Till now you have been looking at the car sales report of the Indian automotive market where we tell you about the top-selling cars in India every month. If you are a regular reader, you might know that we always come up with a brand and model-wise car sales report every month. This time, we thought of letting the two-wheeler audience have their bit of the top-selling vehicles. Here are the top 10 selling two-wheelers in India for the month of June 2021.

  1. Hero Splendor (2,64,009 Units)

    top selling two wheelers
    Hero Splendor

    Starting our list of top-selling two-wheelers, we have the mileage king. Hero Splendor is known for the exceptional mileage figure it delivers and now that we are suffering through all-time high fuel prices, mileage is a must. Therefore, Splendor ended up on the top of the list and sold almost 2.64 Lakh units!

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  2. Honda Activa (94,274 Units)

    Honda Activa 6G
    Honda Activa 6G

    India’s favourite scooter is in the second position with a sale of 94,274 units. Although Activa has experienced a de-growth if we look at the YoY stats, the figure that we see above is a really good one considering what the nation is going through right now, we can say that this number is a really good one.

  3. Bajaj Pulsar (79,150 Units)

    2020 Bajaj Pulsar 180F
    2020 Bajaj Pulsar 180F

    Moving on, the bronze title was grabbed by the Bajaj Pulsar. This bike has been known in the enthusiast community for a long time now. Bajaj Pulsar has earned itself a really good name and reputation in the Indian automotive market. For June 2021, this bike ended up selling 79,150 units with a de-growth of just 2.07%.

  4. CB Shine (71,869 Units)

    top selling two wheelers
    Honda CB Shine

    Another Honda on the list after the Activa is the Shine. This motorcycle, in the picture above, managed to sell a total of 71,869 Units in the month of June 2021 with the first one on the list that hasn’t shown de-growth. Instead, the. CB Shine has shown a 78.26% YoY growth! Which factor do you think has led this bike to literally ‘Shine’ in the market?

  5. Bajaj Platina (43,313 Units)

    Top selling two wheelers
    Bajaj Platina

    Halfway down the list, we have the Bajaj Platina which is another performance-oriented 110cc bike that can help you overcome the rising fuel prices with its great mileage. For the month of June 2021, Platina sold a total of 43,313 units which is 22.78% more than what it sold in the same month last year.

  6. TVS XL100 (35,897 Units)

    top selling wheelers
    TVS XL100

    The XL100 became the flag bearer for the brand in the list of top-selling two-wheelers for June 2021. This 100cc machine that you see above in the picture ended up selling 35,897 Units for the month of June 2021 which is 11.63% lesser than what it sold in June 2021.

  7. TVS Jupiter (31,848 Units)

    top selling two wheelers
    TVS Jupiter

    In 7th place, we have the TVS Jupiter. This scooter has been in the market for a long but has never been able to beat the Honda Activa. The TVS Jupiter ended up selling 31,848 units that mean 15.82% de-growth from the last year in the same month.

  8. Suzuki Access (31,399 Units)

    Suzuki Access 125
    Suzuki Access 125

    Towards the end, we have Suzuki’s 125cc scooter with a sale of 31,399 units. Another competitor to the Honda Activa has not been able to match the sales ever since both these vehicles entered the Indian market. Talking about the stats, Access showed a whopping 102% YoY growth! Great, isn’t it?

  9. TVS Apache (30,233 Units)

    top selling wheelers
    TVS Apache

    In the 9th place, we have the TVS Apache with a 160cc engine. This sport looking bike is also a good one to have if you are looking to buy a good two-wheeler that suits each and every need of yours. About the stats, this one reported a 112.64% growth!

Here is a tabular representation of the data.

Brand/Model June 2021 Sales June 2020 Sales YoY Growth
Hero Splendor 2,64,009 1,81,190 45.71%
Honda Activa 94,274 1,21,668 -22.52%
Bajaj Pulsar 79,150 80,822 -2.07%
Honda CB Shine 71,869 40,316 78.26%
Bajaj Platina 43,313 35,277 22.78%
TVS XL100 35,897 40,620 -11.63%
TVS Jupiter 31,848 37,381 -15.82%
Suzuki Access 31,399 15,540 102.05%
TVS Apache 30,233 14,218 112.64%

*Data Source – Rushlane

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