It’s really easy to take your car for granted till it functions normally but it costs huge on the pocket if you don’t pay timely attention to your car. The smaller defects or problems grow and become bigger and therefore cost you a lot of time and money to get sorted. If you pay attention to your machine and maintain it at the initial stages of any problem then your car will yield the maximum for you. Read further to know about the 10 most common car maintenance mistakes that car owners make which later costs them huge amounts at the service centres:

    1. Remaining totally unaware of your machine:
      You read the set of instructions for every machine you buy right? Then why is it so that you use your car without giving attention to its user’s manual? Yes, the secret to a healthy functioning car is to use it as the manufacturer suggests. Car maintenance mistakes are hardly noticed but benefit a lot in the long run. Read about when your car needs service, wheel care services and many more and act accordingly to yield the maximum out of your machine.
    2. Understanding the fluids:
      This car maintenance mistakes blog won’t suggest you be the mechanic yourself. But what it is emphasising on is that you should have a rough idea of what’s under the hood. Just give a quick check to all the easy to access fluid out there. For instance, you can check the engine oil level, washer fluid level, coolant level by yourself and also top up easily if required.
    3. Neglecting the problem until it gets bigger:
      We see the doctor for our routine checkup, our car also needs a scheduled general checkup. This is one of the car maintenance mistakes; if avoided by the users can do wonders to their pockets. Check your car routinely, be it once a month for any abnormal behaviour or noises and act at the initial stage which will save you both time and money. Instead, visit your nearest GoMechanic workshop for a FREE inspection.
    4. Ignoring an uncomfortable drive:
      An uncomfortable ride should not be ignored at any cost. Be it a small squeaky sound, get your car checked. If you struggled to steer or brake during the trip, get your wheels and callipers checked but just don’t ignore what the car indicating towards.
    5. Paying for the minor DIY jobs:
      Yes, there are some jobs that we can do on our own. Like cleaning the air filter or even replacing the cabin or engine air filter are easy and simple DIY jobs for which you don’t need to rush to an expert. Check your vehicle’s manual or some online guide or even a video that can guide you through the process easily.
    6. Skipping oil change:
      Car owners don’t want to spend their time sitting at the workshop waiting for oil changes, therefore, may decide to skip the service which is not at all good for your engine’s health. Oil is the vital fluid for your engine and the quality of the oil affects your engine’s performance. We at GoMechanic give free doorstep pick-up and delivery for your car to be serviced at any of our workshops.
    7. Assuming bald tyres will last a little longer:
      Have your car tyres gone bald? Don’t risk your drive on such tyres. A few extra miles on these tyres may tempt you but it won’t be a good decision. You won’t be able to handle or brake properly with these kinds of tyres. Also, running on bald tyres affects your suspension system as well. Sometimes the treads may look decent but rubber deteriorates over time and miniscule cracks on the tyres cause loss of rigidity and will indicate you that the tyre won’t be able to function properly.
    8. Using the correct octane fuel:
      Fuel companies unconditionally suggest you put a higher octane fuel in your car in order to achieve some of the other benefits like fuel or engine efficiency but believing what they say without investigation is most prominent among the car maintenance mistakes. Read your car’s owner’s manual to find out what octane fuel is suggested to be out inside your engine to make it function in a healthy manner. Be a smart customer and an efficient user!
    9. Keeping the wipers in check:
      You don’t necessarily need the wipers in monsoons only. Your wiper blades get worn out after going through different weather conditions over time and may disintegrate over time. Hence, you won’t be able to obtain a clear windshield when needed. Also, keep a check on the windscreen fluid level under your hood so that you have a clear windscreen whenever you need without any hassle. Buy new wiper blades here.
    10. Ignoring the car dashboard warning lights:
      You might have read our last article where the major car dashboard warning lights were explained. If not then read it here. All the dashboard warning lights are there to tell you something fishy that your car is going through. The most common of all car maintenance mistakes is to ignore what you see. Yes, many car owners don’t know the importance of these lights and ignore them which in turn costs them a lot on the long term basis. So its really important to pay attention to these lights and act accordingly.

Car maintenance can be an easy thing to do if done timely and regularly but if the owners ignore the call for periodic maintenance then it costs them huge repair expenses and unwanted troubles. If you notice any minor issue in your car, you can simply drive into the nearest GoMechanic workshop. If you need a periodic service you can check out our service plans here.



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