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5 Must Have Easy To Install Accessories For Your Car

These days, almost all cars come with every necessary feature as standard, but as humans, we love adding a personal touch to everything we own. We have created a list of 5 must-have Easy to Install Accessories for your car. These products not only offer convenience but also offer safety and security for your car.

  1. GoMechanic On-Board Diagnostics

This device by GoMechanic helps you to stay connected on the go and perform various tasks from your car! Not only this, but the device also doubles up as a GPS and OBD(on-board diagnostic) device. It will provide you with full-time access to the location of your car and also help you with information about your car’s health, safety and fuel-saving tips via a single app on your phone.

  1. GoMechanic Wireless Charging Mobile Holder

This mobile holder is a must for those long trips on off-beat roads. It not only offers a sturdy and secure fit for your mobile, but it’s also wireless charging enabled. Simply place your phone on the holder and the Turbo Charging tech will power it up in no time!

  1. High-Performance Handy Tyre Inflator

This handheld Tyre Inflator might just become your saviour. With its lightweight body and handy built, it will hardly take up any space in your car. This is a highly recommended accessory for long haul drivers who love driving into places as they wish. No need to take the efforts of looking for a shop when you can simply power in this Inflator and quickly get the tyres back in shape for your next adventure.

  1. Rear seat entertainment unit mount

Tired of rear-seat passengers who keep complaining about how bored they are, this Universal Entertainment Unit mount is the solution to their troubles. Simply mount this accessory on the front seat’s headrest, attach your iPad/Tablet to it, and enjoy movies/TV on the back seat. This device coupled with the 4G hotspot will make your car seem nothing short of a movie lounge on wheels!

Blaupunkt rear-seat entertainment
Blaupunkt rear-seat entertainment
  1. Anti-Fog Film for ORVMs

Don’t you hate it when the rearview mirrors are all fogged every winter morning when you leave for work?  Well with the easy to install Anti-Fog film, you won’t have to worry about that. Just place it carefully on the mirrors of each side and enjoy fog free drives throughout the year. This is not only a convenience accessory, but it is also an extremely necessary one. Fogged up mirrors will reduce the visibility you have over the traffic behind you. This can be a major safety concern while driving on highways, or anywhere for that matter.

Need something which is not on this list? Click here to open the doors to a wide range of accessories for your car/bike.

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