Volkswagen is seeing a constant decline in its sales here in India. This is because of many factors one being, technology. Here in India, vehicles from this German carmaker have started to feel outdated. To overcome that Volkswagen has taken a step forward and have recently launched new connected car tech. But what’s new in this tech?

My Volkswagen Connect
My Volkswagen Connect

My Volkswagen Connect | Is it any Good?

Almost all the car makers integrate the connected car tech in the infotainment system. But the Volkswagen has very innovatively integrated into an OBD dongle.

  • The company installs the dongle in the OBD port and that can be accessed from a smartphone app that is available on both, iOS as well as Android.
  • Installing the application allows you to get a whole lot of information. This also records and inspects the driving style of the person behind the wheel.
  • Further information that the app displays are the speed, acceleration, RPM, braking, coolant temperature and more.
  • You can also approach the customer care and even roadside assistance.
  • The new My Volkswagen connect also allows you to go paperless, as it enables you to upload your vehicle’s documents.
  • Setting reminder for services and other things is too possible with this application.
  • The application is also password protected (8-Pin Protection).

Volkswagen Connect feature comes with the Polo GT TSI and Vento Highline Plus. That said, the company also promises OTA updates and free 3-year subscription after which it will be paid. Other vehicles to include the new connected car tech are the T-Roc and Tiguan All-Space. Basically, that is what the carmaker’s line-up includes here in our domestic market.

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Even though VW came up with this tech, it is still no way near the one in Hyundai or Kia. But still, something is better than nothing or is it? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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