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10 Things Only Toyota Fortuner Owners Will Relate With

Toyota Fortuner is ‘The SUV’ of India.

Yes, it faces some tough competition from the likes of the Ford Endeavour and the Mahindra Alturas G4. But it as always somewhat managed to win the battle with flying colours.

The Toyota Fortuner has made a mark for itself in the Indian car market since its launch in the year 2009. Aggressive styling, dominant road presence, plush interiors and the Toyota reliability to top it off, made the Fortuner one amazing ride for many.

With more than a decade worth of presence in the Indian markets, the Fortuner has surely been able to connect with its consumer base. And just like any other car that becomes so successful, Fortuner has got an image for itself.

Remember how Maruti Omni is always labelled as ‘the kidnaper’s ride’? Well, similarly there are some preconceived notions about the Toyota Fortuner prevailing in the Indian minds. So, without any inhibitions, we bring you a list of 10 things that every Fortuner owner will relate with.

Disclaimer: The list below is compiled on the basis of general stereotypes. The report in no manner factual or represents the views, opinions and preferences of the organisation. We do not intend to defame Fortuner owners or Toyota in any manner. Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. Unmatched Road Presence

    Toyota Fortuner
    Toyota Fortuner

    No matter how many sedans and hot hatches you drive, an SUV remains an SUV. Period.

    The Toyota Fortuner has been quite proudly advocating that fact for quite some years now. The Toyota Fortuner has a road presence that only some vehicles can dream of.

    It’s big size and well-placed sitting position ensures that you own the roads and have a practical position to pilot your car around.

  2. People Are Afraid of You (A Little Bit)

    Toyota Fortuner | BS6 Cars from Toyota
    Toyota Fortuner | BS6 Cars from Toyota

    We don’t want to exaggerate the point here, but this somewhat is true. Adding on to our first point, the second one seems to complement that. Fortuners do get a free traffic pass. People do tend to give them a space to go.

    Let us know in the comments below if you think this point seems a little unrealistic.

  3. “No, I don’t run a gang”

    Toyota Fortuner | Credits Autocar
    Toyota Fortuner | Credits Autocar

    A car as big as a Fortuner does try to set a list of conceptions about the person who’s driving it. Although, these preconceived notions do turn out to be wrong.

    This is somewhat the reason behind the first and second points.

  4. Off-Road? More Like On-Road

    The Eptiome of Off Road Vehicles?
    The Epitome of Off-Road Vehicles?

    If there’s one thing that you can brag about the Fortuner all day long is its the ability to drive through the potholes, bumps and even a small pit at times. The Fortuner is based on the ladder on frame platform which gives it some amazing UV capabilities, whether you are on the tarmac or off it.

  5. “Nope, Not a Politician Either”

    Toyota Fortuner: A Politician's Ride?
    Toyota Fortuner: A Politician’s Ride?

    The Fortuner exudes power and boldness that is quite evident. Keeping that in mind, it becomes the obvious choice for our country’s famous politicians. As seen many times earlier, the Toyota Fortuner has even made it to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s high-security cavalcade.

    Now, that is one amazing resume to show off.

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  6. Parking is a Nightmare

    Not The Best in Class Parking Space
    Not The Best in Class Parking Space

    Parking is usually one of the most prevalent issues that every Fortuner owner faces. Even though you try to squeeze, the beast that Toyota Fortuner is, it isn’t always enough. Where its size is considered to be an advantage, in a parking-deficient country like India, it can sometimes be a little disadvantageous.

  7. Daily Commute Can Be an Issue

    The Best Car For Commuting Daily?
    The Best Car For Commuting Daily?

    Commuting daily from your home to work and vice versa can turn out to be a little irksome. The Toyota Fortuner isn’t the car one shall prefer for its mileage. Coming in two different engine and gearbox options, the Fortuner has a decent fuel efficiency for a vehicle of its size.

    The 2.7 4X2 manual transmission produces a fuel efficiency of 10.01kmpl while the 2.7 4X2 automatic gives a marginally better 10.26kmpl.

    However, when it comes to diesel, things get a little better. The 2.8 4X2 automatic variant offers an efficiency of 12.9 kmpl, whereas the 2.9 4X$ manual variant gives an efficiency of 14.24 kmpl.

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  8. Highways Are A Joy

    Toyota Fortuner
    Toyota Fortuner

    The highways turn out to be a joyful ride in the Toyota Fortuner and every Toyota Fortuner owner knows it. Just a little dab of throttle and you maintain a healthy speed with plentiful of torque.

    Moreover, the feature-loaded cabin and a plethora of safety features ensure your safety in case of any mishaps.

  9. Space is Never An Issue

    2020 Toyota Fortuner BS6
    2020 Toyota Fortuner BS6

    You will never cry foul of less space when it comes to the Toyota Fortuner. The car is designed keeping all the practicality factors in mind. The second and third-row seats can be folded down in a variety of combinations for the optimum storage solutions.

    The scooped-out roof of the car gives the passengers in the third row some extra headroom. The Toyota Fortuner is a six-people car realistically with the last row helping it adjust a seventh person, if and when required.

  10. Reliability? Check!

    Toyota Fortuner
    Toyota Fortuner

    Toyota has always been a synonym for unmatched reliability. The Toyota Fortuner is no different. The Japanese engine doing duty in the Fortuner is always in top form. Meanwhile, the 3 years / 1 lakh kilometres warranty just adds to the list of reasons that Toyota tends to offer.

Conclusion | Toyota Fortuner

In it’s more than a decade long stint in India, the Toyota Fortuner has achieved a lot. It’s success made Ford upgrade its SUV game and bring in the Ford Endeavour which still tends to eat up some of Fortuner’s sales.

However, at the end of the day, the Japanese beast has ensured that its throne of the best premium SUV in India stays protected.

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