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Advance Polar Technology | Explained

The best way to maintain your car in a good shape is to use good quality engine oil. A car engine oil protects your car’s engine from sludge, wear & tear, corrosion and provides longer life. But using a poor quality also harms your engine. According to the experts in the automotive industry, there is one particular trend which is being observed is that the car owners are willing to spend more to maintain their car in good shape.

Keeping this in mind there was continuous research input given to improve the quality of engine oils or to introduce new technology in them and ‘Advanced Polar Technology’ is the result of that effort and hardships only.

Advanced Polar Technology is a unique engine oil technology that consists of negatively charged electrons infused in the oil that helps it to cling to your car engine and thus provide better wear and tear protection. The technology has opened brand new dimensions in the field of engine oil innovation.

The term ‘Polar Attraction Technology’ initially referred to a technology where the molecules used to make a bond with the tensed surface and thus was able to reduce friction and relative wear and tear of the metal surface under extreme conditions. With recent developments in the automotive industry, the ‘Advanced Polar Technology’ also got modified with the introduction of fullerene molecules in the engine oil. Fullerene is a kind of hollow spheroidal carbon isotopes and is also a popular nano-diamond component in engine oils which reduces friction considerably. Its unique shape traps the engine oil inside its cage-like structure thus providing the twin benefit of reduced friction and increased metal retention capacity.

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Why is it good for your car?

As we have already explained well about the technology, let’s just talk about the next question which must be banging into your mind: why are these advanced polar technology-infused engine oils good for you? Well for the starters you would like to know that it is

  1. Excellent for Stop-Start Traffic:

    We all know that in India there is a whole new level of congested traffic and to survive this traffic the driver needs to continuously press their brakes and this braking becomes one of the most common reasons for wear and tear of car engine parts. The advanced polar technology ensures that the engine oil molecules cling to the engine parts and thus provide round the clock protection.

    Infamous Bangalore traffic
    Infamous Bangalore traffic | Credits: The News Minute
  2. Better Protection at Higher Speeds

    When your car is running at a speed of 5000 rpm or more, then there are high chances of wear and tear caused by friction between the pistons. Advanced Polar Technology in engine oil makes sure that there is a protective layer of engine oil present all the time.

    Fastest Petrol Cars under 15 lakhs
    Fastest Petrol Cars under 15 lakhs
  3. Stable at higher temperature and pressure

    The engine oil with its superior technology can sustain itself at higher temperature and pressures. GoMechanic Speed 5W-30 & 5W40 engine oils can do that because of better adherence to metal surfaces.

    Gurkha’s power-packed engine

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  4. Lesser Friction

    The Advanced Polar Technology consists of fullerene molecules that trap the engine oil in its hollow structure and helps the oil to remain on the metal surface. The shape of the molecule is cage-like and it ensures reduction of friction among the engine parts and provides enhanced on-road performance.

    Engine oil circulation
    Engine oil circulation
  5. Cost-efficient

    The engine oils which are infused with advanced polar technology are tried and tested to prove better than other engine oils. They give better protection, better performance and also considerably reduce the maintenance cost of your vehicle.

    GoMechanic Mileage and Speed

GoMechanic observed that there is a growing need for better engine oil in the market which is also budget-friendly and is suited for Indian cars. After much research, we have introduced GoMechanic Speed.

A premium car engine oil for unbeatable performance and round-the-clock lubrication. GoMechanic Speed 5W-30 & 5W-40 Engine Oils are specifically formulated keeping in mind the needs of Indian road-type. We have also introduced this very advanced polar technology into our oil which makes it a better choice than the rest.

GoMechanic Spares
GoMechanic Spares

GoMechanic Speed Car Engine Oils are infused with negatively charges molecules and thus helps the oil to stick to the engine components, providing better protection against corrosion and harmful sludge even at extreme temperature and pressure.

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