Automobile sales went down in 2021; the sales of Hero, Honda, TVS, Bajaj, and Royal Enfield two-wheelers too took a hit in the domestic market due to the pandemic.

Now, with the festive season approaching, the demand for two-wheelers has taken a favourable turn in August. The two-wheeler sector has seen a 5.9% growth when compared to July. But what brands were most popular? Which companies currently dominate the two-wheeler market? Were there any new players catching up with the kings? Let’s see how the 6 top-selling two-wheeler brands in India fared in August.

How did the Top 6 two-wheeler brands fare in August as compared to last year?

No 2 Wheeler Domestic August-21 August-20 Difference Growth % YoY
1 Hero 4,31,137 5,68,674 -1,37,537 -24.19
2 Honda 4,01,469 4,28,231 -26,762 -6.25
3 TVS 1,79,999 2,18,338 -38,339 -17.56
4 Bajaj 1,57,971 1,78,220 -20,249 -11.36
5 Suzuki 61,809 53,142 8,667 16.31
6 Enfield 39,070 47,571 -8,501 -17.87
Total 12,71,455 14,94,176 -2,22,721 -14.91

Data Credit: Rush Lane

The performance of Hero, Honda, TVS, Bajaj, and Enfield slacked since 2020. Hero suffered the biggest drop in sales (24.19%). Interestingly enough, Honda, which was in second place last August in terms of sales, faced only a 6.25% decrease and has caught up with Hero in terms of bikes sold in one month.

Suzuki was the only company that had an increase in year-on-year sales.

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How did the Top 6 two-wheeler brands fare in August as compared to July 2021?

No 2 Wheeler Domestic August-21 July-21 Difference Growth %MoM
1 Hero 4,31,137 4,29,208 1,929 0.45
2 Honda 4,01,469 3,40,133 61,336 18.03
3 TVS 1,79,999 1,75,169 4,830 2.76
4 Bajaj 1,57,971 1,56,232 1,739 1.11
5 Suzuki 61,809 60,589 1,220 2.01
6 Enfield 39,070 39,290 -220 -0.56
Total 12,71,455 12,00,621 70,834 5.90

Data credit: Rush lane

When compared to July, most companies showed a 5.90% improvement in terms of sales of sales. Honda once again outshone all other brands with a startling 18.03% growth in sales. Enfield, however, saw a decrease in the number of sales between the two months.

Hero remains the top choice in two-wheelers even after sales fall

best selling two-wheeler brands from August

Hero has maintained its place on the top despite falling sales. A large share of hero’s demand comes from the agriculture-dependent rural segments of India.  Now, with a good monsoon season behind us and signs of a good harvest ahead, the company expects the demand for two-wheelers to increase during the festive season.

Honda close to overtaking Hero

best selling two-wheeler brands from August
Honda Activa

Honda has been catching up with Hero over the last few years, with Activa, Dio, CB Shine, Unicorn, Grazia, Dream, HNess CB350 being the top choice amongst the urban youth. With the inauguration of Big Wing in Bhuvaneshwar, the company is looking to expand its midsize range of motorcycles. The brand may soon overtake Hero.

Demand for TVS scooters fall, but overall sales improve

Top 100 Motorcycle Dealers TVS in Kolkata - Best TVS Bike Showroom - Justdial
TVS Showroom| Picture Credit- Just Dial

TVS increased its prices before the festive season. This may be why the company faced a 2.76% increase in sales between July and August. While scooter sales decreased for the brand, the increase in motorcycle sales pushed up the numbers.

Bajaj domestic sales slack, but increase in exports make up

Bajaj Chetak
Bajaj Chetak

While Bajaj faced a major decrease in number sales in the domestic market compared to last year, the company actually saw an 18% year on year increase in the international market and a 5% overall increase.

Royal Enfield sales drop drastically.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350
Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Unlike Bajaj, Enfield saw a fall in sales both in the domestic market and the international market. The high-end bikes have taken a hit as a result of the pandemic. Currently, the company is relying heavily on the 350cc segment. The Classic 350 and the Meteor 350 were their most selling bikes in August.

Suzuki sees growth in the number of vehicles sold from last year

Suzuki registers 17.7 percent sales growth in May 2019, sells 62,596 units - The Financial Express..
Suzuki | Picture Credit Express Bikes

Suzuki is the only brand with a larger number of domestic sales in August 2021 than in August 2020. The brand seems to have survived the pandemic with healthy monthly growth in the number of two-wheelers sold. This year, the brand saw more than a 2% growth in sales between July and October.

All 6 best selling two-wheeler brands expect their sales to pick up in the upcoming months. Check out our article on Top 10 Two Wheeler Companies In India if you found this article informative.

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