Hatchbacks have incessantly been a massive winner in the country. Furthermore, they have remained a national favourite since the launch of India’s first hatchback cars like Maruti Suzuki 800 in 1983 and Tata Indica in 1998.

In India, sales of hatchbacks have persistently overtaken that of sedans and bulky SUVs. There are many reasons why they have always been the country’s best sellers. Firstly, hatchbacks are more affordable and come with lower maintenance costs. Besides, there is a perfect hatchback for everyone. This is because ranging from supermini to small family cars, they come in all shapes and sizes. Thirdly, hatchback cars have a good cargo volume capacity than a sedan. And finally, hatchbacks have a compact design. And because of this, with a hatchback, it is easier to wade through the hustle, bustle and the traffic congestion of Indian roads.

For the year 2021, a squadron of the best hatchbacks is set to hit the country’s market. This impressive line-up of hatchback cars – from Renault Zoe to BMW i3 – gives us plenty to be excited about the coming year. Here is a list of the 10 most awaited hatchbacks for 2021.

  1. Maruti XL5

    Maruti Suzuki's future EV line-up REVEALED?

    Expected to come into the market in the first quarter of 2021, Maruti XL5 would have a price tag that reads Rs.5 Lakh. This sporty hatchback from Maruti Suzuki has a 998cc petrol engine. Likewise, it won’t be unfair to assume that the car would have good mileage.

  2. Renault Zoe

    Renault Zoe EV
    Renault Zoe EV

    We would like to believe that the French automaker will launch Zoe in India by February next year. Since it comes with some better specs than XL5, this hatchback would be a little more expensive than the latter. Accordingly, we expect that this fully electric car with automatic transmission would be priced at 8 lakhs.

  3. Tata Altroz EV

    "<yoastmarkTata Motor Company would roll out Altroz’s electric variant, Tata Altroz EV  sometime in the middle of 2021. Equipped with Tata’s safety features this electric vehicle (EV) would have a mind-blowing range of around 300km. In fact, this ambitious car exhibits the potential to transform the face of the EV industry of India for good. We estimate that Altroz EV would be priced at 14-lakh.

  4. BMW i3

    "<yoastmarkBMW i3 is an All-Electric Car (AEC) from BMW. Furthermore, we can expect this car to have an impressive range of up to 280 km. Plus, this car-of-the-future comes with a power output of 184PS. But to take this BMW i3 home you would have to pay a whopping 1 crore rupees. We expect this car to be in the Indian market by June 2021.

  5. Kia Picanto

    2020 Kia Picanto Facelift
    2020 Kia Picanto Facelift

    Picanto from Kia Motors has a 4-cylinder petrol engine. Nevertheless, this hatchback is affordable and is accompanied by a price tag of 7 lakhs. Kia Picanto will be launched only by the end of 2021. Moreover, this car comes with a manual transmission, solid mileage and standard safety features. To top it all off the Picanto has a good rating in the reliability index as well.

  6. MG3

    MG 3
    MG 3

    This hatchback is not only economical but also comes with good specifications and features. We can see this from its 4-cylinder petrol engine with a remarkable engine displacement of 1498 cc. Moreover, with an ex-showroom price set at 6 lakhs, MG 3 would not burn a hole in your pocket. But we can only expect this car to be on the market by December next year, though.

  7. Maruti Swift Hybrid

    "<yoastmarkMaruti Suzuki Swift is a mild hybrid hatchback car and we estimate that it would be priced at 10 lakhs. Indeed the Swift Hybrid comes with an efficient 4-cylinder Dualjet petrol engine with 2 fuel injectors per cylinder instead of one. In addition, it has an engine displacement of 1197cc. We expect this one to release in December as well.

  8. Tata Altroz Turbo Petrol

    Tata Altroz Turbo Petrol | Representational Image

    This new year, Tata Altroz is said to come in a turbocharged petrol engine variant. If you like Tata Altroz with the naturally aspirated petrol engine, you are sure to love this one. Compared to the regular Altroz, Tata Altroz Turbo Petrol will generate greater power despite having a relatively small engine. Besides, this car will also have better fuel efficiency with its dual-clutch transmission. We anticipate the base price for Altoz Turbo Petrol to be around 8 lakhs.

  9. New Maruti Alto 800

    Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
    Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

    Launching next year, the Next Generation Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 will have a 3-cylinder petrol engine variant. However, we think that it will only cost us 3 to 5 lakh to own this car. So this hatchback will be above all affordable. It is expected to have a fair mileage but the cost of a low engine displacement. In spite of that with the newly designed interior, dual airbags, anti-lock braking system and seat belt reminders the New Maruti Alto 800 is a good option for the car shoppers of 2021.

  10. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R EV

    Maruti Suzuki Wagon R EV
    Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

    Probably going to cost the buyers around 7 to 10 lakhs Maruti Suzuki Wagon R EV is an all-electric car. The car also comes with an automated transmission. Moreover, we presume that the range of the car would be around 130km with a single charge. This means that, when it comes to range, Wagon R EV is likely to fall behind other cars in this segment. We hope to see this in the market by 2021.

2021 is only days away. And with each passing year, the cars are only getting stronger, better and safer. If a hatchback is what you want for this new year, you have made the right wish. And why not, since there are after all plenty of options for you to choose among.

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