard for design as well as safety. Tata Motors has done a commendable job here and the consumers also seem to appreciate the hatchback a lot. Stay tuned for more!

  3. u cannot compare altroz with baleno. baleno is a tin can, a car that size weigh only 800 kgs. altroz is can only be compare with i20. someone is talking about k series engine, its seems powerful when fitted in a baleno bcoz it weigh less, m that is why it feels powerful being a 4 cly engine. but altroz despite being a 3cyl engine it still decent enough to drive a well heavy built altroz. so lets not compare maruti tin can where the whole body is a crumple zone.

    • Hi Bankit,
      It is true that Maruti Suzuki Baleno stands no chance against the Tata Altroz. But as per the market, Baleno is one of the top-selling hatchbacks which is the sole reason behind this comparison. Stay tuned!

  4. Still at 64kmph test, baleno scored 3 star.. think of hi speed tests.. Altroz is far most safer car than Baleno.

    • Hi Chinmay,
      This goes without saying, in fact, Tata is making sure that all its cars are safe for the consumers. Tata Altroz is for sure safer than the Baleno or any other car in the segment. Stay pinned!

  5. I can’t believe how can one have the audacity to the not just compare Altroz to Baleno, for that matter any Tata car with any Maruti car from recent market, but write an article on the same. Maruti makes the most terrible cars available in Indian market in terms of safety and guess what people just want that and that’s why it sells in India. And Baleno is the worst from its lineup. And you compare it with Indias first hatchback with 5star Global NCAP.

    • Hi Jishu,

      It’s not about my audacity, it’s about the market at present. Maruti Suzuki Baleno is one of the highest selling hatchbacks currently and people need to know that what are they missing while buying the Baleno instead of India’s safest hatchback, Tata Altroz. It is good to see people understanding the demographics of safety in India, but when it comes to sales reports, Indians are still steeply inclined towards Maruti Suzuki. We want to change that notion and this is the reason for writing this article. Hope you can understand! Stay tuned.

  6. Please Compare other vehicles of this segment, like Hyundai i20, Ford’s Freestyle, Toyota Glanja, Honda Jazz also.

  7. From the reviews, it seems due to the 3 cylinder engine in Altroz causing a slight delay to pickup the speed as well as little bit noisy, could I get a feedback in it.

    • Hi Gokul,
      The major reason behind the Altroz feeling underpowered is the heavier chassis, which is the cause behind better safety. As compared to some of its rivals, the peak performance is achieved rather earlier, on lower RPMs. You can wait for a comprehensive review on the Tata Altroz which will be posted soon! Stay pinned!

  8. Sefty is more important now a day , to buy a car, along with features & sefty rate also matters…Tata has made Altroz a good choice of people over Beleno..

    • Hi Shukla,

      Yes, indeed! Safety should be paramount for the company as well as the customers. Then only the companies will be able to provide optimum safety in their cars. Stay tuned!

  9. Tata petrol cars have not been quite successful. So even if they gave good design & all new features, the heart of the car, petrol engine has never been a success from Tatas..

    • Hi Vibhu,
      Though it is true that petrol engines from Tata have not been successful in the past, the latest generation of Revotron engines is quite a bliss. They are more refined and powerful. Stay tuned!

  10. Though I am inclined towards Altroz after reading and watching neutral reviews elsewhere, why do I get a feeling that this blog is a sponsored post? No offense here, but expressing what I felt. I may be wrong as well.

  11. As far as safety is considered, the benchmark is 64km/hr, and if we are considering higher speed lets say 80km/hr at the collision moment, i dont think baleno will score better than Altroz 😄…..

    coming to Cheaper, it doesnt make sense to me. If we want better build quality, good features, we will have to shell out some money, So Altroz gains here too.

    Also to bring it to ur knowledge 64km/hr speed benchmark has not been set blindly, During most of the accident it was found that at the moment of collision most of the vehicle decelerated to a speed of 64km/hr. Hope this makes things clear.

  12. Engines are to the car what heart is to a human. They run almost everything and just like a human heart.
    Tata Engines the Heart lacks that world class Refinements. Hence it requires extra care to maintain good health of engine. And Tata’s are aware of the above problems of Reliability & Durability. Hence are offering least warranty 2 years in Engine & 1 year on major parts only.
    At the same time they are offering the worst Service Stn experiences. They are not able to diagnose problem most of the time, hence would keep on replacing parts after parts & charge labour. All at your expenses.
    The patients suffers on a regular basis all the time & the hospital or Service Stn earns the most. So all what you have saved on purchasing a car you would end up paying 3-5 times more to Service Stns. Its better to pay more for a refined engine than repent later on regular basis. You would be lucky if you get a trouble-free car from Tata Motors.
    That Peace of mind ownership is missing as I have suffered the worst with After-Sales Services. Spent about 60% of car value on maintenance in 5-6 years of ownership. Do not buy their cars unless they offer you 5 years Warranty on major parts, 5 years free maintenance Services & 5 years RSA.
    Baleno is a good city and offers better cabin space especially the rear seat comfort than noisy Petrol Altoz.
    Choice is yours to invest on Peace of mind, Reliability & Durability against 5 Star Safety, Speakers to neutralize engine noise & Gold Standard in designing.

  13. I have gone through all the views expressed and with my experience with tata hatchback (indica) I can say at present there is a lot of improvement in designing Altroz which can with stand the present neck to neck competition in automotive industry the price fixed and the amount of facilities provided in Altroz is really applauding, one who wants to purchase a car with good quality and reasonable price can definitely consider tata Altroz as good investment.

