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BS6: How New Emission Norms Affect Automakers & Buyers?

BS6 compliant engines are the cleanest engines up till now. The new cars with BS6 engines come with a ton of upgrades, not just cosmetics but also in terms of performance and built quality. Though the decision of implementing BS6 is late it will surely have a positive impact on the environment.

BS4 was implemented in 2017 and it took nearly 3 years to upgrade the exhaust emission regulations. Now the date of BS6 roll out just around the corner the manufacturers have put everything at stake.

BS6 compliant unit

The cleaner emission norms have a lot going with them. Due to the changes in BS6 compliant engines both the automakers as well as the buyers have to face some problems or the other.

Effect on Automakers

  • For the engines to be BS6 compliant the manufacturers had to make some changes in the internals of the engine.
  • Apart from the changes in the engine the exhaust system of the vehicle also had to undergo changes.
  • The changes include an additional layer of the filter in petrol and SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) in diesel vehicles.
  • Apart from the performance upgrades the overall built quality and features have gone up a notch.
  • The research gone into the development of the new engines wasn’t easy. As we all know the automobile market since the last year isn’t going well.

Effect on Buyers

  • The changes in the new BS6 cars have made the driving experience even better but on the contrary, the price has been increased.
  • The cars are not more powerful, better equipped, better quality than before.
  • The fuel for the new norms has also seen some upgrades. The new fuel is even less polluting.
  • BS6 petrol has a higher octane number and the new diesel fuel is free of sulfur.

Paying a premium over the existing BS4 cars is justified. Considering all the above factors and the most important saving the environment which is priceless.

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Right now due to the pandemic, coronavirus has taken badly taken the world including India. The roll-out of BS6 too might get delayed. Stay safe.
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Utkarsh Bhardwaj
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