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Toyota Aygo X Vs Tata Punch | Battle Of The Micro SUVs

SUVs have been catching up for a while and conquering all the roads. Many people are upgrading to compact SUVs, and the others are going for micro SUVs instead of hatchbacks. 

Previously the only micro-SUVs in the market was the Maruti Suzuki Ignis & Mahindra KUV100. Ignis did make good numbers, but KUV100 never caught up. Tata launched their competitor named Punch in the segment last month. Toyota has also launched its contender for Europe. Aygo X will reach the European markets by early 2022. 

Aygo has been on the roads since 2005, but now the added suffix ‘X’ signifies the SUV character of the car. The roof rails, along with increased ride height and size along with an additional 60 litres of boot space, make this a perfect city car. But let’s see how will it compete with the Punch while coming to the Indian markets. Tata Punch has been an instant hit with a position among the top 10 selling cars in India.

  • Engine

Tata Punch Toyota Aygo X
1.2 litre 3-cylinder making 85hp & 113Nm torque 1.0 litre 3-cylinder making 71hp & 93Nm torque


While both are only available with single-engine options running on petrol, Aygo X lacks a few horses. But the 1KR-FE engine has been improved for the European regulations and is expected to be more playful than the heart of Punch. 

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Punch has a slightly larger engine and power figures, but it is a bit dull, which might be an advantage for Aygo X. While we cannot have an exact comparison until we take them on the road, but the Aygo X can be the winner in the quarter-mile.

The transmission options are similar; both are offered with 5-speed manual variants. While the Punch offers a 5-speed AMT, Aygo X offers a 5-speed CVT.

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  • Dimensions

Dimensions (mm) Tata Punch Toyota Aygo X
Length 3827 3700
Width 1742 1740
Height 1615 1510
Wheelbase 2455 2430


Punch looks like a mini Harrier with some components derived from the Nexon. It stands tall with a ground clearance of 187mm. Toyota lags here with low ground clearance, but the top European variants stand on 18-inch matte black alloys. The lower variants feature 17-inch wheels, but we might not get similar wheel sizes for the Indian version.

On the other hand, Punch offers 16-inch wheels on top variants & 15-inch for the lower trims. Aygo X is derived from the previously running Aygo and loaded with SUV characteristics. Features such as the black cladding around and a funky SUV appeal with the bold nose. It looks like a combo of the Aygo & Yaris Cross, while Punch appears like a combo of Harrier & Nexon.

The LED headlamps give Aygo X a modern front with distinct bumper creases. The side also stands out with a revised rear offering spanning tail lights.

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  • Interior

Aygo X seems to have a better & modern interior but not as spacious as the Punch. It offers a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system with android auto & apple car play. It also consists of a wireless charging pad with an enhanced sound system from JBL.

It gets a multi-function steering wheel with a digital display for the driver. In addition to that, Toyota offers their smart connect & Myt app connect, which contributes to tracking the vehicle and elements such as fuel levels & driver analytics. 

Punch offers a 7-inch touchscreen with similar android & apple connectivity. It also features Tata’s iRA connectivity for an extra ₹30,000. The iRA contributes to similar smartphone connectivity, giving an advantage of geo-fencing and some remote features. iRA solely does the work, unlike in the Aygo with smart connect & Myt connect.

In terms of spaciousness Tata again has the points with the slightly longer wheelbase. The rear row seating in the Aygo X seems cramped and not very comfortable for adults, and while Punch can accommodate three adults easily compared to the competition. 

Aygo X offers a boot space of about 220 litres, less than the Punch, offering 366 litres of boot space.

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  • Features & Safety

The highlight of Aygo X would be the retractable canvas roof in the Air models. At the same time, Punch has the traction-pro mode, which adds to the utility considering the Indian roads.

Aygo X will also consist of safety features such as autonomous emergency braking, pedestrian detection & adaptive cruise control. While these are included in the European versions, the Indian version might miss out on them. The Indian version is expected to have the standard airbags, ABS & EBD, ESC.

Toyota Aygo scored three stars in the 2017 Euro NCAP test, but we can only comment on the Aygo X after the crash test. Punch has scored 5-stars in the global NCAP test, making it the safer choice for now. As we all know, safety is something Tata cars never miss out on. 

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  • Drive & Ride Capability

Both of these micro-SUVs are compact enough to compete with the tight parking spots in the city. They can fit in narrow lanes, making the commute easier. Toyota has increased the seat height by 55mm, offering a better view of the traffic than before. 

Toyota Aygo X will be offered in four dual-tone colour finishes.

Regarding tackling bad roads, Punch will be the better one with better ground clearance, traction-pro mode and a water wading capacity of 370mm. Tata has shown off Punch’s offroad capabilities extensively with sticky muddy areas, wet patches, and even rocks & boulders.

Aygo X is perfectly alright for daily city commutes and would handle joyfully, for adventures and more than just city roads, but for experiences and more than just city roads, Punch comes up as the winner between the two.

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There is no official timeline for it to come to India, but we can perhaps see the rivalling of Ignis vs Punch vs Aygo X by late 2022, and Hyundai might bring their Casper too and join the battle.

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