The key to a good driver is not going fast but knowing how to control the speed. This is why you should always keep the brakes in check.

Brakes are the most important aspect of any vehicles. Without perfect brakes, the driver is always under the stage of danger and despair and its always essential to have your brakes in optimum condition.

The most common problem when it comes to faulty brakes is grinding. Brake grinding is when you hear a shrill, screeching sound coming from your brakes whenever you apply them and drivers usually panic and sometimes end up spending a large amount on them because they have zero clues about the reasons for the grinding. But don’t worry! We at GoMechanic care about your money and your peace of mind.

So here are 5 common reasons why your brakes are grinding-

  • Your rotor disc and calliper are rubbing together

    Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift Disk Brakes
    Maruti Suzuki Swift Disk Brakes | Car Brakes Grinding

If you hear a loud screeching sound whenever you apply your brakes it’s most likely that the rotor disc and calliper are rubbing together. This usually happens when your brake pads have completely worn out and the sound is coming from the metal on metal grinding.

In such a case, don’t wait up for even one second and immediately take your car to the nearest GoMechanic workshop as we have the utmost expertise in car servicing. As not only it’s very unsafe, but constant grinding will also lead to wear and tear of both the rotor disc and calliper which can be very costly to repair to replace.

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  • Something lodged in your Caliper

    Braking Problems
    Braking Problems | Car Brakes Grinding

If there is a constant screeching sound when you are driving then there is a big chance that something is lodged in your brake calliper; maybe a small piece of rock or gravel. It’s important to get your brakes checked for them as even though its a small object, it can cause serious damage to the brake system.

  • Dust or dirt sits on your brakes

    How to make your car brakes last long
    How to make your car brakes last long with GoMechanic | Car Brakes Grinding

It’s not necessary that if there is a squealing sound from the brakes that its serious. Sometimes there can be dirt or dust on your brakes which can cause this annoying sound. In this case, just get your brake pads clean ( have a hassle-free experience at your nearest GoMechanic workshop) and then you are good to go.

  • Faulty brake system

    The braking mechanism
    Faulty Brakes

Sometimes the screeching noise can burn a big hole in your pocket. If you keep ignoring this problem for a long time it can cause serious damage to the entire system which means spending thousands on a new system. Be smart guys!

  • No proper Lubing

    A squeaky sound could also just mean that your brake pads just need some brake lube and then you are good to go.

Whatever the reason be, don’t take any chances. Just one 5 mins brake inspection could make the difference between life and death. Be safe and be smart.

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