6 Types Of Car Exhaust System In India

6 Different types of car exhaust system in India


If you are buying a car, you should know about these 6 Different types of car exhaust system in India and how it works. The exhaust system is the part of your car that releases fumes into the air through an opening in the vehicle’s body. If you’ve never heard of this before, then it might seem a little confusing at first! But don’t worry – we’re going to walk you through everything so that by the end of this blog post, there will be no more questions left unanswered on what type of car exhaust system India has available to offer its customers.

Inner-Tube Exhaust System

Inner-Tube Exhaust System

This type is also known as a “mono tube” or “single-tube” because it only has one tube running through its entire length, much like an inner tube in your bicycle tire. When compared with other types available for sale today (which we’ll discuss later), this makes it very efficient at releasing heat out of the vehicle – which means faster acceleration and better fuel efficiency! In addition to reducing engine temperatures by up to 20%, these tubes also reduce weight by 10%-15% due to their non-metallic construction materials being less dense than metallic ones used elsewhere on vehicles today; hence reducing overall vehicle mass (and therefore increasing fuel efficiency). This type also offers superior noise reduction compared with most other types currently being manufactured today as well; meaning less noise pollution from drivers around you while driving around town!

Single Exit Pipe

A single exit pipe is a single exhaust pipe that exits from the muffler. The tailpipe and muffler are called the “E-Pipe”. It has one main pipe, which connects with all other pipes inside the car’s engine compartment. The main pipe is connected to the engine, which allows exhaust gases to exit the vehicle. It also has a secondary pipe that goes through a muffler, which is a device that reduces noise levels in order to prevent disturbing anyone near by.

Dual Rear Exit

A dual rear exit exhaust system is a type of exhaust system that has two pipes which come out from the engine, one on each side. The exhaust system is a series of pipes that carry the exhaust gases from the engine to the catalytic converter and then out of the vehicle. The most common type of exhaust system is a single exit pipe, but there are other variations as well like:

  • Side-exit (left or right sides)
  • Rear-exit (rear or both sides).

Opposite Dual Exhaust

Opposite Dual Exhaust

The Opposite Dual Exhaust is the most common type of exhaust system. It’s suitable for cars under 1.5L engine capacity, and also good for performance cars that have a turbocharger. The opposite dual exhaust has two pipes coming out from each side of your car’s muffler, so when you accelerate or turn left/right, there will be no backfires from inside your vehicle (although some noise might still come from it).

Dual Side Exhaust

A dual side exhaust system is exactly what it sounds like: two pipes exiting from your vehicle’s rear. It can be likened to a single exit pipe, except that both pipes exit from the same point on the vehicle rather than one at a time. In this case, you will have two mufflers that connect to each other before connecting to your muffler or resonator.

The benefits of having this type of system include improved engine performance as well as better fuel economy due to less backpressure and therefore less power being wasted; however, they do tend to cost more than standard systems because they require additional components such as brackets and hangers which must also be purchased separately (as opposed to being included with other exhaust types).


High-performance exhausts are made of high-grade materials and have a higher power output. These exhaust systems produce a better sound, meaning they’ll be more powerful than the average car’s standard muffler system. High performance exhausts also tend to be louder than other types, with some even having turbochargers installed on them.

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