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Frequently Asked Questions on Car Care Services

You can choose our rubbing/polishing service which will get rid all the surface scratches and swirl marks from your Hyundai Eon. However, if the scratches are deep, we recommend getting the panel dented and painted. You can choose from any of our specialised auto body workshops located near you in Shubhash-chowk.
If your Hyundai Eon has a dirty dashboard, filthy carpets or foul odour, we recommend our dry cleaning package which includes complete seats and upholstery shampoo with vacuum cleaning and dashboard polishing. For general maintenance, get the interior detail cleaning service done every month. It includes interior dry-washing and vacuum cleaning with dashboard and trim polishing.
We use only the best car care products from 3M and Wurth for you Hyundai Eon which offer excellent performance and great results. With GoMechanic, you get the best car care treatment at the best prices in Shubhash-chowk
Teflon coating for your Hyundai Eon is a paint protection treatment, chemically synthesised from a fluoropolymer which bonds to the paint offering a brilliant shine, doing away with the problem of corrosion and wear and tear. Anti-Rust coating is a car underbody protection treatment, which is applied to the underbody of the car. A thick 2-3mm of a rubberised silicone-polyether layer is applied to the under-body to give it enhanced protection against hard rust and paint chips. Book a service today and get a complete underbody rust and corrosion treatment at attractive prices in Shubhash-chowk
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Car Care Services Guide

Car care services in Shubhash-chowk
  • Car cleaning service is the best way to remove all the dust, dirt, mud and other unsightly build-up from your car.
  • Washing and waxing will help protect the delicate paintwork on your car. Regular car care will go a long way in keeping your car as new as day one.
  • Interior car care is a crucial service that de-contaminates and sanitizes the interior, upholstery, seats, carpet etc.
  • If you plan to sell your car in the near future, regular car cleaning is a great way of preserving the resale value.
Car care services offered
Choose from a category of finest car services, available at your nearest GoMechanic workshop in Shubhash-chowk.
  • Interior and exterior cleaning services
  • Rubbing and polishing services
  • Anti-rust underbody treatment
  • Ceramic and Teflon coating
  • Tyre dressing and alloy cleaning
Premium car care products
  • Every GoMechanic workshop across Shubhash-chowk uses the highest quality, specially formulated, PH neutral car care products that are better, safer and effective. Superior car care products from global brands like 3M and W├╝rth are utilised to give your car the best possible shine.
Specialised car care equipment
  • Professional car cleaning and detailing require speciality tools and machines. That is why every GoMechanic workshops in Shubhash-chowk is equipped with Industry grade buffing and polishing machines, automatic pressure washers and other car care tools along with special car care products are put to use to get the best results.