Certain things are inevitable in life:  Taxes, Death and the petrol cost soaring upwards forever. Henceforth, one of the deciding factors in buying a vehicle other than its price in India is – fuel efficiency. Obviously, better fuel economy = more savings. This can be improved tremendously by simply taking care of some basic pointers so here are certain sure-fire tips to increase the mileage of your vehicle:

Avoid Unnecessary Speeding

Aggressive driving always wastes gas. It can lower your mileage by almost 30% at highway speeds! Moreover, sensible driving is also going to prove safer for you, so you may save more than just your fuel money!

While each car reaches its optimal fuel economy at different speeds, mileage usually decreases rapidly beyond 50 km/h, which can potentially double your gas expenses.

Proper Shifting

You should start gently with lower gears and then swiftly change to higher gears to avoid stress on the engine. This is practised so that your engine runs comfortably on the economy band. This, in turn, increases your vehicle’s range because higher fuel is consumed in lower gears when accelerating hard.

Remove Excess Weight

Hauling any luggage on your roof increases the aerodynamic drag or wind resistance and significantly lowers the fuel economy. It is recommended to avoid keeping any unnecessary items in your vehicle, especially the heavy ones as this affects smaller vehicles more.

Avoid Idling

Leaving the vehicle’s engine running when the vehicle is parked should be shunned at all times. When you are in traffic and the wait is more than 10 seconds, it is desirable to turn off your ignition to save fuel. Contrary to popular belief idling your car consumes more amount of fuel than restarting your engine.

Avoid Pedal Flooring and Clutch Riding

Putting the “pedal to the metal force” will waste gas immensely because the harder you will accelerate, the more fuel will get wasted. So, accelerate gently and steadily. In bumper to bumper traffic, riding the clutch is common which can extract a lot of fuel in running conditions. This wears out the clutch plate and consumes a lot of fuel.

Brake Smoothly

Avoid sudden slamming on the brakes when possible. It does not prove only to be a fuel-efficient driving habit but is also easier on your tires and brakes, which helps you save money on even maintenance and repair costs.

Maintain Appropriate Tyre Pressure

Most of the tyres have markings of the suggested tyre pressure. Along with improving vehicle safety, it ensures longevity. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the tyres have been inflated to the recommended tyre pressure as specified by the manufacturer.

Maintenance & Regular Service

It is obvious that regular maintenance and servicing your vehicle would help the most in mileage improvement, as the moving parts in a vehicle like an engine and gearbox require lubrication at intervals. During your maintenance service oil change, level of coolant oil, chain lubrication must be taken into account and be carefully gauged for optimal performance of the vehicle.

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