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Adding Balance To Your Ride: All About Wheel Weights

Balance is the key to everything. And this holds true even for your beloved vehicle. After all, who wants an unbalanced car going haywire on the roads? Since the body of your car never touches the ground.

The major task of balancing your vehicle while on road is on the wheels. Since an unbalanced wheel can lead to disorientation, shaking, and a reduction in mileage, correct wheel pressure and balancing is highly important.

But due to uneven and continues wear, your tires are likely to go out of balance every few months. In such a situation it is crucial to balance them out. And the best way to do that is by using Tyre weights. But before you get them fixed, read on to know why they are so important.

Why do you need wheel balancing in the first place?

  • Tyres are one of the most abused parts of any vehicle. They are in a constant connection with the roads along with undertaking braking and acceleration loads. Therefore, wheels play an integral role in the overall dynamics of the car.
  • However, as your wheel rotates, centrifugal forces act on the centre of your vehicle’s axel which can only be contained when your wheels are perfectly balanced. But even with advance manufacturing methods, weight imbalances cannot be avoided.
  • As you drive more and more, the weight imbalances causing bouncing, shaking etc. which affects the overall handling of the car. An imbalanced vehicle is also a threat from a safety perspective as the car loses a stable base through which it can act/react to the forces.

What are Wheel Weights and why do you need them?

As the name suggests, “wheel weight” is a component used to balance a wheel and tyre assembly. Made from malleable metals such as polymer-coated zinc and steel. Wheel weights are attached to your tyre to counteract their combined imbalance. By using wheel weights, the overall weight distribution of your wheels is evenly matched to tackle any kind of imbalance. Since balanced tires help save fuel, preserve tire life, and improve overall safety and comfort.

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Types of Tyre Weights

The primary objective of wheel weights is to provide balance. But doing so can be achieved by two major methods. The first is by using clip-on weights. And the other is by using an adhesive weight.

  • Clip-On Weights

As evident from the name, clip-on wheel weights are used by clipping them on to any part of your rim. Clip-On Wheel Weights can be placed both on the inside and on the outside of your rim. Once placed in a precise location, a Clip-On wheel weight adds to the overall weight of your tyre.

The major advantages of using Clip-On weights are:

  • They are faster to attach/remove
  • Fewer weights needed to balance
  • Does not interfere with any other wheel component

The major disadvantages of using Clip-On weights are:

  • Can scratch/damage rims when applied
  • Visible when placed on the outside
  • It is expensive when compared to Adhesive weights

  • Adhesive Weights

Unlike Clip-On wheel weights, adhesive wheel weights are sticker like wheel weights that are fixed on the inside of a rim. Adhesive weights can be firmly applied both on the inside and outside of your rim without leaving any scratches/stains. Once attached to a particular location, adhesive wheel weights largely contribute to balancing out your tyre.

The major advantages of using an Adhesive weight are:

    • Compact
    • Cheaper
    • Does not damage the rim when applied/removed

The major disadvantages of Adhesive weights are:

    • They are more time consuming to install
    • Cleaning of rim required before placement
    • Adhesive can wear off due to dust

The Bottom Line

Wheel balancing is among the top three services provided by tyre dealers. Most tyre technicians know the importance of balancing and can provide a professional service to do so. However, balancing a wheel requires knowledge, and experience to precisely fit in tyre weights. In proper hands, a balanced wheel can resolves issues of decreased mileage, wobbling and steering vibrations. Thus, by choosing professional tyre services from Go Mechanic you can indulge professional and seamless experience.

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