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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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10 New Things In The Hyundai Alcazar Different From The Creta

The Korean automaker has just launched the Tata Safari rival in India. The Hyundai Alcazar was launched in India on 18th June 2021 and now that it is here in the market, people have a choice over the MG Hector Plus and the Tata Safari. On the other hand, people are also saying that the Alcazar is nothing but a 7-seater version of the already existing Hyundai Creta. But there’s more to it. Here is Alcazar vs Creta where we cover what extra do you get with the newly launched car apart from that extra row of seating.

  1. A Fully-Digital Instrument Cluster

    Hyundai Alcazr vs Creta

    Starting our list of Alcazar vs Creta with a major highlight that the driver would enjoy. The new 7-seater Hyundai comes equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster. This 10.25-inch unit makes your driving experience a really good one. Don’t worry, you won’t have to look at those analogue needles even if you are going for a base variant too. You will get a semi-digital unit which you see in Creta’s SX(O).

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  2. Torque Converter Only

    Interior | Hyundai Alcazar
    Interior | Hyundai Alcazar

    While Creta gets you a dual-clutch transmission, Alcazar limits you to a torque converter only. Being a 6/7-seater this one is not meant to be that sporty and getting a torque converter is good considering the segment we are talking about. DCT, on the other hand, suits the best Creta and makes it a value for money product. About the gearbox availability, Creta takes an edge on you to want to have that sporty feel.

  3. 3rd Row of Seats (Obviously)

    The Hyundai Alcazar 6 Seater

    Alcazar vs Creta, the third row of seating is a fact that all of us know about. The Hyundai ALcazr is a perfect 7-seater while Crets on the other hand has a seating capacity of 5. If you are looking to buy a fun-to-drive vehicle and want to limit the seating capacity to 5, Creta can be your pick. On the other hand, if you have a big family, you will obviously have to choose Alcazar.

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  4. Bigger Wheels

    Updated Hyundai Creta
    Updated Hyundai Creta (Image for representation only)

    If we talk about Creta’s lineup, you get 16 inches wheels in the lower variants while the same is upsized to 17 inches when you go above in the lineup. On the other hand, Alcazar has 17-inches at the starting of the lineup while you get 18-inch alloys if you go towards the top-end variant.

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  5. Engine Specifications

    Hyundai Creta 2020 Engine Options
    Hyundai Creta 2020 Engine Options

    The Hyundai Creta comes with 1.5-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel engine and a 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine. On the other hand, the Alcazar comes with a 1.5-litre petrol unit and a 2.0-litre diesel unit. There is no turbo petrol unit in the Alcazar as of now and we don’t expect it to come in the near future too. Creta produces 122 bhp for the petrol unit and 126 bhp for the diesel unit. The Hyundai Alcazar on the other hand produces 113bhp for the diesel unit and the petrol unit churns out 156.9bhp.

  6. Revamped Looks

    Hyundai Alcazar
    The Side Profile Of The Hyundai Alcazar

    Now for those of you who think Alcazar shares its look with the Creta, you might be right to some extent because the front look resembles Creta for sure. However, the front grille is a bit different and you would easily be able to recognise it if you have been following Creta for a long now. The rear looks, however, are fresh and new and are not at all related to Creta anywhere. Talking about the side profile, this looks extended due to the added seating capacity. It does resemble Creta just like Safari resembles Harrier.

  7. Acceleration


    Continuing our list of Alcazar vs Creta, we will also compare the acceleration where Hyundai Creta will take 9.77 seconds in the Sport mode to reach from zero to 100 whereas Alcazar takes 9.5 seconds to reach the 3 figure speed.

  8. Feature Addition

    Creta infotainment system
    Creta infotainment system

    The Alcazar has some added features over the Creta. Although Creta is itself a feature-rich SUV. Alcazar takes an edge here with added features like 360 Camera, front parking sensors, wireless charging second row, USB charging in the third row and many more. Features like the 10.5-inch infotainment, electric parking brake, panoramic sunroof are already there on the Creta.

  9. Body Measurements

    Hyundai Alcazar
    The Side Profile Of The Hyundai Alcazar

    The Hyundai Alcazar gets the best wheelbase in its segment. We hope you know that already because Hyundai has claimed this fact quite a lot till now. The Alcazar is 1,790mm wide and Creta also shares the same figure. The difference lies in the ground clearance where Alcazar is 200mm high whereas Creta is 190mm high. This is possibly the reason why Alcazar gets a floorboard as an addition.

  10. Standard Equipment

    Hyundai Creta's Panoramic Sunroof
    Hyundai Creta’s Panoramic Sunroof

    Ever heard about the panoramic sunroof in the base variant? Hyundai Alcazar vs Hyundai Creta can be an interesting game because the Alcazar gets this huge sunroof right from the base trim itself. Additionally, the base trim also gets a semi-digital instrument cluster on the Alcazar which is available only with the top-end SX(O) Hyundai Creta.

These were the key differences where we discussed Hyundai Alcazar vs Creta and which one takes the lead on which front. What do you think? Will Alcazar outsell Creta anytime soon? Also, would you buy Hyundai’s 7-seater over Tata Safari? Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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