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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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This Is Why Used Toyota Cars Have the Best Resale Value!

The used car market is among the biggest revenue generators in the automotive industry of India. Most of the car buyers sell their cars out in the first 5 years of ownership usually because they are either bored of driving the same vehicle or there are some major upgrades by the automaker which lure the audience and they end up buying a new vehicle for themselves. Are you one of those who consider the resale value at the time of purchasing your new car? Well, this article is particularly for those people who want to get a good resale value for their cars.

In today’s featured, we are going to have a look at why Toyota cars can yield you good resale value when you step out in the market to sell it. Have a look at all the reasons and let us know if you agree with us. Just to let you know, an average Toyota holds about 68% of its value if you sell it out after 5 years of ownership.

  1. Long-Lasting Engines

    Toyota Kijang Innova (Toyota Innova)
    Toyota Kijang Innova (Toyota Innova)

    All of us know, that a Toyota can last over 5 Lakh kilometres easily if maintained well throughout its life. Well, Toyota’s engines seem too good to be true but they actually are! Even if you don’t maintain your Toyota properly, you can surely expect a life of 2 Lakh kilometres without any struggle or difficulty. Don’t believe us? Let the brand speak for itself. Have a look at this Qualis which lasted over 8 lakh kilometres!

  2. Trust & Reliability

    Indian Army Vehicles | Toyota Fortuner
    Indian Army Vehicles | Toyota Fortuner

    Even the Indian army trusts Toyota! No matter what the terrain is, Toyota cars always deliver great performance with extreme reliability. Although there have been some instances where customers have complained about the airbags not functioning properly but that factor has not been able to affect Toyota’s resale value at all. The other name for trust & reliability in the automotive market of India is definitely Toyota.

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  3. High First-Hand Prices

    10 cars with highest waiting period
    Toyota Fortuner

    Another major factor why Toyota holds its prices is the ever-increasing ex-showroom price. People today, don’t want to spend 40 Lakhs on purchasing a new Toyota so they turn their heads towards the used car market where they would get the same product at a cheaper price. Well, what happens in the used car market and how does it lead to an increase in the overall price? Read on, you will get to know.

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  4. Long Ownership Periods

    Toyota Fortuner Epic
    Toyota Fortuner Epic

    Most Toyota customers buy these machines to use them. By this we mean there are very few people who sell their machine out within 5 years of ownership. This means that Toyota cars are available in an overall lesser amount in the used car market which makes the prices rise within themselves! The logic is simple demand and supply. More people want to buy Toyotas at a price cheaper than the showroom and the number of cars available is less so used Toyota buyers have to pay more money than a person purchasing a used car of any other brand.

  5.  Spare Part Availability

    Toyota Fortuner 1st Generation - The SUV that took India by Storm
    Toyota Fortuner 1st Generation – The SUV that took India by Storm

    No matter how old your Toyota is, you will always continue to get spare parts for your dear machine. Believe us, even if you purchase a 12-13-year-old Innova/Fortuner, you will not have to suffer for any kind of spare part availability. If you are not able to source it from anywhere anyhow, GoMechanic hai na!

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These were the 5 reasons why we think Toyota cars hold their value and end up being among the cars with the best resale value in the market. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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