  14. Now create another thread, 10 reasons why not to buy Altroz

    1) Metal Rusting issues in all tata cars
    2) Very high maintenance
    3) Worst after sales services
    4) 3 Cylinder under power engine
    5) Scrap resale value!
    6) Scrap resale value!
    7) Scrap resale value!
    8) Scrap resale value!
    9) Scrap resale value!
    10) Scrap resale value!

    • Hi AnkitHD,

      You have mentioned scrap resale value 6 times in your list. I cannot write a blog mentioning 10 reasons why not to buy a car while repeating the same reason 6 times, things don’t work for us like that. Would be great if you could give us 5 more reasons, as we don’t want to take on Tata Fanboys without preparation. I hope you understand, stay tuned!

      • I dont know what you are thinking about a resale value. Resale is where car goes for max value in seconds. Tata is Worst in that segment. We have travells from past 30yrs. I have never seen my Dad or any other driver or even my surrounding people say that Tata has resale value. Am laughing like anything after seeing you comment. Dude Even current gen Safari doesn’t have that resale value. Please dont joke at things you dont know. Tata doesnt have any iconic cars like scorpio for mahindra. Mahindra was saved by scorpio as it is the only car which has resale value. No other car manufacturer can compete in resale value with Maruthi. Again am not Maruthi fan as i hate their cars like you do as they dont have safety. But resale then its Maruthi. In India Resale = Maruthi. Period. Fullstop. End.

  15. The crash test is done on the base variant if the car and Tata smartly provide more values to score better. If u take too variant of MSB and TA both will score the same in crash test. The rating is provided on the model and not on the variants of the model. So if u buy top variants in MSB it is also gold std. It’s all depend on what variants people wish to buy. MS can get gold std for Baleno by simply removing the last two lowest variants. Baleno is the best car which MS has produced so far and is sold globally but Atloz is not sold as like baleno.

  16. First we were interested to buy xm+ but afterwe had a look at Xt. we decided to book it ..is it ok..is it good comparison to xm… please give your opinion

    • Hi Shanthala,

      You’ve made a good choice here. By paying around ₹40,000 extra for the XT variant, you are going to get a host of extra features such as fully automatic climate control, 2 extra speakers, follow me home function, one-shot auto-down driver window, anti-glare IRVM and much more. If you are in no hurry, I would like to suggest you wait for the turbo variant which going to be launched on 13th of January. If power is not what you are seeking, you can go with the option you have chosen.

  17. I have confused between Altroz & Glanza. Which one is best. In Glanza driving experience and braking I liked. In Altroz safety, look ok. What about service part in Altroz and Spares availability.
    Please Suggest by considering vehicle comfort, service and Spares

    • Hi Ravi,

      If you are looking for a car that could allow you to relax while driving, you should go for the Toyota Glanza or the Maruti Suzuki Baleno (same cars under different brands) as both of them have a really smooth engine paired to a CVT. As for the Altroz, you can go for the iTurbo, but without an automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual, you might feel the lack of comfortable drive. But the USP of Altroz is the safety it provides, which for some buyers can be the main point.

  18. At 100kmph all car scores 0 “ZERO” safety ratings so no point unless you want to drive below 60 all the time, better but JCB, it will score 10 star

  19. I am not sure about resale value of altroz, as i have yet not come across anybody who sold his altroz. But tiago has been there in the market for a while and people have started selling their old tiagos.. mind you, even bs4 models which are now outdated are still being sold at 70% of purchasing price even after 3 yrs if the condition of the car is good enough..

  20. Quit snivelling .. it is funny to see suzuki fanboys talking about resale value of tata cars when they have never owned anything other than plastic in their livespans. My friend has sold a tiago 5 months ago, and he got a whopping 75% of buying price despite it being an outdated bs4 engine, 3 yrs old vehicle with over 40k km driven.. his car was in good condition however.. if you join tiago group on fb, youll occassioanlly see used cars being put up for sales and people are ready to pay almost the purchasing price at times! And you talking about poor resale value.. there isnt a better way yo make fun of yourself.

  21. It is interesting to see how people are claiming that top model of baleno could have equal or better safety than altroz. Funny as hell! It means that these self proclaimed MS sponsored experts believe that adding rear power windows, child lock, rear camera and keyless entry will raise the bar of safety in a crash?! 🤣🤣
    Also, dear boys and girls, if a car performs with 2-3 star rating in a crash test at 64kmph, how well will it perform in a real life accident where both cars could be running in opposite direction leading to effective speed of 100+kmph! The difference is exponential for each star rating with rising speed.. that is why altroz is real, and baleno is nothing but an illusion..

  22. Altroz hatchback has better looks in the segment.
    Has both the options petrol and diesel.
    Speaks about safety norms fulfilment.
    Now just one question : has the TATA think tank forgotten the automatic transmission or they don’t want to sell more numbers of Tata altroz ?

  23. Hai
    Good to read all the above reviews, At present I am using TATA QUATRAJET VISTA wanted to change as many expressed services from Tata is very poor which is a fact , TATA CONCORD Motors closed at that time also service were not as par with Maruti Mandovi motors. Awaiting the suggestion

    • Hey Ravi! Tata services are improving and it varies with every dealership. The Altroz is a good option, and service should not be an issue. You can visit the service center of the dealership before purchasing the car, for your satisfaction.


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