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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Top 5 DIY Car Care Accessories – Car Detailing At Home

Car Detailing is an intricate car cleaning procedure. It is a professional art that can cost you upwards of 8000 to 10000 INR in India for complete interior & exterior car detailing. More than a car wash, car detailing is a complete restoration of the neat appearance of a vehicle to its showroom conditions. But can you do it in your backyard and save a few thousand bucks? 

Interestingly, yes! Of course, you will need a few things. Detailing Accessories, to be precise. The catch is these dont cost big bucks and is very easily accessible. Even better, these are DIY Car Care Accessories that anyone can use in their garage or backyard to restore their vehicle like a professional detailing studio. 

Top 5 DIY Car Care Accessories

Professional detailing studios use powered machinery and compounds to clean, shine and restore a vehicle’s finish to brand new showroom-like conditions. However, with a few essential car care accessories, anyone can achieve similar results at home. So for those ready to put in some work and do it on their own, here are the top 5 DIY car care accessories you will need to detail your ride at home. 

Pressure Washer 

You will need a clean car free of dust, dirt and grime to proceed with the polishing and restoring activities. So a pressure washer is an essential car accessory you will need in the first place. Wash the car with a foaming shampoo using a pressure washer intricately to ensure even the tyres and underside of the car are as clean as a whistle. 

If you just don’t have a pressure washer, you can find many affordable options at GoMechanic Accessories. A pressure washer is a long-term investment; take our word on this; these return better results than splashing buckets of water on your car. 

Washing Mitts & Microfibers 

You will definitely want to wash your car with a clean washing mitt or a microfiber cloth. They are super absorbent, don’t leave streak marks & water spots and won’t scratch your paintwork. When getting a Microfiber, going for a higher GSM number might give you better results. 

If you are wondering what’s wrong with your regular old t-shirt, just try an inexpensive microfiber cloth to wipe your car dry the next time. You will be surprised by the difference in results. 

Car Detailing With Car Polish/Car Wax

Once you have achieved that dust, dirt and grease-free squeaky clean finish with your car, the next step is to give it that glossy, shiny look and get rid of swirls and minor scratches. Good-quality car polish is all you need to achieve this task. 

Having a powered polishing buff might help you move from panel to panel faster, but you can get the same result with an inexpensive microfiber towel just by putting in that extra time & effort. Top it off with any Carnauba Wax compound or Ceramic Coating Spray of your choice, and you will be good to go with a few dry wipes here and there. 

Dressers & Glass Cleaners 

Dressers are compounds designed to clean and restore specific vehicle parts. For example, a tyre dresser is sprayed on the tyres and rims to clean and detail them to a brand new look. Similarly, dashboard and leather upholstery dressers are made to clean and restore faded dashboards and leather work inside the cabin. 

You can use a multipurpose dresser across various car components and save a few more bucks. Similarly, certain compounds are explicitly made to clean windshields and windows and give them that water-beading rain-repelling property. 

Vacuum Cleaner For Car Detailing

A car vacuum cleaner is the single-most important car care accessory you will need for car detailing at home. The specific utilisation of the vacuum cleaner will be to rid your interiors, mats, crevices, and seats of dust, dirt and waste. 

We recommend that you go for a compact car vacuum cleaner that can dry & wet vacuum at the same time. These small powerhouses are a must-have for even day-to-day interior cleaning. Vacuum Cleaners are a must-have and help you maintain a cleaner interior without much effort. 

Explore All Car Detailing Accessories At GoMechanic

Car Detailing At Home

We wish we could say that that would be all. But detailing will grow on you. And once it grabs your attention, you will want to detail even the smallest nuts and bolts on your vehicle. Thankfully, global brands like Turtle Wax and 3M have something for every little component in your car. 


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