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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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10 Common Car Noises and their Diagnosis | Explained By Experts

Each one of us loves driving cars. Isn’t it? The real trouble begins when our car starts making strange noises which leave us clueless about what is really wrong with our dear machine and if we really need to rush to the mechanic to get it sorted! In today’s featured, we will be discussing 10 common car noises that our customers have reported. That’s not all, we will let you know if you really need to visit a mechanic if your car is making a particular noise. Before you go ahead, remember the last drive with your car and check if it made any of the noises mentioned below!

  1. Rattling sound at low speeds

    Common Car Noises
    Loose Lug Nut

    Diagnosis: Loosened Lug Nut

    If you hear a rattling sound when you start to drive and it goes away with the speeds, it can possibly be because of a loose or misaligned lug nut inside a hub cap. You may have replaced the wheel or loosened the nut in the recent past and now haven’t tightened it properly. The simplest thing you can do is tighten your nuts once again or look for a lug nut that might have gone bad. If you don’t find anything suspicious, it’s definitely the time to head to a GoMechanic workshop near you.

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  2. Brake Squeal

    Common Car Noises
    Car Brake Pads

    Diagnosis: Worn-out Brake Pad

    Another one among common car noises is the squealing sound from the brakes. I am sure most of you have experienced this sound. For those still wondering why their car makes such noise, it’s because of the worn-out brake pads. Just like all other car components, brake pads also have a definite life and don’t last beyond that point. You need to get them replaced if you experience such noise. Also, get your brake disc checked for turning and get it done if required. Wondering where to go? Nowhere! We provide free doorstep pick up and drop!

  3. Clicking Sound While Turning

    Common Car Noises
    Car Turning

    Diagnosis: Failing CV Joints (Constant Velocity)

    Life doesn’t always let you drive straight! Experiencing noises while turning your car can also be a sign of danger. Initially, you will hear a low clicking noise which will grow further with time. If you are experiencing this kind of noise, you are advised to visit a GoMechanic Workshop near you immediately as this can be because of the constant velocity joints on your front axle which may need to be replaced. If you don’t pay attention to the joints, they can cause bad effects on your axle as well and you don’t want your axle to fail for sure. Do you?

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  4. Squealing under the hood

    Ford Ecoboost Engines
    Ford Ecoboost Engines

    Diagnosis: Worn-out Serpentine Belt

    If you hear squealing sounds from under the hood when you start the car, this can be due to a worn-out serpentine belt. This belt drives external components like the alternator, water pump, power steering pump and more. This belt should be replaced immediately as it is an extremely important part of driving the power from the engine to make other crucial parts work. This is not a DIY task at all. You are not advised to do this yourself. By now, you know where to head! This is one of the most common car noises that our customers have reported and we have told you to be cautious before things go bad in your case.

  5. Rumbling Sound From the Exhaust

    Common Car Noises
    Exhaust Muffler Peeling

    Diagnosis: Cracked Exhaust Muffler

    If you hear a rumbling sound from the rear compartment while you drive, it can be because of a small peel or leak in the exhaust muffler. The roaring you hear is the excess engine noise that usually gets silenced by the exhaust muffler and now that it has gone bad, the noise is audible to you. The noise will grow as soon as the crack/leak becomes bigger in size. This can mean that you are letting in Carbon Monoxide directly into the atmosphere and causing bad effects on the environment. Get this problem fixed asap from a GoMechanic workshop near you.

  6. Squeal While Turning

    Common Santro Xing Problems
    Common Santro Xing Problems

    Diagnosis: Low Power Steering Fluid

    If you are turning your car’s steering and hear squealing noises, you are definitely low on power steering fluid. Just open your hood and check the level of power steering fluid in the reservoir. If your power steering fluid goes low quite often, then you need to visit a GoMechanic workshop to get it checked asap!

  7. Groaning Yawn while Turning

    Creta Steering
    Creta Steering

    Diagnosis: Failing Power Steering Assembly

    Another issue that you can feel with the steering is a groaning yawn like noise while you make a turn. This can be a serious issue if you don’t look into it in the early stages. This is a really serious issue and believe me, if you don’t pay attention to it in the early stages, you can eventually lose control over the steering as well! If you are experiencing such an issue, you should immediately get it checked at a GoMechanic workshop near you.

  8. Grinding while shifting gears

    Putting Reverse gear while moving forward | Common Car Maintenance Mistakes
    Grinding Noise while shifting gears

    Diagnosis: Worn-out Clutch

    Another one among the common car noises faced by our customers is the grinding noise while they shift gears. This can be a common issue with cars having a worn-out clutch or a clutch with bad tuning. You need to get your car inspected if you are facing such an issue because it can be really bad for your transmission if not solved well in time.

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  9. Knocking the engine compartment

    Honda City i-DTEC Diesel Engine
    Honda City i-DTEC Diesel Engine

    Diagnosis: Engine Compression Issues

    Knocking is a common phenomenon which can occur in engines due to the incomplete combustion of fuel. Yes, this is the also one of the most common engine noises that troubles many people jest because if this problem occurs with your car, you won’t get that fuel efficiency that your car used to deliver in its perfect state. The causes for knocking can be multiple and this can also be bad for your engine so it is recommended to get it checked immediately. However, the most common cause of engine knocking is putting in a low-quality fuel which in turn generates a low-quality air-fuel mixture which eventually leads to knocking.

