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Friday, July 19, 2024
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2020 Honda City | 10 Unique Features and Highlights

The launch of a new Honda City has always been a big deal and why not? It is the most popular Mid-size Sedan the country has ever had. The 5th generation, 2020 Honda City is right around the corner, launched scheduled in July 2020. The COVID-19 Pandemic is no exception for the City. The hype of the new City is still for pretty much “For Real”. The web is surging with the news and details on the next-gen City, So today we decided to throw some light on the “first-in-class” and distinctive features of the Honda City 2020.

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  1. Next-Gen Honda Connect with a Telematics Control Unit (TCU)

    Honda Connect Connected Car Technology
    Honda Connect Connected Car Technology

    The new City has an updated version of the Honda Connect tech with a Telematics Control Unit (TCU) which basically is an on-board system that controls the tracking of the system. The system gives you access to all connected car features like Remote Vehicle Control (locking/unlocking, starting the car, operating the headlights), Geo-fencing, Driving Behaviour, Airbag Deployment, Vehicle Security alerts, Find My Car and Wi-Fi hotspot facility. The system also comes with Honda’s “My Service” platform to stay updated with the car’s maintenance.

  2. Amazon Alexa Remote Capability

    2020 Honda City with Alexa
    2020 Honda City with Alexa

    This tech feature is first not just for the City but first for any car in India. The new City can be synced-up with the Amazon Echo home assist device and a host of features can be operated with the ease of Alexa itself.

  3. Lane Watch Camera (first-in-segment)

    2020 Honda City with Lane Watch Camera
    2020 Honda City with Lane Watch Camera

    Like its elder sibling the Honda Civic, the City will also have a lane watch camera mounted on the Left ORVM enhancing the overall driving experience. This feature comes in very handy on the highway as it gives you a vivid perception of the blind spots.

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  4. G-Force Meter

    A G-Force meter calculates the magnitude and direction of the acceleration while cornering and the City amongst all the new quirks have G-Force meter placed in the 7-inch multi-info display.

  5. Vehicle Stability Assist and Agile Handling Assist (VSA & AHA)

    2020 Honda City VSA & AHA
    2020 Honda City VSA & AHA

    The 5th Generation City comes with a combination of computer-aided assist to make the car feel more confident and planted around the corners. Both the VSA and AHA makes use of a balanced proportionate application of the brakes around all four wheels to make the car stable around the corners.

  6. Hill-Start Assist

    2020 Honda City Hill Start Assist
    2020 Honda City Hill Start Assist

    This is a must-have feature for people residing around elevated areas or has frequent visits to the hill stations. Hill-start assist is seldom found on sedans must it really helps in start/stop traffic on elevated roads.

  7. Tyre Deflation Warning System

    2020 Honda City TPMS
    2020 Honda City TPMS

    No one likes a flat tyre, it just simply a huge pain. In order to avoid a flat, the City comes with a deflation warning system which monitors the conditions of the tyres and pops out an alert on the multi-info display in case of a bad tyre.

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  8. 5-Star Safety Rating (ASEAN NCAP)

    2020 Honda City 5 Star Safety Rating
    2020 Honda City 5 Star Safety Rating

    The new generation is all-conscious and for all the right reasons and safety is a crucial selling point for a car these days. Hence, Honda has made the 2020 Honda City robust enough that it bagged a 5-star rating at the ASEAN NCAP crash safety test.

  9. Full LED Headlamp Cluster

    2020 Honda City LED Headlamps with DRLs
    2020 Honda City LED Headlamps with DRLs

    This is also something unique to the City, the headlamps cluster of the new City is this one single piece on both the sides which houses 9 LED array in the mail shell, integrated DRLs, and an L-shaped LED turn signal indicator. The piece looks very impressive in the pictures, let’s see how it performs in the real conditions post the launch.

  10. A Bigger City

    2020 Honda City
    2020 Honda City

    2020 Honda City will be bigger than any of the previous generations. The City has always been known for its spacious cabin and the new-gen also won’t be disappointing as it is even bigger. The new City is 4,549mm long, 1,748mm wide and 1,489mm tall and has a wheelbase of 2,600mm.

    All the list of features on the 2020 Honda City are very enticing and it is definitely on our anticipated list one it is launched in India and we would get to test all of them.

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