The CES hosted some amazing, out-of-the-box innovations in cars. From the Sony Vision O2 to the Chrysler Airflow, there were many, many innovative contributions to the event. More and more technology is creeping into cars with every passing day and it’s super exciting to see what the future holds for the industry. Here are 5 Technologies at CES that were uber-cool!

  1. Colour Changing Cars

This was the most amazing thing that BMW showcased at the event. The BMW iX Flow was seen with colour changing panels. The designs on these panels can also be changed. This literally means that your car can look like something out of NFS Most Wanted one minute, and as basic as the Queen’s car the other! How cool is that?

BMW iX Flow
  1. Wireless Android Auto Adapter

This is something very useful that Google is giving us. This Adapter is a USB-A based adapter, that can be used to connect to Android-Auto wirelessly even in older cars.

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  1. Amazon Fire TV in Cars

Cars these days have more and more screens, but what should we do with them? Well, Amazon has answered this question for us. Just like the Fire Stick we use on our TVs, Amazon will sell one specifically for cars. This means that you can enjoy movies and sitcoms on your car’s screens.

  1. BMW Theater Screen

Adding to the previous point, BMW has also planned something similar for rear-seat passengers. BMW plans on having a 31-inch screen that can be used for content consumption. This screen is capable of resolutions as high as 8K! This is surely a good time to be in the back seat of a limo!

BMW Theater Screen
  1. BMW Digital Art

Remember old luxury cars that used to have personalized art on the dashboard, to make you feel extra special. Well, today, Rolls-Royce is probably the only brand that still does this. BMW is bringing this tradition back, but with screens. Your dashboard will be customizable on the go, so that you can choose the art you want according to your moods.

BMW Digital Art

So these were some of the amazing technologies at CES, and they will very soon make their way into our lives!

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