20 Hilarious Car Memes, that you should definitely checkout!

20 Hilarious Car Memes

Memes are the ultimate source of entertainment for all of us. Meme Lords have taken over social media and are known to entertain people and make them laugh with their witty creations. Hilarious car memes are what every car lover definitely likes to see. In this article, we have got 20 latest car memes from the car world that you definitely need to check out!

  1. Polo’s Check Engine Light!

    Polo is known for a common problem that most of the owners face. The check engine light glows very often! And yes, no one else would buy your Polo if the light is still on!

  2. The Dope Nano

    While some people thought India didn’t have any rear-engine RWD car, don’t forget the iconic Tata Nano! Tata Nano has been the favourite Indian hatch for years! This is what makes it iconic.

  3.  Santro in disguise

    While EcoSport and Mahindra XUV300 await major upgrades in the engine, Hyundai Venue quits the discussion! Funny, isn’t it?

  4. Honda Civic – The Poster Car

    Honda Civic is still loved by car enthusiasts. This car was born in 2006 (in India) but still gives a great competition to the modern-day sedans! In other words, it is irresistible to men!

  5. GoMechanic has the Anti-Virus

    While the world goes through the Coronavirus outbreak, make sure your car’s battery doesn’t get the corroded virus!

  6. Tata Harrier or Land Rover? Same Thing

    Although Tata Harrier is borrowed the Land Rover D8 platform that doesn’t mean that they are the same cars! Make sure you clarify which one you are getting before you head out to buy!

  7. The almost DIY Guy

    This is one of the most hilarious car memes that we Indians can relate to. The potholes are so deep that they can even disturb your car’s electrical at times. If your car’s check engine light goes off after a bumpy ride, don’t consider yourself as a mechanic!

  8. For the RS Badge ofcourse

    Audi RS is a dream for most of us. While for those who just want to own the set of letters, have already bought the Baleno RS!

  9. Creta vs Seltos

    The 2020 Hyundai Creta doesn’t seem to be a good competition for the Kia Seltos. True that! Seltos is the guy who can surely steal your girl!

  10. What’s in a name?

    Who doesn’t dream of owning the BMW M-Series? Sadly, our salary allows us to own an Indian brand which shares the letter ‘M’ only. Maruti Suzuki can’t match BMW ever. Sadly, it is all that we can afford!

  11. BMW – The Life Saver!

    This one is for all the BMW fanboys out there! We included this one in our list of most hilarious car memes because we wanted you to know that even the most premium car brand in the world can’t survive if BMW stops supporting them! LOL

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  12. Kidneys getting bigger!

    BMW’s legendary kidney grills were an absolute delight to see. In recent times, the carmaker is making it bigger with every new car they launch! This is making it look wires and hilarious at the same time. This is why it is on our list of hilarious car memes.

  13. Brandname Matters!

    Indians go for brand names over anything else! We still wonder why Maruti Suzuki sells the highest despite their build quality. Similarly, rich lads prefer buying Audi just because it has that brand name and ends up ignoring Skodas which can deliver much more at a lesser price!

  14. Kitna Deti Hai?

    While Coronavirus is the latest disease in the world, WagonR sales still beat the number of Indians affected by the deadly virus! WagonR is a widely sold car in India and this ‘disease’ seems to be never-ending!

  15. Safety is No.1 Priority!

    Considering the current situation in India, no one cares if Tata Altroz or the Mahindra XUV300 have got a 5-star NCAP rating. No, we are not saying so. The sale numbers say so!

  16. Affordable? What’s that?

    German automakers are known for their build quality and performance. All the German car owners would agree that these cars have a complex mechanism and you have to bear an expensive maintenance cost! First, they pay more for buying it and then they pay for maintaining it. That’s so unfair!

  17. V-Tec Didn’t Kick inYo!

    We still don’t know why Honda kept the 1.5-litre V-Tec away from the WR-V.

  18. ‘Mere Dad ki Maruti’

    Indians prefer Maruti Suzuki over everything. Although Mahindra XUV300 is a safer and powerful option, we wonder why Indian uncles still go and buy a Brezza! MSIL has earned the trust of the Indian audience no doubt. But is that trust worth risking your life?

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  19. Are 5-star Rated Cars Safe?

    If you are in Haryana, a 5-star rated car doesn’t guarantee that you will be safe. Your safety is in their hands! This is one of the most hilarious car memes that we have come across because this doesn’t point to a particular part of the society but points out a huge fact on Haryana’s roads!

  20. Exceptions are always there!

    Maruti Suzuki is known for its bad build quality. Maruti’s cars are not at all safe but hold on! There are some exceptions! For all those who are unable to make out this meme’s reference, it’s a still from Kota Factory – a web series where the teacher is telling the students about the exceptions in the periodic table!