India’s automotive industry is towards the verge of grinding to a halt. For the past year, the industry is facing so many problems BS6 being one of them. The demand for the automobile is steadily decreasing affecting the production of vehicles. First, the talking point for the degrading industry was BS6 but now its Coronavirus pandemic.

The BS6 Implementation date is 10 days away from now should the government extend the date?

Coronavirus- FORD asks over 10,000 employees to work from home

Why shift the date?

The Coronavirus cases in India are rising exponentially. A couple of weeks back there were just a handful of cases. It has just started spreading but and we don’t know where is this gonna stop. The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every sector in the Indian industry especially the automotive sector.

Before Coronavirus came to India

  • The effects of Coronavirus could be seen before even it touched the Indian soil.
  • For the past few weeks due to the pandemic in China the industries were not functioning.
  • Be it any sector, the human interaction was suspended in the affected reason in China.
  • All third party manufacturers were not able to deliver the parts to the Indian automotive sector.
  • Hence the manufactures decided to take the long and expensive route.
  • This was the first blow that affected production.

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Second Blow

  • Now sadly the coronavirus has set foot on the Indian soil it has started badly affecting the industry.
  • The ever increasing cases of coronavirus in India has forced the Indian government to reduce human interaction.
  • As we know the Government has advised all the companies to give the employees work from home if possible, eventually shutting down many industries and institutions.
  • Shutting them down resulted in an even reduced supply of parts reducing the manufacturing.
  • Now the government is promoting even less human interaction nobody will be going to buy new vehicles. In turn, resulting in less demand.

Coronavirus at its peak in the entire world will surely have a really negative impact on people. Unfortunately, affecting all the industries. We can just wait for this huge pandemic to settle down before we come back on track.

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Considering the above situation, what do you think? Should the government shift BS6 implementation dates? Tell us in the comment section.

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