  10. Popping noise in the engine

    The Engine bay
    The Engine bay

    Diagnosis: Worn-out Spark Plugs and/or clogged fuel filter

    If you hear popping sounds from your car’s engine, your car is most probably telling you that it needs to be serviced. Popping is also one of the most common car noises experienced by the drivers. It can be due to multiple factors. A clogged fuel filter can cause such sounds. Also, bad spark plugs can cause it too and sometimes your engine can make sounds if it is low on engine oil! Just book a car service with GoMechanic and let your engine drive maximum power from the fuel it burns! Getting your car serviced regularly is definitely a good practice.

These were the 10 most common car noises experienced by car users. If you are experiencing any sound from your car that is listed above, feel free to contact us via any media. If you are experiencing any sound that we have not listed above, we will still be happy to help you. GoMechanic workshops are equipped with best-in-class machines and tools to give the best possible solution for all your car needs!

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  1. Informative article. I have a peculiar problem. My car stops on the road for a second or two and then starts running again like normal. What may be the cause of this?

  2. My car makes a noise resembling a rattling noise when it starts moving and some times when the steering wheel is turned to take a turn. its intermittent and not always continuous. I would like to know the reasons

  3. Hi Go-mechanic team: Information is an informative is secondary. Recently a month back i was serviced my car at Go-mechanic service station at Hyderabad, India (Mar-2022), before service my car engine sound is smooth which is equivalent to switched-off condition if surrounding are noisy but after service recent day i am unable to cross more than 60 to 80kmph which is getting more noisy and feeling uncomfortable to accelerate the vehicle, so that keeping speed around 50 to 60kmph even if i drive in NH (National highways) which is uncomfortable as well visited to Go-mechanic station twice and their capability is questionable which they are understand my problem… I did not even faced this problem before service but now getting… what would be the reason for this? which went wrong during the service? Similar problem for break issue too!!! i was happy before service about my breaking distance whenever i was used… Now, i feel more uncomfortable and getting fearness about my breaking distance when there is a need!!!… I was so upset about this 2 issue which has not been solved as well not understandable my Go-mechanic team. Kindly involve expert to solve this issue… Regards… Tamilselvan + 91 9710415843….

    • Hey Tamilselvan, We have informed the team regarding your issue. Our Service Executive will be reaching out to you very soon.

  4. HI GoMechanic, Last year my wagon r cng was serviced by Go Mechanic and I was told that the caliper and shocker have gone bad. I had complained of some noise. After the chainge, noise remained. I complained again but Go mechanic did not respond. Later after some time they agreed to look and told me that the noise is actually from the belt and they will change it free of cost. I got transferred to Delhi thereafter and now I ma back in Mumbai and have started using my car. The belt noise while turning and ac is back. I wonder how can a belt go bad in one year that when the car was mostly stationary. I am willing to give Go mechanic another chance.

    • Hi Ashok
      It is really difficult to help you with this right here. I would suggest walking into a GoMechanic workshop near you or simply calling us at 93888-93888 so that we can pick your vehicle up for a detailed diagnosis

  5. Hi GoMechanic, my car running sound becomes more harsh when speed goes above 60 kmph. What could be the possible causes ?

  6. I am driving a Fiat Palio 1.2 2009 model Active. When I am driving after about 50km after I slow down or increasing speed after turning at a robot there will be a bang sound (popping) in the engin two to 3 times close to each other. It is if the car is losing power when it happens, then the car will increase speed and doesn’t repeat it. What can that be. The plugs and the airfilter has been replaced quite recently but not the petrol filter.

  7. While driving my ritz, in city or in high way from behind noise appears, as if from dikki my stepni tyre is jumping, what is the cause might be?

    • The unknown noise can be due to a myriad of issues. The best resolution for this is to get your car inspected and renact to the same situation.

  8. I’m facing a continuous whistling noise in my 6 month old tata altroz petrol 2.1 na.
    Unable to locate the source. Any idea what could be causing this?
    The sound is constant when the car is moving, no matter the ac is in or off, throttle is pressed or not..

  9. My vehicle 2005 Dodge Durango, while driving loud sound of object hitting glass windows. It happened 3 times while driving 17 minutes to work. However nothing broken. What could it be? Please advise…

  10. Hai I just went to buy a Tata zest 2016 XT petrol with turbo from seller , on inspecting the vehicle the mechanic told me the engine noise is more. Being a petrol engine it should not make so much noise ,when the vehicle is in stationary and engine is on.
    The seller told us may be due to turbo when the vehicle slows down or picks up intially. But the turbo comes to play only in 3 rd gear and above.
    There was lack of power in shifting gear from 1 st to 2nd .

  11. The vehicle above had a proper company servicing record and it seemed to be well maintained , it had run only 24000 kms in 7 years.
    What could be the reason for engine noise and lack of power on shifting gear from 1 st to 2 nd.

    • Hi there
      This is quite difficult to diagnose the exact issue in the comments section without the physical inspection of the car. Request you to drop your contact number for us to call you back.

  12. Hi

    My car Renault scala rear wheel while driving 60 km speed lot of noise like flight running surrounding I feel.
    Check with mechanic rear wheel bearing sound found that is the reason noise coming

    Please advise

  13. In my maruti celirio VXI car when vehicle going crass country area some sound accur in vehicle front left side then after few days same sound accur in vehicle front Right side This sound accur not continue is accur sometimes just like sound hammering sound . So please diagnosis my case

  14. Hi
    I have purchased few parts from you and am impressed with cost effective parts. I am impressed with your smart advertising through catchy notifications that I get.

    I have 2013 Vento and am now facing too much noise while driving. I stay in Kavali (Nellore District) Andhra Pradesh. Can you arrange to get my Car repaired in a reasonable budget, so i can keep the car running ? An immediate call/reply would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Anand Reddy


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