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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernisation Program | Government’s Vehicle Swap Scheme

The 2019 Lok Sabha election result was eagerly awaited. Everybody wanted to know the results so eagerly. For the ones who didn’t vote…please help raise the spirit of being a part of this democracy by using your right for your own well being. So finally we have our government and people’s decision says “Phir ek bar Modi sarkar!”. As we appointed them again, they have started working towards our well being again. This time we will be seeing new policies and schemes which will benefit us in one or the other way. The Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernisation Program is one of the major schemes planned.

We always talk about what automotive firms or brands are doing but this time I’ve something interesting to talk about. In this blog, we will see what the government has in the house for us!

VVMP or Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernisation Program; The Vehicle Swap Scheme. Doesn’t this sound interesting? Read on to find out.

What is VVMP or Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernisation Program?

This is one of its kind scheme and the first attempt for India but at this point in time, it’s really important to implement this type of scheme for India.

In a country like India, the maximum life allowed for the vehicle on the roads is 15 years. In those 15 years, you can extract the maximum from your vehicle. You can’t use your vehicle legally due to multiple reasons after that.

For a mid-range car, the comfort and convenience features begin to deteriorate with its age. The car itself becomes unfit for the roads as well as the passengers travelling inside it. The suspension wears to its maximum extent, the engine is not able to deliver enough power like it did in its initial days. Brakes become inefficient, the engine begins missing strokes and has extremely disappointing fuel economy as well. The major concern with the older engines is their exhaust byproducts.

As the engine gets older, its emissions become more and more dangerous for the atmosphere and humans, therefore, it is necessary to ban such vehicles and simply move them to scrap. The Indian government has set a lifespan of 10 years and 15 years for diesel and petrol vehicles respectively. As we all know the major change will come with the introduction of BSVI, the government has decided to implement a scheme that would motivate the car owners to upgrade to a new car availing benefits that our government has planned for us.

According to reports, Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India, who met with Arun Jaitley for the implementation of the Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernisation Program.

All you need to know about VVMP is that user will earn the maximum benefit.

  1. The government has decided to provide relief in the excise duty to motivate the masses to upgrade from their old vehicles which will otherwise become scrap.
  2. The manufacturers have also agreed to provide attractive discounts and considerable scrap value for the old car of the user. We can expect the government to release this scheme in the next fiscal year but as of now, the government has not made any commitments regarding this scheme.
  3. Two phases have been planned for implementation of this scheme. The first phase aims towards manufacturers providing discounts along with central government doing their bit with the provision of a further discount. The main concern other than finances is pollution. If this scheme becomes a success, it will be a historic moment of success as this will have no drawbacks at all.

The manufacturers have also agreed to be a part of this scheme and provide discounts. The scheme plans the overall welfare of the people out there on roads. Also, this will encourage more and more buyers and will eventually increase the sale figures for the manufacturers. The auto manufacturers can safeguard themselves from public health hazard issues that previously existed for them.

All we can say for now is just wait for some time as the industry is going to face huge reforms. The vehicle swap scheme and more are expected in the coming months. Hold back that old car in your garage and preferably don’t plan for a new car that comes with BSIV. Prefer a car that has already been rolled out with BSVI. Else, just wait and watch what the automakers and the government have planned for us!

Vishal Khanna
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